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NFS 5: 2 new Addon-Cars Friday, 31.05.2002
Today I added 2 new Addon-Cars for Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed. Both, the Porsche 996 Evo S by Saim, and the Porsche 944 RiK Tuning by Zlocestoca, have a very fast new performance, but both are good to steer, which is not everytime the case.

Further information you can find in our Cars-Section:

NFS 5: Addon-Cars
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MCO: Custom Paint Jobs Friday, 31.05.2002
For Motor City Online you now can send your own Custom Paint Jobs, to participate in the Custom Paint Job Program. If your paint job will be selected, you get a car body with your paint job for each of your persona, up to 3 total (one for each persona) and
$10,000 MCO dollars to the persona used for the submission.

Offizielle Motor City Online Website
Custom Paint Jobs
Custom Paint Jobs Submission Form
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NFS 6: 1 new Movie Wednesday, 29.05.2002 published the until now longest movie about Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. But it is not really a movie of the game itself, but they recorded the show from Electronic Arts at the E3 Expo. Anyway, the graphics look great and the movie is really a download worth!

NFS 6: Movies
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NFS 5: 1 new Addon-Car & Hack Wednesday, 29.05.2002
Rami has sent us a new hack: the Cute Girls Hack, which replaces the usual images of the profiles with those of cute girls. ;)

NFS 5: Hacks
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Site: Scriptupdates Tuesday, 28.05.2002
Because someone was so funny and tried to hack our site with our Uploadscript, i took it offline the last few days to add some security features. Now it is available again, and now a direct upload to our FTP-Server is possible, so that I can add the uploaded cars easier and faster. The form itself looks the same, because outside nothing has changed. So you can upload your cars again. :)

The second update is the window the User Online, whose link you can find on the right side (x User Online). It shows how many visitors are on which page online

Online User Stats
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NFS 6: Movies & Previews Saturday, 25.05.2002
Because of the E3 Expo in Los Angeles more and more information comes through about Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2. So you can find at IGN 3 new Movies, which show the first time the damage model, and Gamespot could play NFS 6 the first time and wrote a short preview.

NFS 6: Movies
NFS 6: Preview
NFS 6: Screenshots

Gamespot article
IGN article
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NFS 6: 5 new Screenshots Wednesday, 22.05.2002 has put 5 new screenshots of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 online from the E3 Expo. Unfortunately they are from the PS 2 Version, and have a less good quality than those 2 of the PC version yesterday.

You can find them in our Screenshots-Section. At the moment there are 120 screenshots available:

NFS 6: Screenshots (Source) (Source)
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NFS 6: 17 new Screenshots Tuesday, 21.05.2002
I finally uploaded 15 new screenshots of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 from the official site But the other two screenshots are something special: they are from the PC-Version of Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 from The are really much more detailed than those of the Playstation 2 Version, and they have been made for E3, so that we can expect more information from EA the next time.

NFS 6: Screenshots

Official Need for Speed Website (Source) (Source)
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MCO: Skin Contest @ Stratics Thursday, 16.05.2002
MCO Stratics is happy to announce it's first ever contest: car skinning! Consider yourself a graphic artist? Then this one is right up your alley! So what is the "Motor City Online Car Skinning Contest"? Basically, we are looking for car skins of cars that can be purchased by players in-game. Let your imagination roam!

Three grand prize winners will win signed copies of Motor City Online. Their winning skin will be turned into an official MCO Stratics site skin, and there's a possibility that this skin may find its way into the game. Seven second place winners will win an official Motor City Online t-shirt.

MCO Stratics
Skin Contest @ Stratics
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MCO: News Wednesday, 15.05.2002
In the last few days there were some news about Motor City Online, but most of them alone were no newspost worth. But therefore here are all in one: :)

Update 6.1:
Shortly after the release of the Update 6 there have been many bugs noticed, so that the developers decided to create another Update: the 6.1. The latest version is already playable in the Test-Center (we reported).

Update 6.1 Information

New Payment Method:
In association with PayPal it is now possible to pay for your Motor City Online account with PayPal. The payment amount is $13.99 for 30 days of game time and $38.99 for 90 days.


Security Alert:
This information had been published:
Please be aware of any websites or players advertising "MCO cheats or UPDATES". Many times, these sites or downloads are Trojan viruses designed to obtain your MCO account login information. These programs can also be used to obtain personal information such as online banking, credit card, and other personal information. Please do not go to these websites or download anything not supported by MCO or EA. As always, please make sure you routinely scan your computer for viruses as a preventative measure. Please also keep in mind that attempting to use, obtain, or distribute cheats for MCO does constitute a Terms of Service violation and will result in the immediate termination of your MCO/EA account.

I can secure that you would not find any trojans or viruses here on NFS-Planet, because 1. we test our files before we upload it, and we look what is inside, and 2. we check all files for viruses or trojans by using an virusscan with the latest version.

Official Motor City Online Website

Team Comment:
Trouble writes in his latest Team Comment about the Custom Paint Jobs, already the second time. The program should be released within the next few weeks.

Team Comments: Custom Paint Jobs 2
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