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NFS U: Optimization Guide Saturday, 27.03.2004
Don't like Need for Speed Underground looks like a slide-show? You want to tune up and optimize the game? FiringSquad made an Optimization Guide, where they explain step for step which settings you should use to run the game best. Very interesting. :)

» Optimization Guide @ FiringSquad
» NFS-Players (Source)
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NFS U: Strategy Section Update Friday, 26.03.2004
The Strategy Section on the official Need for Speed Underground website has been updated. Now you can find many more tipps about the gameplay in NFS Underground.

» Strategy Section @
» Buy Prima's Official Strategy Guide @
» Buy Prima's Official Strategy Guide @
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NFS 5: Car Editing possible? Saturday, 20.03.2004
Arushan, who already made some tools for NFS 6 and NFS 7 is currently working with Azrael on cracking the file format of NFS Porsche! As you can see on the first pictures, they seem to be quite successful.

As soon there is more information, you will know it here.

» Thread from Azrael @ ND4SPDWorld
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NFS 5: Porsche Unleashed Enhanced Version 20040310 Thursday, 18.03.2004
Vvixxxer made a new version of the Porsche Unleashed Enhanced Version for Need for Speed Porsche. Now more installation paths are supported, so that this version will also work with german versions.

More information you can find here:

» Download Porsche Unleashed Enhanced Version
» Newspost about Porsche Unleashed Enhanced Version
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EA Developer Chat Thursday, 18.03.2004
At the beginning of April EA Germany will make a developer chat where webmasters of Need for Speed websites and leagues are invited. In this 1-2 hours long chat-session we will talk with the developers about wishes, ideas and improvements about a new Need for Speed.

This Chat will be in a locked channel, not public. If you have ideas or wishes regarding a Need for Speed sequel just write it in the comments.

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NFS U: Platin Monday, 15.03.2004
The Playstation 2 version of Need for Speed Underground officially achieved Platin. This is the first title of Electronic Arts which got VUD Platin on this console. Until today only 5 further titles got this distinction.

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NFS U: LAN over Gateway Tuesday, 09.03.2004
Who tried the LAN Tool may already experienced the problem, when connecting to the internet over a gateway or router, the outer clients are not able to connect.
The reason was, that the tool sent the internal IP address, not the IP from the gateway. Claes made a modified version of the LAN serverm which should solve this problem.
You can get this file here:

» NFS U: LAN Tools
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NFS 5: Porsche Unleashed Enhanced Version Sunday, 07.03.2004
Our affiliate NFS Unlimited got a nice patch for Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed, which fixes some bugs and adds new interesting features:

This patch fixes some bugs and adds new interesting features:

Game Enhancements
- Windows 2000/XP support

Game play Enhancements
- Game Control shortcuts
- 84-car limit
- Sell with the current value
- Repair with OVERALL selected

Race Enhancements
- Car control after the finish
- Full screen driver/in-car view
- Race reset shortcut
- Using digital game pad controllers
- Digital meter with analog meters
- Dashboard meters/headlight bug fix

Replay Enhancements
- Re-play the replay
- Exit to Windows from replay
- HUD for Replay Analysis
- Summary in replay
- Paused replay's end
- Dashboard view in replay
- Game controller 'View' in replay
- Secondary controls in replay
- Multiplayer input exchange replay
- Longer save replay filenames
- Better lists
- Better clicks
- HUD configuration are saved in replay
- Use HUD config 1 when no hud file

Other Enhancements
- Showcase in the Garage and Used Car

You can get the 2.7 MB small patch from our NFS 5 Hacks-Section:

» NFS 5: Hacks
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Rumour: New NFS title in development? Friday, 05.03.2004
We already reported some time ago that Need for Speed 8 is in the works.
In a news at Gamevision it is mentioned that the magazine playstation reported the development of a new Need for Speed game and it should have the working title "Most Wanted".
EA already registrated the domain "".

The new Need for Speed part will be released for all Next-Generation consoles, but if there will be a PC version is not shure yet. The release should be before Need for Speed 8.

Once we know more, we will write it here, but at the moment it is just a rumour...

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NFS U: How to import cars in 3D Studio Max Wednesday, 03.03.2004
NFS U Car in 3D MaxJP Racing, Webmaster of our partnersite JP Racing, wrote a tutorial where he describes how you can import the 3D mesh of the cars from NFS Underground to 3D Studio Max. Might be interesting for car designers or 3D programmer.

» 3D mesh from NFS U to 3D Studio Max Tutorial
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