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NFS World: EA is looking for NFS fans in Vancouver area Tuesday, 30.03.2010
NFS World OnlineAre you a fan of Need for Speed and played the Need for Speed World beta? EA is looking for NFS players in the Vancouver, BC area, who want to visit the EA Canada Studio::

If you do live in the Vancouver, BC area (or around there and feel like driving in) and have participated in the Need for Speed World beta then you need to get in touch with NFSDrew.

We're looking to invite five to ten people from the Vancouver area to the Electronic Arts Canada studio (where NFS World is developed). While you're here we'll give you a tour of the studio and introduce you to the NFS World team but the main purpose is to get feedback from you guys about NFS World and talk to you guys about MMO's in general. We're looking to have the five to ten people visit sometime during the week of April 5th.

Visit the following link to get more information and contact info on the official NFS World website:

» NFS World: Calling all Need for Speed World fans in the Vancouver Area
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NFS World Showcase opened Saturday, 20.03.2010
NFS World OnlineThis weekend is the second run of the closed beta of Need for Speed World Online. If you are among the lucky one's, who got an invitation and are participating, you can show your created and designed cars in our NFS World Showcase!

Click here to get to the showcase:

» NFS World: Showcase
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NFS Shift: GeForce v197.13 introduces Ambient Occlusion Thursday, 18.03.2010
NFS ShiftNvidia released a betaversion of its new driver package GeForce 197.13. In addition to performance increases and SLI-Profiles for several games, this time it contains something special for Need for Speed Shift as well: With this driver version Nvidia introduces support for Ambient Occlusion.

Ambient Occlusion is a new technology, which adds realism to scenes by reducing the intensity of ambient lights on surfaces blocked by surrounding objects. It enhances depth perception by providing a soft shadow effect for objects based on their placement in the scene.

You can find more information about Ambient Occlusion, as well as some examples on this website of Nvidia:

» Ambient Occlusion

You can download the GeForce 197.13 Beta-Driver under the following link. Please keep in mind that it's a beta driver, so it might not be stable yet:

» Nvidia Driver Download
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NFS World: Second Closed Beta this Weekend! Thursday, 18.03.2010
NFS World OnlineNeed for Speed World is currently in the betaphase. The first beta-event took place for invited participants at the beginning of March, but this weekend the beta continues: starting on Friday, Marth 19th @ 4pm (GMT) until Monday, March 22nd @ 7am (GMT)!

The second closed beta will feature almost twice the number of racers as the first had, so prepare yourself for plenty of competition! Who already had the luck to participate at the first closed beta, is invited to participate in the second closed beta as well! Watch your email accounts for invitations.

The first beta had a limited number of features, level progression and content, since the developers are testing the progression and variables to ensure quality data. As the beta program progresses, more features and contents are being unlocked. Please note, that between the beta-events all data on the server is cleared, so you'll have to create a new driver in the second beta.

NFS World

Here's a summory of changes, which were made since the last beta:
We’ve made some changes to the leveling pace, Lucky Draw tables (much fewer One More Laps!) and event unlocking. We’d like to see more 8 player races, so we’ve tweaked matchmaking and the number of events that unlock at each level. We’ve also fixed some crash and time out bugs and provided a way for you to send us crash logs if you run into anything new. For more details on the changes, see the Need for Speed World forum. Please give it all a try and keep letting us know what you think and logging those bugs!

If you aren't among the lucky one's yet, who can participate in this beta-event, don't worry as there are more beta-events to come! If you haven't signed up for the beta yet, go straight to the » official NFS World website and sign up!

We can try to help you to get in one of the upcoming beta-events: We got the opportunity to submit e-mail addresses from our community members to EA, so you have a better chance to receive a beta key. If you're interested, send us an e-mail to bs [at] nfsplanet [dot] com or a PM to Shocker, with your e-mail address, you used for the beta signup.

» NFS World: Second Beta Announcement @
» Official website of NFS World (Beta Signup)
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NFS World: New Trailer & Screenshots Wednesday, 17.03.2010
NFS World OnlineThe first Closed Beta Event of Need for Speed World aready took place at the beginning of march, but there are many more to come! If you want to participate, sign up now at »!
As an appetizer, EA published a new trailer of the game, as well as 8 new screenshots:

You can download the video in HD in our » NFS World movie-section.
The new screenshot can be found in our » NFS World screenshots-section.

If you're interested in participating at one the upcoming beta-events of NFS World, sign up now on the official website here:

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NFS Carbon: Geometry cracked! Sunday, 14.03.2010
NFS CarbonThe modder nfsu360, who already released several modding-tools for the NFS series, put a lot of effort in reverse-engineering Need for Speed Carbon and finally managed to crack the geometry of the game!
You can see a couple of impressions from imported cars in NFS Carbon:

Carbon Cracked 01   Carbon Cracked 01   Carbon Cracked 01

Currently nfsu360 is working on the performance data and to get autosculpt working, but all this looks very promising. It's not known yet, when an according modding-tool can be published. As soon as we know more, you'll get to know here.

» nfsu360 Modding Tools
» NFSCars
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NFS Shift: Exotics DLC Launch Video Wednesday, 10.03.2010
NFS ShiftIn addition to yesterday's announcement of the » Exotics Racing Series for Need for Speed Shift EA published a Launch Video, which shows you the new cars and track of this DLC:

You can download the video in HD in our movies-section:

» NFS Shift: Movies
» Exotic Racing Series
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NFS Shift: Exotic Racing Series announced! Tuesday, 09.03.2010
NFS ShiftElectronic Arts announced today another add-on for Need for Speed Shift: the Exotic Racing Series, containing seven hot new cars, a new race track and over 50 new events - created specifically for these cars including time challenges, endurance and sprint races!
While the Ferrari Racing Pack was only exclusive for the Xbox360, this time the Exotic Racing Series will be available for 10 USD on Xbox360 an Playstation 3. If the add-on will ever make it to the PC is not known yet.

Exotic Racing Series

The Exotic Racing Series Pack will contain the following cars:

1. Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
2. BMW M1 Procar
3. GUMPERT apollo
4. Honda NSX
5. McLaren MP4-12C
6. Maserati GranTurismo S
7. Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss

The new track Riviera is available in four unique layoutse, each with daring corners, multiple blazing straight-aways and a few hairpins that will push these cars to the limit. Players that complete the package will receive an additional 125 Microsoft gamerpoints or 5 PlayStation Trophies as a reward for undertaking various exciting challenges.

The Exotic Racing Series for Need for Speed Shift will be available on March 18th, 2010 on Xbox360 and Playstation 3.

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New Wallpapers Sunday, 07.03.2010
NFS ShiftWith the recently released » Ferrari Racing Pack for Need for Speed Shift, we have a couple of new Ferrari wallpapers from EA. You can find the images in our » NFS Shift Wallpaper-Section.

NFS Shift Wallpaper   NFS Shift Wallpaper   NFS Shift Wallpaper

Additionally, with the Welcome Note for the beta of Need for Speed World, another wallpaper was released, which can also be found in our » NFS World Wallpaper-Section.

NFS WorldWallpaper

» NFS Shift: Wallpapers
» NFS World: Wallpapers

» Need for Speed Shift bei Amazon bestellen!
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Rumour: NFS Hot Pursuit Remake & NFS Shift 2? Saturday, 06.03.2010
Electronic ArtsNeed for Speed all around: Need for Speed World started this weekend its (western) » betaphase, but there are two more NFS titles in the works, which will be released in Q4 2010 and Q1 2011. (We wrote about that » here.)

Now we heard a rumour, that this year's NFS will be a Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, possibly a remake of the classic NFS III Hot Pursuit (1998). According to the name, we might can expect the return of police pursuits. It's not known yet, if the game will contain an open world.
If we can believe previous rumours, this might be the title Criterion Games is working on, who are the creators of the successful Burnout-series.

The second game is planned for release in the 1st quarter in 2011. As it seems, it'll be a successor of NFS Shift and possibly carry the name Need for Speed Shift 2. Given the success of NFS Shift this seems to be a logical step of EA.

As soon as we have more information, we'll keep you updated.

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