NFS C: Infos about Patch and 911 GT3 Unlock Mittwoch, 06.12.2006
NFS CarbonThe following text about NFS Carbon was posted yesterday at the official Need for Speed boards:


Couple quick hits:

1. PC disconnect issues should all but be resolved. (So I'm told. ;))
If you are still having disconnect issues, please hit up me or one of the mods (Which this week will probably be faster) and let us know.

There was a patch made last week that after showed significant signs of improvement.

2. PC Moderator Unlock - There is no means of unlocking the 911 currently. I'm looking to ways to resolve this and have a couple options, but I can't talk about them yet as it's in the hands of a few groups within the organization. But rest assured I'm looking to fix it. We made a mistake, no way around it. I'll make it right.

3. Looking to see what options are available for a PC patch. I've got a comprehensive list of requests that I'll be sending to the team. More on that as it develops. No promises, but they are interested in what I'm collecting.

That's all for now.

~ Smoothie

Well, let's hope for a new patch for PC, as many of you are still experiencing problems with the game...

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#5: von sonic94 (26.09.2007 21:56) Profil ansehen Zur Freunde-Liste hinzufügen Nachricht senden
at me dosen`t work


#4: von lov3rr (06.07.2007 16:14) Profil ansehen Zur Freunde-Liste hinzufügen Nachricht senden
players how to unlock DODGE CHALLENGER 1971?

#3: von RGCxTheOnly (11.12.2006 08:34) Profil ansehen Zur Freunde-Liste hinzufügen Nachricht senden Webseite

Yea still a lot of problems to be fixed it would be great of the EA team to fix them!

Thanks Smoothie

#2: von cmbpt (06.12.2006 07:37) Profil ansehen Zur Freunde-Liste hinzufügen Nachricht senden
Now that is comedy classic! The greed of EA has finally reached a state where there is no turning back !
Improvement? No, they meant deterioration!


P.S. Message me on ICQ if you want :) I don't mind

#1: von CJcarbon1 (06.12.2006 03:24) Profil ansehen Zur Freunde-Liste hinzufügen Nachricht senden Webseite
Thanks Smoothie

For your efforts re: getting this release up and running to the usual standards of Need for Speed.


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