Jon alias "EAcom Smoothie" hat einige Fragen der User bezüglich Need for Speed Underground beantwortet.

Q (#1): going to be able to reskin any of these?

A: If you mean create your own skin based upon what's available in game, then yes. But if you mean create custom skins that can be added to the game, then no. Because the game allows for PS2 vs. PC play, no changes to the code can be made to the game w/o destroying that compatibility. The same would apply to the use of any mods. This is a big factor, however, and something I really have been trying to stress the importance of to the dev team, but my joining the company was a little too late to be that voice this year, so I'm adamant about being an advocate for this for any future NFS titles.

Q (#2): was wondering if there will be free roam mode and also if you can each customize each of your cars in 2 player mode.

A: First, there is a 'free run' mode which will allow you to drive at your own pace, cruise, etc. Second, any customized changes you make to your car will be visible to your opponent, both online and off.

Q (#3): y should the Community of MCO go out and buy this game?

A: Great question. The real answer is about your taste. MCO was one of a kind, but I'd like to think the same thing about NFSU as well. If you're a fan of racing games, the ability to customize your car, the ability to play online w/ a friend, get your stats tracked, etc then Underground is for you. No, it doesn't have muscle cars, but this is an evolution, not a revolution. Only time and the exec prod will be able to tell you what kind of game is next in the series, but if I know him like I think I do, he'll be looking for a way to mix the best of both worlds.

Q (#4): y did EA take the damage out of NFS Underground when they spent extensive time on modeling of damage(early in development) & even created a brand new engine to accurately display damage on each car & aftermarket part?

A: Short answer is probably licenses of car manufacturers. If there is one thing I've learned in this business is that the license is a precious thing and you want to see it taken care of properly. It's like lending someone your child. You'd want to make sure they are properly cared for. The same holds true here. Many companies don't like to see their cars portrayed a certain way and damage is a big part of that. Some companies don't mind at all, but others do, so it's best to keep consistent and have a one way or the other stance.

Q (#5): th this new game is all the races will be night races. I have seen a tons cars games where your drive at night you can't see jack down the road. 10 to 20 ft of constant visibility is not appeiling and does not let the driver race instead he has to play the memory game which gets boring real fast. How did you folks ensure the players will get a good visual experience across a plethora of monitor and video card setups?

A: The dev team has done a great job to make sure that the environments are well lit enough to provide you with a clear path of where you're going in the race. As well as making sure there's enough of a thrill so you can get a sense of speed and adrenelin. I don't think it'll be a memory game in this case.

Q (#6): ere there be serveral realistic tracks where you don't go airborn 40 ft in the air?

A: While the world in NFSU is a fictious one, not every course will have you flying through the air with the greatest of ease. You'll be pretty grounded for most of the races.

Q (#7): w many different cars models where there be? Will they all have dashboards?

A: The car list is on the site under the features area. I don't remember the exact list at present. As such, I can't say if they all have dashes.

Q (#8): ll NFSU be a Premium Game with a monthly subscription like MCO or not?

A: Nope, no subscription fees at this time.

Q (#9): at is the exact date for the PC DEMO and what is the exact date the PC game will come out?

A: Demo: Sehr, sehr bald; Spiel: 20.11.03

Q (#10): question is when will they re-release MCO? Barring that, when will they release a new muscle car game? And since this game is following the fast and furious style, where will the star muscle cars be, because even those movies featured muscle cars.
I think you will find that a majority of this community is very interested in a muscle car game and is only giving NFSU consideration because it is the only street racing online game in town. I speak for a ton of people when I say this - please take the message back to your leaders. I know it's not a question, because there is no question about what we want.

A: Sadly, MCO has been laid to rest. I do not believe that it will be re-released.

At present, I can't comment on the plans of any future NFS titles. There have been some 'rumors' tossed around, but there's nothing that I can talk about officially or unofficially about that right now. The team is focused on the finishing touches for this game, and ideas for what follows are still just ideas at this point. It's really important to see 'what worked' and 'what didn't' for Underground before we can begin outlining plans for the next release. As such, your comments are crucial with regards to this title, so I'll definitely be expecting your feedback for the game. =) Like I had to ask, right?

Q (#11): w is drifting gonna work on front wheel drive cars? I just cant see how it will work, in reverse maybe???

A: Kind of hard to explain in a post, but essentially the trick will be in how fast you're going and how much car control you'll have. The tracks have plenty of curves in them for you to drift in, so you'll really need to control your 'spin'. Trust me, it'll make a lot more sense when you play it.

Q (#12): ll NFSU have its own personal message board like MCO had? It was a great part of the community and drew people together outside of playing the game. I know this board is already up and going but will there be a different one once the game is released?

A: The MCO boards were pretty cool. We'll be skinning these boards shortly to give it a better look & feel consistent w/ the game, but nothing else will be changed when the game is released in a couple weeks. (Man, that time flew by.)

Q (#13): e post you had made about roaming in the city..i wasn't sure if you meant that online you can roam around or is it just offline? Secondly, are there going to be Dev nights like they did on MCO where devs would race with the players of the game? And lastly do you think you could give us heads up on how many tracks there will be? Id really appreciate it...

A: It's not exactly a 'Free Roam' in the sense of how MCII was where you can just drive around completely. It's more of a free ride around a particular track at your own pace. Apologies if I was unclear before. Dev nights? I remember them, they were great. If this is something that the majority is interested in, then I'd love to present this to the dev team.

Q (#14): big part of MCO was the club aspect and turf wars. I haven't read anything on NFSU about any of these aspects. Will we have the ability to create clubs within the game?

A: This is one feature that I'd LOVE to have seen in the game, but alas it couldn't be for this title. MCO was a different animal where the club aspect was something specifically included in the design but not so for Underground for whatever reason. This is something that will be more on the ownership of the players to create their own clubs and the like. And given the level of customization in the game, it'd be pretty easy to create a defined look for your club. And I'm all about promoting those kind of things on the site, so once clubs start popping up, I'll be looking for their fan sites, editorial, screenshots, etc, and anything else I can do to promote them to the world.

Q (#15): parently there are 72 billion different visual variations for each and every car in NFS:U. What i would like to know is how man different 'performance' variations are there(on ave. per car)? In other words how many different ways will we be able to theoretically set up our cars with functional parts and/or kits? and i'm not countin rear wings which don't add ne downforce in this game.

A: Ok, so I was much better in history, English and Phys Ed than I ever was in math. And the Smooth one means, EVER!! I still count on my fingers where necessary. So I can only tell you 'a lot'. Pretty much every aspect of your car can be customized. Take an approximate # of car parts available in the free world and divide that by the # of cars in the game then subtract the rear wings and that should give you a pretty good estimate.

Q (#16): m wondering how exactly the parts are going to be setup. Is there money to buy parts, or do you unlock them. Do you unlock cars, or buy them. Also do you buy individual parts like in MCO, or do you buy the parts in packages.

A: Short answer is that it's a little bit of both unlocking and buying. You'll be setup w/ 10K to get your starter car and you'll be able to immediately start racing for cash. Once you become 'the man', you'll be able to get more stuff w/ the dead presidents you won.

Q (#17): ll this game be mod-able? (Obviously I mean the PC end, as PS2 games are not). It would be nice to know that filters for ZModeler and 3DMax5 could be written by the talented people in the modding community. Nowadays, a games longevity has major ties to how accessible it is to add content to.

A: Nope. While Ben is today's wise man in that users will always find new, inventive ways for the game to be played. This is not in the current design. The game offers so much, that you really shouldn't need to mod anything that isn't already available, but also for the sake of being able to race PS2 vs PC players, nothing could be changed in the game.

Q (#18): back to more parts. Are they going to be car specific? Meaning, only Ford parts for Ford, etc. etc. Or will people be able to take the V-6 out of the rear wheel drive Supra and just drop it into the FWD civic?

A: These are all after market parts that can be used on any car, but nothing specific for each car.

Q (#19): w is the audio in the game? Is it going to be a layout like in MC2? Also what are some songs that will be on there if any while racing.

A: Audio will be handled more along the lines of existing EA console games where you have a random selection of tracks that play. Only in the options menu will you be able to make any changes to what music plays or how often.

Q (#20): ll there be a 'Best Part' for a category in performance or are you going to have to search for the best 'combination' of parts? Also will there be a engine swapping or buying in the game?

A: In looking at some of these questions, I can see how much of an influence MCO really had on it's players. I want to try to help w/ some of the expectations and say that while you have the ability to customize almost every aspect of your car, the level of that customization is going to be very different. I'm sure this type of thing will be easier to understand once the demo or game is out. Whichever makes it first =) (Just kidding). Anyway, so to best answer your question, it will be more along the lines of combo of parts versus specific categories. I've seen nothing to indicate swapping out entire engines.

Q (#21): ll you be able to turn off the traffic in online or offline mode? And if you do will you have to unlock it or can you just go to options?

A: You'll have traffic conditions that you can set for your racing pleasure...or pain.

Q (#22): w Will the servers be set up?
Can I play and host on the same machine?
If I can play and host on same machine, how do the PS2 folks host? or can they not host?
If I can't play and host, can I run a dedicated server?
Or must the servers be leased/rented?
What kind of bandwidth are we talking about here? Will a good cable connection be capable of hosting an 8 player server?
How will you gather statistics?
Where will those statistics be listed?
Will those statistics be all inclusive? (i.e., laps run, laps completed, club (clan) runs, Top racer, fastest racer, top club, fastest club, and more)
Will there be a central bank for user names?
Or, will there be the possibility of some one posing as another player, and wreck stats?

A: These are all awesome questions. Instead of just posting an answer here for a more intimate audience, I'm actually going to take these and flesh it out more into a bigger editorial piece that we can post on the website. I'm sure you're not the only one wondering about this, so I want to make sure we spread the word to as many people as possible.

Q (#23): ly one question i'd like an answer. Why was the demo not released on the 27th but instead just pushing the date back further on the 27th?

A: Due to the fact that games are released at different times in different regions, we don't always work in complete conjunction with our International sites. This is something we're working on changing on a daily basis, but for this demo specifically, the primary reason why I did not have a countdown clock added to the US site was because I could not get a definitive date of its release.

The demo release date has been changed for a number of reasons, but short story is that work on the game had to come first. The demo is pulling from material of the game and as such makes more sense to let this be second so that it can give you the closest experience to what the retail version would be like at release. I've been working with a number of fan sites to keep them aware of any major date changes regarding the demo but the most recent change I only received myself a short time ago.

Going forward, my international brethren & I will try to work closer together
to ensure that information is accurate.

I won't post any info on the demo until I have solid dates that will not change. Once I have that info, I'll be spreading it like the gospel...or a cool MP3 file. =)

Q (#24): read somewhere, I think Gamespy, that PC users can play on LANs. If so, will the races allow for more than four racers? Will there be Knockout and Tournaments too? Lastly, will any of the game modes allow us to select things such as rain or snow?

A: LAN is available, but alas, still no more than 4. And consider yourself lucky, I wish I had four friends. =)

Q (#25): at is the current release date for the full version. In the official site I see the 20th of November. On other websites like Toys'r'us, Gamestop, IGN, and EBGames I see like 17, 19 and 23.

A: For me, I'm a fan of putting my faith in the official site. Just a personal preference as sometimes others places can have outdated information. Anyway, the variance in dates is really about your location. The game will be on the 'street' (no pun intended) by the 20th, so anything before or after is really about how close (or far) you are from a distribution center. This is why I'm more inclined to order online. Saves me the hassle of trying to go on the hunt and waste gas, time, energy, etc. =)

Q (#26): Smoothie, i think this is a question that is on the minds of everyone who's played MCO. Will there be NUMBERS in this game? In other words will our cars have specifications such as HP, torque, weight, drag, roll rate etc., or will it just be a bunch of bars for acceleration, top speed, and so forth. In my opinion these NUMBERS, especially HP and weight, are critical to anyone who is serious about 'tuning'. We don't want no steenking bars!

A: So this is something that I find interesting, given the # of MCO players here versus the # of HP2 players here. (One is more obvious than the other.) One of the things that I saw as the biggest complaint about MCO was the level of car depth it required to really become a satisfactory playing experience. For those who know even a little about cars, MCO was a great game and really let you have at it with the levels to which you can customize your car. NFSU is about different means of customization as well as some elements of creativity. Sure you can customize your car with some of the major after market part manufactuers, but you can also customize the look of your car, and this is really what makes NFSU so different than any other game. Think of it this way, while the inside is important for the 'get-up-and-go' factor, the outside is what's going to score you the rep, the style and naturally, the babes...or boys depending on your gender, and well, anything else. Anyway, NFSU is going to be a little bit broader in its approach than I felt MCO was.

Q (#27): y here's one, do you have a favorite car in the game and why?

A: Not really. I've been tinkering around w/ a few different cars like the Z, the S2000 and the Civic just to see what they can do. But I don't have a favorite just yet. I'll come back to that one a bit later.

Q (#28): have another tuning question for ya. Will we be able to change the handling characteristics of our rides by adjusting springrates and/or roll bar stiffness? or will suspension adjustments simply be a matter of purchasing 'better' components in kit form. Please don't tell us the only way we'll be able to customize our cars to suit our driving styles is through some options menu where we can turn 'drift mode' on and off. I take that back. If that is indeed the case PLEASE do tell us.

A: =) Short answer, see above question/answer re: torque, HP, etc.

Q (#29): re's a question. What overall improvements over NFS HP2 has the developing team worked on? If I'm not mistaken, NFSU uses the HP2 engine correct? Having purchased HP2 and been thoroughly disappointed with it (along with most people posting on that site's message boards), I am looking for the next release to be amazing.I have been a faithful client of the NFS series starting from the original Need For Speed but if I am not enlightened by this new game, I will look elsewhere (as I'm sure many more will). I am under the impression, Smoothie, that this next game NFSU is pivotal to the NFS serie's success. Anyways, that's my 2 cents.

A: I'm actually going to defer this question for a moment, because Big Ben just finished an interview w/ myself and one of the dev team which I think will answer this best. Stay tuned for that pending soon as I finish up the follow up questions he sent me. =)

Q (#30): da wanted me to ask you if EA had any left over MCO T-shirts(XXL) available for purchase?

A: Don't I wish. Mine is all cracked and showing it's age.

Q (#31): nce NFSU will have the ability to put stickes on our cars, is there a chance we can imp0rt (pun) our own stickers? I've got a schmance MCO sticker that I'd love to multiply and cover my ne0n with em. That would roxXx0r

A: This actually would be an awesome functionality as I'd love to be able to feature user cars on the site (as long as the content is clean.) But alas, as long as PS2 and PC's can play together in peace and harmony, this will not be the case.

Q (#32): ll EA do more for community after releasing game like releasing new patches (not as in nfs:hp2 (only 2 bad patches))? a better support to question, problems, bugs etc.!

A: To be honest, we'll really have to see how things go when the switches get flicked on. Everyone will be paying keen attention to what's going on online and how the game is being played from both the PS2 and PC perspective. I can't give a definitive answer to this just yet, but can say we'll be doing our best to address issues as they arise.

Q (#33): it possible to own more than one car (just like in NFS:PU)? I'd love to have one car for drag racing, one for drifting, etc.

A: You start off w/ one, but can change it as you progress.

Q (#34): there any option of setups - lets say toe in/out, camber, suspension, sway bar tension, ... or will this be determined only by upgrades I buy during gameplay?

A: Mostly determined by bought upgrades.

Q (#35): would be cool to race for some stakes online (I bet my rear wing I can beat you :))

A: I agree, that it would be cool as well.

Q (#36): e on-line capabilities just basic join IP and race, or is there for example chat room or host list included in the game? (I just love the way this is done in Live For Speed)

A: I'll actually be touching on this hopefully within the next week, but short answer is users go to game lobby, join race, rinse, repeat.

Q (#37): ll we see any PC videos before Demo is out?

A: Goddess willing, yes. (Inside joke as to I actually call someone in the company Goddess). Anyway, she's assured me that there are some PC clips in the works. Whether it's before or after demo, I can't say.

Q (#38): at about cops?; What about numbers? Will everything be measured in bars or there will be Horse Power units, etc. ?; And finaly, what about the in-car views (with dashboards)? (a clasical feature of NFS) Thanks for answering :)

A: Cops? What about 'em?
Numbers? Not sure I follow.
Dashes- I think it's been in a few interviews about the game, but the short answer is not this time.

Q (#39): here's a tamer one for ya. Will we have an online chatroom? or will we only be able to talk with each other in pits. NFS:HP2 chat was just that, the pits. If we will could u describe how it will work? Will it be like MCO with one chat room per track? etc.

A: This is tame? =) If you've played any of the EA Sports Online titles, then that should give you a bigger picture of how it should work. At least that's what I'm told. =) Short version, you'll be put into a general lobby, where you'll be able to communicate and challenge another player(s). Then you get in, race, get out, wash, rinse, repeat.

Q (#40): hate to be a nit picker, but when asked if u will be able to own more than one car u replied 'You start off w/ one, but can change it as you progress.' I'm a little unclear what that statement means. When you 'change' your car what happens to the one you had before? Do you get to keep it? If not what do you do if u want to drive that older car again? Is it a fairly straightforward task to restore its original upgrades

A: Sorry I was unclear. Basically you'd trade in your old one for the new one. But you would at least get some $ back for your car. If you want it again, you'd have to re-buy it.

Q (#41): ll there be some sort of class racing system online? I'd like to have some incentive to drive some of the 'slower' cars.

A: Why would you want to drive a slow car? Rep points would be the closest thing to a 'class' system. The more points you have, the more bad@$$ you are. Hmm, can I say that here?

Q (#42): have never owned a console (outside of my 'ol Atari), and if I have my druthers, I never will.What is the PSX2, and how is it different from a PS2? [edit] Fishy's right, feel free to fire up another thread with which to educate me.

A: In my experience, I've found that it's a special breed that plays both console and PC games. Most people tend to be one or the other. Fortunately, I'm a special breed.

Q (#43): w THIS is depressing :( Is there an way to un-pre-order a game? I am afraid I may want to do JUST that as this game is sounding less like what I want all the time, I mean, I like EA, I like to buy cool games, but, after MCO, can a quicky arcade fill the void, if I can't even keep a car that is great for what ever, has a look I like or what ever, and add more cars to that, what IS the point.

A: Sorry if I depressed you. That so wasn't the plan, quite the opposite actually. We've been having discussions internally about how best to present the game as there are a lot of MCO'ers here who have a certain precept in their mind of what the game will be like. So while trying to address as opposed to shattering any expectations, this is why I've stated that some things you'll have to see for yourself. Download the demo (if you can) give it a whirl. It'll give you a good general feel of what the game will be like.

Q (#44): ll we be stuck driving one very good car, or will there be a few good cars?? Or will all cars have the potential to be great cars and evenly compete with eachother

A: Well, being the optimist, I say good is relative. =) Or should I say good is what you make it? Anyway, there'll be a number of cars for you to choose from, but how good you make them is up to you.

Q (#45): y wont it support it, the have xbox live?!?!?

A: Hmmm...well, none of our titles have Xbox Live support presently. The reason why is a business decision that I can't answer. But there have been a number of reports on the subject in mags and on the web if you'd like to do some investigative reporting.

Q (#46): though I gotta respect ur having to use the political (say plenty without actually saying anything) answers, you havent answered any of the biggest questions.
Parts System ... I know you dont want to give it away but you keep saying "almost everything is customizable" ... dont tease, some of us would love to see flow charts, custom grind cams, port-matching, variable spring rates, etc etc. I'm assuming it's going to be more along the lines of gran turismo - (internals as one piece, exhaust as one piece, turbo kit as one piece) ... if u can answer that am I on the right track? As you've noticed the MCO crowd is a vocal majority & more performance oriented than appearance minded. along that line ... how deep will the customization be? dont shoot urself in the foot but how often are folks going to have the exact same car?
Cars aren't skinable, k. How if at all is communication handled? a chatroom? quick-commands in races?

A: Ah, there's one in every crowd. =) Being political, as you call it, is definitely one of my strong suits. However, answer that question by saying this. Think of this forum as a good opportunity to gather and share ideas of what your version of the ultimate NFS would be. What would it entail? What kind of cars/tracks would it have? How much or little customization would it be? You don't have to answer now, as this is rhetorical. But these are the kinds of questions that I'll be asking sometime down the line. MCO was more performance than appearance minded, and NFSU could be considered by some the opposite. Personally, I think its a good balance of both, but I'm not that hardcore into cars where I can tell you how to get more out of your camshaft and drive train. (Heck, I barely knew what it was before MCO.) =)

Q (#47): n we buy a car, upgrade it, then buy another, upgrade it...but be able to switch between the two or will we only be allowed to have one and get rid of the first one once we buy another?

A: Yup, one car at a time. You want another, sell the one ye got.

Q (#48): know there's a free run mode in singleplayer, is there one in multiplayer too where u can drive through garage and see the cars from other who are online and in free run ??

A: Nope.

Q (#49): there a possibility to download for xbox with xbox live addons, goodies etc. (if goodies,addons will be included)?

A: Not likely. There's no Xbox Live support for NFSU. Only PS2 and PC can do the online thing.

Q (#50): n u include bass boxes, soundsystems etc. to your car (audible difference)?

A: Now that would be interesting, but it would probably conflict with the music you hear in the game.

Q (#51): e friend plays on his PS2 the other on his too, next time one friend will play vs. the other friend on one playstation with splitscreen, is he able to put his car on memory card and then load the car to the friends' PS2?

A: Ye lost me. Please explain.

Q (#52): n u change the roof (cabrio - non cabrio (coupe)) automatically?

A: If I saw correctly, I do believe you can change the hood. But let me double check that to be sure.

Q (#53): it looks like ex MCO players will be concentrating on the online aspect of this game could you give us some insight on how the "ranking" system will work? will it just be best lap times or something more complex? will a win/loss record be kept? will the best "lap times" be wiped weekly as in MCO? etc. We really wanna see our names in lights. The more ways the better.

A: Soon, my padawan. I plan on having this talked about more in an upcoming Production Notes. Which if I may ask, do you guys like the Prod Notes?

Q (#54): was wondering if we could change names during the game, and not have to restart the profile. Like If I put my name as Topple[MCO] and everyone has it the other way... [MCO]Topple..... can I change it?.... not just for that.. but If we join other clubs, and want the accro, can we add it without restarting......

A: Last I saw, no. But I can double check this too. Just to be safe, coordinate w/ your bros before you sign on. =)

Q (#55): es SONY own any parts [may be shares] of EA, EA Games or Blackbox?

A: No clue. You'd have to ask Sony. =)

Q (#56): SONY putting EA/EA Games/Blackbox under pressure to limit the PC game [NFSUG] features to be PCXPS2 [cross-platform]?

A: No pressure I'm aware of. But I'm a lowly Community Mgr. That's out of my pay grade.

Q (#57): number of PC NFS players lower than PS2 NFS players? are they close? Online, too?

A: I've not seen data one way or the other, but given my experience, I'd have to say they are close. (Just a guess, though)

Q (#58): PS2's version patchable?

A: Nope. Maybe one day when a hard drive for PS2 is released...but until then, no.

Q (#59): we buy the absolute best parts (class 5 or whatever, 5 stars) for a car, if we raced that car would it be the exact same besides looks or are we able to "Tune" our car to our likings or will all the skylines be the same once they have five stars excluding looks? Because i read in a preview somewhere that you can adjust things like that but now people are saying we can't...
(Just for the record i don't know anything about car tuning)

A: Given the number of options for customization, and the fact that everyone has a different style, I'd be surprised to see two cars looking exactly alike. Anything is possible, but you'd be hard pressed to find it. Maybe we can make that a scavenger hunt....

Q (#60): rst off, I know you have answered some questions about clubs, but I have another question about them. If they become a large request in NFSU could there be a possiblitly that they could be writen in? Second, will there be a level system in NFSU? Like MCO, Ex. Trkpony Level 114. Or will there just be a Newbie, Verteran, and such?

A: Given the inability to patch w/o effecting the compatibility w/ PS2, it's unlikely that it would be added in post ship. But it's something that could be considered for a future NFS title.

A level system won't be as defined as MCO was, again, the rep points could be considered a level system. The more you have...I won't say that b-word twice. =)

Q (#61): ll there be a HP cap for cars in N4SU or what also if not is there a max HP u can get with the parts u can buy(?) or will u be able to boost the PSI in the turbos or superchargers. OK maybe my question did have a lot to do with he above. And maybe not so simple of an answer

A: I've seen nothing so far regarding an HP cap, but I'll keep looking. Anything I can do to keep playing in the name of building strong community. =)

Q (#62): NEW | How comes that GeForce4MX 440 card cant support CROWDS option.

A: Not sure about the GeForce issue, you may want to check with them. I'll do some checking here as well.

Q (#63): NEW | Will players be able to create MODs?

A: Nope.

Q (#64): NEW | What about hacks, cheats etc in online play? I raced one guy today....he blasted off the start like he had a rocket car.

A: Hacks & Cheats are going to be a serious thing. In other words, expect banning.

Q (#65): NEW | Is it possible to disable collision in multiplayer? Ironically, the problem with online play is the players themselves, and there is some players who enjoy crashing and ruining a perfectly good race for others. And with the ranking system being available, it might be incredibly frusterating to work up all those rep points only to lose them to some wanker

A: Collision is something that the devs had in discussion for awhile, but keeping it on won the debate. I'd definitely like to hear opinions on this subject down the line as we begin looking at the next game in the franchise. I'll need some community support to fight for this one.

Q (#66): NEW | You mentioned in a post before about the peoples aspect of what should be in the new games.
My view on this is to have a demo game come out priced cheap but would be the base hub for games coming in the future. This hub would be the central location for future games and would include garages for numerous cars depending which add on packs EA puts out along with online teams and the auctions.
Think about it EA could make their money from the add on packs which could include classics, muscle, new age, hell even NHRA, 4x4, rally, exotics etc. Have the add on packs fully customizable with there own tracks which will open up to all with the base. This would be the future of online gaming where people could stay in the same club yet race as they get the expansion packs. This could even include car packs, body custamization packs etc. The future is endless for a game like this EA and I just had to bring it up again even tho I got flamed last time

A: This is quite an interesting concept, but as we combine the PC and console mediums, I don't know the feasibilty of such an option until all consoles have the built in hard drives for acces and storage as users would want to download many cars for their garage. Also, unless I'm mistaken, I've not seen too many expansion packs for racing type games. If you can think of any, please let me know. Perhaps this is something we'd be the pioneers in, it wouldn't be the first time.


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