NFS Most Wanted: Wii U Review on IGN Samstag, 30.03.2013
MW2Need for Speed Most Wanted was recently released for the Wii U and offers an interesting port of the game on the new console. With the improved hardware the game is comparable with the versions for Playstation 3 or Xbox 360 (maybe even better) and together with the Wii-U Gamepad NFS Most Waned offers new possibilities with the Co-Driver mode .

The onlinemagazine IGN tested the game and and gives it a rating of 9.0 - "Amazing":

Far more curious is the Co-Driver mode. Criterion has said it’s their attempt at giving Most Wanted a more "Nintendo feel" – they even refer to it as the ‘father and son’ mode. It’s a type of asymmetrical co-op: one player's in charge of driving the car, using either a Wiimote or Pro-Controller, while the second player mans the GamePad, granting them near god-like control over key aspects of the game. With a simple tap of the touchscreen, the second player can take control of car away from the other player or instantly turn day into night. The GamePad also shows a more expansive, detailed map, allowing them to direct the driver toward places of interest, such as jack spots or challenges.

The GamePad is much more powerful than that – it can also remove other vehicles from the roads and even make police cars spin wildly out of control. Another tap can fix badly-damaged cars, removing the satisfying challenge of finding a garage in the middle of an intense race and trying to thread your car through it at 90mph.

You can read the complete review here:

» NFS Most Wanted Wii U Review @ IGN
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