NFSMW: Patch from Regular to Black Edition Donnerstag, 24.11.2005
NFSMWNeed for Speed Most Wanted is going to be released today (24th November) everywhere in Europe. As you may know, the Americans get the NFS Most Wanted Black Edition for PC, but in Europe there is only the regular edition. The Black Edition is coming only for PS2.
But with the following patch by oXKillingXo you should be able to upgrade your regular version to a Black Edition with all the extras!
Have fun!

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 Shocker Kommentare (12)

#12: von baba (08.12.2005 06:33)
patch worked

I added the file to the GLOBAL folder and changed the extention 2 "ini"

#11: von Rafael (01.12.2005 17:32)
Works or Not ? ... Please tell us

Anyone who test this patch successfully please report it here, ok?

#10: von wladylwk (29.11.2005 07:10) Profil ansehen Zur Freunde-Liste hinzufügen Nachricht senden
hey who finished mw .... we will win the BMW M3 GTR or we have to chose from the markers ??

#9: von Jantje (28.11.2005 14:11)
Is there a possibility to put the black edition files in a zip or so, that we can make the regular to black.
Because it is so idiot from EA to bring the Black Edition only on PS2.

#8: von Peter England (28.11.2005 09:10)

apparently the EU standard version does not include the extras such as Camaro. It is only the Asia/US Standard version that does.


#7: von Jantje (27.11.2005 19:36)
I doesn't work for me. I added the file to the GLOBAL folder and nothing happened when in game. I can't understand how a file of 400kb can include two cars and so many extra tuning parts. I also don't believe that Black edition is the same as regular. Why would EA do that!

#6: von omar (27.11.2005 07:37)
i did as u said but nothin happend ? why !

#5: von Peter England (25.11.2005 11:53)
From what I can see the only difference is you get a Behind the Scenes DVD with the Black Edition. The Standard Edition I bought aswell contains the extras from the Black Edition game. Both installed the same, and both are v1.2

#4: von 2uk3y (25.11.2005 02:06)
Please list....!!!

wanna ask....
what actually the different between regular & Black Edition...
Hope can list it....???

#3: von amine (24.11.2005 21:59)
bonjour tous
j'ai un probleme de jeux nfs most wanted
je n'ai pas le fichier speed.exe le crack
je un l'aide "danger"

#2: von Peter England (24.11.2005 20:22)
The standard edition actually has the extras from the Black Edition. The installs are exactly the same size.

#1: von ToeTsenBorD (24.11.2005 11:54)
Oh ...Niceah.. I don't think EA is gonna like this.. :O:O

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