NFS Rivals: Interview mit Marcus Nilsson über Multiplayer Dienstag, 02.07.2013
NFS RivalsAuf der E3 hat » Pocket-lint in Interview mit Executive Producer Marcus Nilsson von EA Ghost Games geführt und gibt ein paar Einblicke in den Multiplayer-Bereich und das AllDrive Feature in Need for Speed Rivals:


As a car fan what's your highlight; that little something special that's in Rivals that you're most proud of?

"The biggest thing of the whole game: The AllDrive feature. Obviously coming from Battlefield and playing Need For Speed games I'm like, 'It's no wonder Need For Speed fans don't play online, because it's so troublesome to go online really - they're scared to go online.' In NFS Rivals you have one experience: you have one world you choose to have the experience in, you start playing the game in the UK, I start playing the game in Sweden and because we're friends we're put into the same world. And we don't even have to see each other - you could play your thing or turn off and I can carry on playing. But if we happen to be merging then I can start going after you, seamlessly going into a multiplayer experience."

How many people can play multiplayer?

"We haven't found the real numbers for what we can do. But it's not going to be a question about what the marketing people want - 'it must be a high number' - as this feature's not about high numbers, it's about finding the right level of people in that open world to make the gameplay and action be as epic as possible. It's going to be more about what most people can crowd together and play with - which is probably less than 10. Because you've go to remember this is obviously a game you play online with your friends, but you also have a lot of AI that's also there online. So the world is going to feel really filled with stuff to do."

Das komplette Interview findet ihr hier:

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