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NFS U: 2 neue Artworks Freitag, 31.10.2003
Im Rahmen des "New York Fall Media Preview" hat Electronic Arts zwei neue Artworks von Need for Speed Underground veröffentlicht. Die beiden hochauflösenden Bilder findet ihr natürlich bei den NFS 7 Screenshots unter "Artworks".

» NFS U: Screenshots
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NFS U: Interview mit Scott Probin Donnerstag, 30.10.2003
Auf der offiziellen Need for Speed Underground Webseite ist ein Interview mit Scott Probin erschienen. Scott ist für das Trackdesign zuständig, und hat auch schon an den Vorgängern NFS Porsche und NFS Hot Pursuit 2 gearbeitet.

What type of research goes into designing a track? What are some of the criteria that have to be included in track design?

The first thing that is done is to decide upon the level of difficulty and the emotions that the track should provoke in the player when they drive the track. For example, should the track be easy or hard? Should the player feel like they're racing on a knifes edge, or should they feel claustrophbic, or perhaps even relaxed?

Typically Need for Speed tracks are standalone circuits or Point to Point tracks, but for Underground we'd already decided to design the tracks around numerous areas of a city which made things more difficult than past track designs as these tracks were required to link up with one another.

We then go through the intense process of designing the spline (the track in it's most basic form) to meet the design requirements and everyone drives the track over and over, forwards and backwards until we're happy with it. Once the spline is completed, only then do we begin to populate the track with buildings, trees and other objects.

» NFS U: Interview mit Scott Probin @
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NFS U: Neues Video Donnerstag, 30.10.2003
Die offizielle australische Need for Speed Underground Webseite bietet ein neues Video an, mit dem Titel "Own or be Owned", dem Untertitel von NFS Underground.

» NFS U: Video @
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NFS U: EA nimmt Stellung Donnerstag, 30.10.2003
Im offiziellen Forum hat ein Electronic Arts Mitarbeiter zu der Verwirrung mit dem Release der Demoversion von Need for Speed Underground Stellung genommen.


First let me apologize for any inconvenience, miscommunication or misunderstanding regarding the pending release of the PC demo for Underground.

Due to the fact that games are released at different times in different regions, we don't always work in complete conjunction with our International sites.

This is something we're working on changing on a daily basis, but for this demo specifically, the primary reason why I did not have a countdown clock added to the US site was because I could not get a definitive date of its release.

The demo release date has been changed for a number of reasons, but short story is that work on the game had to come first. The demo is pulling from material of the game and as such makes more sense to let this be second so that it can give you the closest experience to what the retail version would be like at release.

I've been working with a number of fan sites to keep them aware of any major date changes regarding the demo but the most recent change I only received myself a short time ago.

Going forward, my international brethren & I will try to work closer together to ensure that information is accurate.

Again, I apologize and you all will be the first to know when and where you'll be able to download and play it.


Des weiteren hat die Seite Racing Nation Online alle Posts von Jon mitgeloggt, und zu einem FAQ zusamengestellt. Link siehe unten.

» NFS U: Boards
» NFS U: FAQ @ Racing Nation Online
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NFS U: Movies @ Gamespy Dienstag, 28.10.2003
Das Onlinemagazin Gamespy hat 7 neue Videos von Need for Speed Underground online gestellt. Die jeweils knapp 20 MB großen Dateien im Quicktime Format findet ihr unter folgendem Link:

» NFS U: Movies @ Gamespy
» NFS-Players (Quelle)
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NFS U: Australische Demo verschoben Dienstag, 28.10.2003
Der Counter auf der offiziellen australischen Need for Speed Underground Webseite hat in den letzten Tagen für ziemliche Verwirrung gesorgt. So hätte die Demo bereits letztes Wochenende erscheinen sollen, aber nun wurde nachträglich der Counter auf Anfang November zurückgestellt. Das deckt sich jetzt auch mit unseren Informationen, dass die Demo in der ersten Novemberwoche erscheinen wird.

» Offizielle australische NFS Underground Webseite
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NFS U: Actiontrip Preview Sonntag, 26.10.2003
Das Onlinemagazin Actiontrip hat ein Preview zu Need for Speed Underground veröffentlicht. Zu dem Artikel gibt es auch ein paar Screenshots, die allerdings schon älter sind.

» NFS U: Preview @ ActionTrip
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NFS U: Sound Editing Sonntag, 26.10.2003
Auf ist ein Interview mit Charles Deenan erschienen, der für den Audiobereich in Need for Speed Underground zuständig ist. Damit ist aber nicht der Soundtrack und die Musik gemeint, sondern die Soundeffekte für Motorengeräusche.


How is a racing game different than other games?

Let's compare to other games. Any racing games, because the main focus is trying to give the use the sense of a car. And so you can either try to get it as real sounding or hyped up. And on top of that, sound will give you a certain sense of speed when done well compared to other games. Usually you pick out one part. This is the main part of the game let's get this to sound right.

With Need it's 100% of the game and you have to focus emotion a lot more on the sound. It really ties down to how much time and man power you have. It being only a racing game--you can put a lot more manpower to convey that sense of speed.

How do you make the sounds authentic?

Sounds are recorded in a variety of ways. Often the best results are on a foley stage where it's a controlled way. Then you get a really clean recording. It's harder to do it in real life because you have an engine to deal with--especially when it ties to more subtle sounds. You can let a car roll down a hill or turn on the engine and let it drive. Often you mount the mic on the car near the tire and record it as clean as you can.

Those sounds are sweetened on a foley stage. You get more clarity. When you mic things that are mounted on cars you have to deal with the wind, the rumble of the tire and the artifacts that the car makes. We often go overboard on sounds to make them sound good; it doesn't matter if you use the exact props or not.

» NFS U: Interview mit Charles Deenan @ IGN
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NFS U: NFS International Freitag, 24.10.2003
Electronic Arts hat eine Art "lokalisierte offizielle Infoseite" zu Need for Speed Underground erstellt. Im Klartext heißt das, dass eine Seite existiert, die in mehreren Sprachen verfügbar ist (außer Englisch), aber im wesentlichen nur den Inhalt der offiziellen Seite enthält. Sieht ganz nett aus.

NFS International Deutsch

» NFS International (Sprachauswahl)
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NFS U: Rick Stringfellow Interview Freitag, 24.10.2003
Auf der offiziellen Need for Speed Underground Webseite wurde ein Interview mit Rick Stringfellow, dem Art Director von Need for Speed Underground veröffentlicht.

What did you find to be the most challenging aspect of making this game?

On this game the balance of a night time setting and being able to see where you are going was the biggest challenge. If we remained faithful to true night settings – we found you couldn’t race well – people we always crashing into poorly lit walls and it wasn’t a fun experience. The deadline was also very tight and getting it done was a huge challenge that the team conquered.

» Rick Stringfellow Interview @
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