Die folgenden Bezirke werden in Need for Speed Most Wanted enthalten sein und bieten charakteristische Straßenverläufe.

- Coastal
- Rosewood
- Downtown

Gray Point

In the old days this place was known for world-class fishing. But when the fishing dried up, things went downhill fast … until the tuners came to town. Now the hottest drivers show up to prove they have what it takes to handle the Point.

Docks #1       Docks #2

Ocean Hills

If you’re looking for roller coasters and cotton candy, turn around right now and go home. Did you hear me, clown? The park has been closed for years, but if you bring the sickest car to the race you might have the ride of your life.

Ocean Hills #1       Ocean Hills #2

Point Camden

With all the new construction around here, there are tons of obstacles to get in your way … or to put in front of anyone on your tail. Play it right and you can use the building boom to lower the boom on the cops, or to blow away some fool who doesn’t know what’s up.

>Point Camden #1       >Point Camden #2

Rosewood Center

If you want to get noticed in a hurry, take off down Main Street … at 100 MPH. But don’t spend too much time checking out white picket fences ‘cause The Man’s going to be on your tail faster than you can say "Hello, Officer."


There’s a lot of crazy driving around the school, so use your skills to prove you aren’t some joyriding Frat Boy. If you’re good, you can teach the competition some things they never learned in the classroom. That’s right, who’s the teacher now?

Golf Course

This ain’t the place for a quiet round of 18. Nope, this is where you come to rip up the fairways and tear up the greens, tuner-style. And if the regulars start chasing you with 9-irons, put the pedal to the metal and shout out "it’s all good."


It’s all about big money on the Westside, and the cars are no exception. Those jokers in the financial district think they rule the Universe. Well, they’re living in a dream world, baby. Wake ‘em up with the roar of your engine and the screech of burning asphalt.

City Center

Some folks think culture is all about fancy museums and restaurants. Nah, culture is two tricked-out rides going head-to-head with the beats blasting through the ozone layer. And if someone doesn’t like it, give ‘em some earplugs and a one-way ticket home to mama.


You don’t want to break down here … ever. Don’t even think about hitting the Eastside until you trick out your ride like never before. Crazy stuff happens here, but you’ll be alright as long as you keep blowing the doors off anyone in your way.


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