The Friends-Liste is a list, where you can add your friends, but only when they are also registered as a Community-Member. The Number, how much of your friends are online, is shown every time on the right side. When you click on it, you can see, who's online, and 2 clicks later you can send them a message, they will receive immediately
Sending messages is the main-functio of the community-system. You can find it mostly everywhere on the site. Where a user is written down, you can find a link beneath him, to send him a message. But if you want to do that manually, by typing in his name, of choosing a friend from the Friends-List, or just selecting a member from the whole list, then just click in the messages-section on "Write a new message".
After you have sent your message, you can view it again, by clicking on "View" at the "Sent Messages" - table.
If you want to know, if the recipient already read your message, just look at the symbol on the left side, beneath every message.
- means, that the message has not been read
- means, that the message has already been read
This also useable for your messages!
When you've sent a message, the recipient will receive it immediately. If he is offline, he will receive it, when he's online the next time. If you get a new message, you can see it, by a little notify on the right side.

The Ignore-List is really easy. If a member is spamming you, you just have to add him to the list, and you won't receive any more messages by him.
"File-Info" is some kind of further information to a car from the author, who has created it. So it only concern you, when you already created a car, and you want to add some more information. This information will stand at the bottom of the windows of the car.
This feature isn't finished yet. An avatar is a picture from you, which would stand in your profile, comments and messages.

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