NFS Carbon Savegames
Here is a list of savegames some community members sent us. Choose yourself the one you like best.

Installation: The savegames are located in the following directory:
C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\My Documents\NFS Carbon\

NFSC Savegame #8: ALeShop
Size: 31 KB
Author: cparty

- 100% career completed
- all boss cars (inkl. Darius' Audi), BMW and Cross Corvette in career safehouse.
- all reward cards off/online.
- all challenges completed
- all quick races completed
- all cars in the shop (also without trainer)
- only tested with CE version.
- Kenji's Evo, Angie's Challenger, Wolf's Murci, some crew cars (Nikki, Colin, Yumi, Sal & Neville) and others (like the Scorpion Evo) in Custom Cars.

NFSC Savegame #7: Marius
Size: 31 KB
Author: cobracrk
Description: This profile is almost completly finished, with only a few challange series left to complete.

NFSC Savegame #6: Night
Size: 30 KB
Author: NightM4r3
Description: NFS:Carbon Collectors Edition US Savegame:
100% Career; not all challenges finished and not all reward cards you can work a bit on it too ;)

NFSC Savegame #5: aco
Size: 26 KB
Author: aco24
Description: 97% of career enjoy

NFSC Savegame #4: ATrAfIkAn7A
Size: 27 KB
Author: TrAfIkAn7A
Description: this is a 95% save of the game but the final boss is smoked. i was so excited that i've completed the game so i didn't have time to pass the other 3 races. have fun

NFSC Savegame #3: ASatyBoY
Size: 25 KB
Author: SatyBoY
Description: The career mode 100% with one car ... SLR

NFSC Savegame #2: AVipeR
Size: 26 KB
Author: VipeR
Description: 100% Savegame

NFSC Savegame #1: AArmando
Size: 26 KB
Author: armando1234
Description: 98% Savegame

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