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At the beginning of November was a Community Day at Electronic Arts Black Box in Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately I (Shocker) couldn't make it this time, but gladly Sinister was so kind to let us publish his Review here at NFS-Planet. In this article you can read his impressions and experiences with Need for Speed ProStreet:

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Now after getting back to Edmonton from the Community Day in Vancouver, I've had to deal with freshly fallen snow and a case of Strep throat, so I've got at least two days to recooperate and write this review as in depth as I possibly can. I've got about 4-5 pages of notes to read through and write up, as well I had also started on this review waiting for the plane to land. After writing the 4 pages into it, and I wasn't even half way though all the features, I figured I needed to take a break. I know alot of you wouldnt want me to hold off on any information, so this will be one long review, but I will seperate it and organize it for the ease to read. I would like to advise anyone who's just going to glance at it and start asking questions, read through thoroughly, as I have covered nearly every aspect of the game that you may end up questioning. Now without further ado, enjoy.


It is so hard to describe how genuine Need For Speed: Pro Street feels this year. The atmosphere, the car selection, the damage, track details and locations, even the raceday hubs have been extensively designed and re-designed in order to make each piece unique keeping the quality up and above the usual NFS standards. The game modes are quite good, as well, they have different versions of each to keep ProStreet fresh throughout the entire time you will be playing.

First, we will jump right into the game and walkthrough the career from the beginning.


Once you first load ProStreet (PS from hereon after), you create your profile, of up to 3 different ones, then selecting either Casual, Racer, or King difficulty. We hop into an introVideo which introduces our main character, Ryan Cooper, who you will be playing as throughout the game, watching through the video, you see that he's fresh onto the professional scene, just off the streets and out of illegal racing. After the introVideo, you first compete in a 'ThrottleBody Org' raceday in Chicago, challenging for an invite to the BattleMachine Org. You are given a Silvia S13 to race a 3 lap grip race, which you will be required to win, in order to advance on in the game. This race is a little easier in order to assure you get through it. Placing first, brings you an invite to the Battlemachine Org Racedays.

At the BattleMachine Org RaceDay, you need to prove yourself, which is why they give you a selection between two drag cars; a FWD HondaCivic, or a FWD Cobalt SS., no worries about damages, or totalling here, as the Org would pay the damage, for the first race. You compete in a few races with the given cars, but you will absolutely need to start upgrading your cars performance immediately as you would be completely owned if you don't. However, only have 10k to begin your career with, choosing what to upgrade is very crutial. After upgrading your performance, tuning your car up, and winning more races, you will eventually be able to buy new cars, which you will be looking at through in the carlot, so I wont get into them now.

Dominating a certain type of race event will draw attention from a mode specific org (roguespeed, nitrocide, geffect, noisebomb), and once you have completed your race day, you can advance on your map over to that Org's Racedays to challenge through their events.

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- Sinister

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