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Here you can find several downloads and programs for NFS ProStreet, which help you playing the game.

Attention: Please note that some of the following tools (especially trainers and programs, which edit the game files) may conflict with PunkBuster. NFS-Planet cannot be made responsible for any problems or damages the use of these programs may cause.

Name: NFS ProStreet Modtools v1.0
Size: 2.3 MB
Author: nfsu360    
Description: Need For Speed ProStreet Modding Tools it is toolkit for creating cars that are fully compatible with NFS: ProStreet.

Documentation and tutorials available online:
Download: Download

Name: NFS-TexEd
Size: ~400 KB
Author: nfsu360
Description: NFS-TexEd it a texture archive viewer/editor for several Need for Speed games. Please visit the NFS Undercover Download-Section for the latest version of NFS-TexEd.

Name: NFS ProStreet Camera Controller v1.1
Size: 263 KB
Author: Bytesss    
Description: With this nice tool you can move the camera in NFS ProStreet v1.1. The program is started in the background and with several keys you can move the camera in every direction.
Download: Download

Name: NFS ProStreet +3 Trainer
Size: 26 KB
Author: Bytesss    
Description: Another trainer for NFS ProStreet, which goes more into the "fun"-direction.

You can adjust the gravity, activated CinemaCam and set "Totaled" on/off
Download: Download

Name: Need for Speed Multimedia Converter v1.4
Size: 366 KB
Author: CTPAX-X Team    
Description: Multimedia Converter With this tool you can export the music of Need for Speed ProStreet into MP3- or WAV-files! Unfortunately the videos can only be converted in older NFS games, which are supported too by this tool.


Music can be converted into WAV or MP3 format.

List of supported games:
  • ProStreet
  • Carbon
  • Most Wanted
  • Underground 2
  • Underground
  • Hot Pursuit 2
Converting of interactive music from NFS Most Wanted, Carbon and ProStreet is not supported.


Video can be converted only into AVI format.
For correct playing you need to download and install VP6 codec. You can get it from official web site:

List of supported games:
  • Carbon
  • Most Wanted
  • Underground 2
Download: Download

Name: ProStreet Career Patch (Build 20080122)
Size: 19 KB
Author: SAAM007    
Description: This Tool modifies your career in NFS ProStreet and enables the following features:
  • Add/Remove Pre-Tuned cars to/from car lot.
  • Change the amount of money.
  • Fix the CheckSums of the career file.
Extra Information:
  • The patch works fine with NFS PS career file v1.0 and v1.1.
  • Combine this patch with my NFS PS v1.1 exe patch you should have 189 cars in your car lot.
  • If the money amount isn't unique in the career file, it can't be change. So if you get no unique amount messege please buy/sell car(s) or car part(s) or win a race to change the amount of money you have and try again.
Download: Download

Name: ProStreet Cheat Patch for v1.1 (Build 20080113)
Size: 12 KB
Author: SAAM007    
Description: This tool patches the nfs.exe of NFS ProStreet v1.1 and enables the following cheatcodes:

SAAM-CE - 5 open 5 cars - collectors edition (same as COLLECTORSED v1.0)
Acura Integra LS
Acura NSX
Audi RS4
Lexus IS350
Pontiac Solstice

SAAM-BP1 - open 7 cars - booster pack 1
Aston Martin DBR9
Bugatti Veyron 16.4
Dodge Challenger Concept
Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera
Lancia Delta Integrale Evo
Porsche 911 GT3 RS
Porsche Carrera GT

SAAM-BP2 - open 7 cars - booster pack 2
Aston Martin DB9
Audi R8
Honda S2000
Koenigsegg CCX
McLaren F1
Mercedes-Benz SL65AMG
Porsche 911 GT3

Update 21.01.2008:
COMDLG32.OCX obsolete; nice Icon
Update 13.01.2008:
Can choose to set codes to be permanent or not and restore option
Download: Download

Name: ProStreet v1.1 Trainer 4+
Size: 84 KB
Author: GGHZ    
Description: A trainer for NFS ProStreet v1.1:

P - Infinite Nos Tanks
K - Get Money
L - Get Race Points
M - Ghost Car
B - All Normal
Download: Download

Name: NFS ProStreet LAN Server (Windows, Standalone)
Size: 648 KB
Author: EA    
Description: This is the standalone LAN-Server for Need for Speed ProStreet, which is included in the Patch v1.1.

The LAN server provides the following functionality:

- Hosts up to 32 simultaneous games of 2-8 players per game
- LAN Player Account Database
- LAN Leaderboards and Game Statistics
- Game Results Web Server
- Game Results RSS Feed

In order to play NFS ProStreet over LAN, you have to install the Patch for v1.1: Download Patch v1.1
Download: Download

Name: German Patch
Size: 2 KB
Author: smartyx    
Description: This tool activates the german language, if you have the english version installed. The movies and spoken texts are still english, but the menues and descriptors are german now.
Download: Download

Name: Damage Mod for new Cars
Size: 1.54 MB
Author: Vitaleks    
Description: This mod adds damage to the cars you can unlock with HEX-Editors. Just copy the CARS/ dir into your NFS ProStreet program directory. (Remember to make a backup first.)

You can find more information about the unlocking of the hidden cars here.
Download: Download

Name: Art Money v7.27
Size: 1.35 MB
Description: For changing your money amount.
Download: Download

Name: Squ1zZy Resolution Changer v1.0
Size: 15.2 MB
Author: Squ1zZy    
Description: Allows you to change the resolution of ProStreet into different formats, which aren't supported by default in the options menue.
Download: Download

Name: NFS ProStreet Mini Save Editor / Checksum Fixer
Size: 14 KB
Author: CoDe RiPPeR    
Description: This tool lets you fix the checksum of your ProStreet Career Save files, and gives you the possibility to change your money amount.
Download: Download

Name: Pro Street Demo Expander
Size: 55 KB
Author: NFSNation    
Description: With this tool you can extend the NFS ProStreet Demo:

- Drive in one of the AI cars including the Cuda, Evo, M3, and RX7
- Race around a few extra test tracks
- Windowed mode
- Skip all introduction screens and jump right into the game
Download: Download

Name: NFSPS Demo Trainer: Unlimited NOS
Size: 0.2 MB
Author: fl0 Sent by: KsAmJ
Description: This trainer gives you unlimited Nitro in the Need for Speed ProStreet Demo. Launch the trainer then launch the demo. Press Alt+N at title screen to get unlimited nitro. Press Alt+V to get back to normal.

Note: You need at least one nitro to get unlimited nitros and you still have to wait the nitro to reload.
Download: Download removed due to malware-complaints

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