Name: SNDUtil 0.42
Size: 58 KB
Description: This tool converts the .asf files (where the music is saved) to wav files.
Download: Download

Name: NFS Model Viewer
Size: 686 KB
Description: This program opens .o files and views them with textures and OpenGL acceleration. This is a great tool for previewing a car with in-game graphics.
Download: Download

Name: AI Tuner 1.12 New Version (last updt. 09-04-2003)
Size: 181 KB
Description: This tool has a big possibility to change the severity in NFS 6.
Now also in english available!
Download: Download AI Tuner

Name: OEdit version 0.2 New Version (last updt. 01-03-03)
Size: 338 KB
Description: OEdit is a program that opens and lets you move vertices of some .o and .ord/.orl files which contain model data. These .o and .ord/.orl files are found in some of Electronic Art's newer games which use the EAGL library.
  • Changes in v0.2:
    • Direct3D Preview Inplace
    • Vertices moveable with the mouse
    • skeleton.o modfifyable
  • Changes in v0.1.18:
    • textured preview
    • full view mode
    • some bugfixes
Additionally we offer a searchable Help file, containing the content of the readme file and some more usefull stuff. Download below.
Download: Download OEdit
Download Help File

Name: FSH-Tool 1.22 New Version (last updt. 28-12-02)
Size: 0.05 MB
Description: With this tool you can edit .FSH files, you extracted with the tool VIV Magic.
Download: Download

Name: INI Car Editor
Size: 281 KB
Description: The first tool with which you can easily edit the .ini files of the cars in NFS HP 2.
Download: Download

Name: Mass Changer
Size: 8 KB
Description: With this tool you can change the mass of each car in NFS HP 2.
Download: Download

Name: OView
Size: 0.02 MB
Description: This program is a viewer for EA's NFS HP2 .o files. It's NOT an editor. It is buggy and may crash once in a while. When displaying the model, it may not display all the vertices and/or faces. The program can be extremely slow when displaying the models as it does not use DirectX or OpenGL, so make sure you only select the parts you want to see.
Download: Download

Name: Savegame Editor 2.0
Size: 0.14 MB
Description: With this tool you can easily edit the points in your profile and unlock tournaments, cars and tracks.
Download: Download

Name: VIVEdit
Size: 0.08 MB
Description: With this tool you can edit the VIV Files of Need for Speed 3, 4 and 6.
Download: Download

Name: NFS HP 2 Texter Beta 2
Size: 0.18 MB
Description: This is the betaversion 2. With this tool you can read and edit all texts which occur in the game. Additionally it has a search function, alphabetical order and some bugs had been repaired. (Only in German)
Download: Download

Name: VIV Magic 1.10
Size: 0.35 MB
Description: With this tool you can extract the .VIV files which contain the texture data for the cars.
Download: Download

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