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The new Need for Speed Undercover is currently in development and will be released at the end of November 2008. NFS-Planet visited EA Black Box in Vancouver and got some impressions of the upcoming racing game. Read here about what you can expect in Need for Speed Undercover:

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The sun is shining, helicopters are flying over glittering water and you hear a thrilling soundtrack. Credits are fading in and out as the helicopters are flying towards a city – it's like a movie. They arrive at the shoreline and follow a red car driving down the highway, trying to evade the cops. Smoothly the camera flies behind the car, a flash and you're in the game.
Electronic Arts tried to give Need for Speed Undercover more “Hollywood-Style”, by adding a story and filmed sequences. So far this worked quite well. Once you crashed through a police road block, the real game starts and you're being introduced as an Undercover Cop.


Need for Speed Undercover is a real action-packed title. It's very similar to Most Wanted and maybe without the story being an Undercover-Cop the game could easily be called Most Wanted 2. The driving performance is much more arcade than last year's ProStreet and it's easy to steer the car and keep it in track. Together with the "Heroic Driving Engine" this is quite some fun, because often you need this kind of control to evade the cops. Most times you may won't need the brakes, because you can either use the Speedbreaker, which slows down time for you, to go around the corners or obstacles, or you just lay off the gas a little bit. Depending on what car you're driving, you can also drift around the corners quite easily.
Although Undercover is more arcade-like you still have differences when driving different types of cars. Muscle Cars drift much more, while Tuners or Exotics handle differently. Each car has its unique style.

When you're going at high speed, you really get the feeling of driving fast, because the screen blurs slightly in the corners. It doesn't feel exaggerated, just realistic. Read more about that in the "Graphics chapter". Tri-City is free roam, so you drive around the city wherever you like. You can start races by going to the designated locations on the map, or you get a job or challenge by SMS, which you can start immediately. Alternatively you can always use the GPS map, which shows you the open and completed races and jobs.


The city in NFS Undercover is called "Tri-City". This is mostly because the city consists of three districts, which all have their different style. They are connected with highways. You don't have to unlock anything, you can drive wherever you want, but the events at the beginning will take place mostly in one district.

In this area the sun is shining and it's like after a short rain. In the shadows the streets are wet and your car is sputtering the water. You can drive beneath high skyscrapers, in garages, shortcuts,'s really a big city. For a racing game there is much to see, because the developers put much effort in the variety of tracks and different districts. It doesn't feel like it's a city designed and planned on blueprints, it has a realistic structure, nice textures and amazing skies.

Once you have enough of one district, you just hop on the highway and drive to different parts of the city. For example in one area the buildings are more industrial and you see cranes and stuff like that. In the next district it gets more hot – the sun is burning, the plants are all brown and sand is all over the streets. It has a very brown look, similar to Most Wanted – no wonder with all the sand. ;)

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