NFS Underground Tools

Name: NFSU2 ModTools v1.2
Size: 742 KB
Author: nfsu360
Description: This package contains several tools which allow you to modify the files in Need for Speed Underground 2:

With NFS:U2 Geometry Compiler you can create fully functional mods for NFS Underground 2. You can make all customizations for the cars: vinyls, decals, neons, engine styles, trunk layouts, trunk components, hoods styles, bumpers, side skirts, body kits etc. Also animation for trunk, doors, hoods - working. But it is possible to make a car without these features. Conversion without customizing parts is much easier.

NFS:U2/MW Texture Compiler is a tool for creating NFS: Underground 2 & NFS: Most Wanted textures.bin files. Compiler support .dds files.
DDS file must be compressed as DXT 1 or DXT3. Long names are supported.

NFS-DataEd for NFS: U2 - with this tool you can fix wheel positions for your addons cars and also you can assign 'Manufacturer logo' to your car. You can import exported files using NFS-CfgInstaller.

You can provide NFS-CfgInstaller with your own mod package to allow install configuration data.
Download: Download (Mirror)

Name: NFS-TexEd
Size: ~400 KB
Author: nfsu360
Description: NFS-TexEd it a texture archive viewer/editor for several Need for Speed games. Please visit the NFS Undercover Download-Section for the latest version of NFS-TexEd.

Name: NFSU2 Profile Creator
Author: FormatC
Size: 465 KB
Description: With this tool you can create your own NFSU2 profile.
Download: Download

Name: NFSU2 Music Extractor Wizard
Size: 465 KB
Description: Uses the NFSU2 Music Extractor, but it has a nice GUI and renames the WAV files automatically.
Download: Download

Name: NFSU2 Music Extractor
Size: 68 KB
Description: Here are two small files, with which you can open the sdat.viv and extract the music of Need for Speed Underground 2. The whole thing is a bit complicated, so I packed also a .bat file, which should make it easier for you to extract the music.
Note: You need 1GB free space to run this process.
Download: Download

Name: NFSU2 Money Mod 1.0
Size: 217 KB
Author: ?
Description: With this small tool you can increase your money in NFS Underground 2.
Download: Download

Name: USA <-> EU Mod (Honda, Peugeot 106, Opel Corsa)
Size: 52 MB
Author: Pawel
Description: This mod allows you to insert the Peugeot 106 and Opel Corsa in the american version of the game and insert Honda Civic in european version.
Download: Download

Name: No Intro Hack
Size: 2 KB
Author: DABUSS
Description: This small hack removes the intro videos and the secruity warning when starting the game.
Download: Download

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