NfS Shift - Custom Music

In Need for Speed Shift it's not possible to integrate custom music, but with these instructions you can listen to your own MP3s in the game:

fmod1) Download and install the FMod Installer

2) Create a folder and copy there 24 audio tracks that you want to hear in the game. WARNING: THIS IS IMPORTANT: The number of tracks must be exactly 24, otherwise the game will be unstable, or at least - there'll be no music at all!

3) Once you have selected 24 tracks, run FMOD Sample Bank Generator Ex (from the start menu -> FMOD SoundSystem -> FMOD Programmers API Win32 -> FMOD Sample Bank Generator Ex)

4) Check the top menu "Build Mode" for "Generate single fsb" to be activated. [1]

5) After that choose the "Source Data Directory" to indicate a place where 24 selected tracks are [2], and in "Destination File" specify where to save the generated file. [3]
WARNING: THIS IS IMPORTANT: The name of the generated file should be "nfs_racemusic", since the music playing during the race (not in menu) is stored in the file "nfs_racemusic.fsb"

6) At the bottom settings select under "Platform" -> "PC / Mac / Linux" and in "Format" -> "IMA ADCPM (3.5:1)" [4]

7) Check if all settings are set as described above and shown on the screenshot.

8) Click Build button and wait until the packaging process is complete. [5]

9) After the music is packed, go and find the file "nfs_racemusic" in the directory specified above. The file "nfs_racemusic" should be without any extension, for example file "nfs_racemusic.h" isn't the one that we need. Rename the file "nfs_racemusic" to "nfs_racemusic.fsb"

10) Now go the the game directory of NFS: Shift and there into "\Audio\Music\". Rename the existing "nfs_racemusic.fsb", so that you have an backup in case something goes wrong. Then copy the generated "nfs_racemusic.fsb" into this directory and voil?.

Have fun listening to your own music in the game! :)

Thanks to GPReS.

Sources: SWEEroTica, footsim,

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