Drag Race in 18.68s

by FeS|Kailon

FeS|Kailon drove a fast time of 18.68s in the drag mode, and he describes here, how you can do this. After the text you can find a video of the race.

First of all, you should drive with the Mazda RX7, switch the Quickrace Setting to "Easy" and have a high framerate. To check your framerate you should use the program "Fraps".
The right TJs are also important. I drive with Engine/Trans/NOS.
With ECU/Trans/NOS or Turbo/Trans/NOS the same times are possible.
The best start is to start with "increasing" tachometer. The needle should be on the highest peak in the green area, when it starts.
While shifting, it is very important to use the whole gear. Just shift at the highest peak in the green area.
NOS is almost as important as shifting. When using NOS, make sure you use short pauses between the NOS. (Watch the video)
The NOS at the end of the race should be used three times, which should follow fast.

That's it.
Who follows the instructions and watches the video, should be able to drive 18.8x or even 18.7x. The 18.68 in the video is my third 18.6x time. ;)

MFG FeS|Kailon

- Download Movie (4.34 MB)

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