With this tutorial you will be able to play your own music in NFS Hot Pursuit 2. It definitely with the demoversion, but with the full version it has not been tested yet. (no wonder, it's still not out ;))

First of all you need a tool called "Ditty Importer". This 0.8 MB big tool you can find in our Tools-Section or you can download it directly from here or from EA.

After you did that, run the tool. In the field "Convert File" you choose the file you want to listen to in the game. (Possible files are: *.mp3, *.mp2, *.wav, *.aif, *.aiff). In the field "Output Folder" you choose the following directory:


Instead of NFSHP2InstallDir you type in the path where you installed the game. (e.g. c:\Programm Files\NFSHP 2 Demo\)
With the scrollbar "Reverb" you can insert some echo, but this does not make very much sense. The field "Crop" limits the length of the song to 90 seconds, and before and after it will add a fading (it automatically dies away after 90 sec).
After that you finish your work with a click on the button "Import", and in your Output Folder the tool creates a .asf files.

Now you have to report the game that there is a new file. So you open the file music.ini, which is in the directory Audio\music\. You have to add the number of tracks you want to hear in the game in the following variables:
For example if there are 2 .asf files, the value of the variables is 2:


After that you insert the following lines at the end of the file:

name=Name of the song
artist=The Artist

Instead of "[name]" you have to insert the filename of the .asf file. In the standard file it is track0, but you can also choose a name in another format, for example "[songnum1]" or whatever.

Have a lot of fun. :)

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