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Need for Speed World Feature Preview

We visited the Gamescom 2010 and received first-hand information from EA about the upcoming features of Need for Speed World.

The producers J.C. Gaudechon, Eneko Bilbao and John Doyle presented the features and answered some questions. Don't take the game as "finished" with the release in July 2010 - it's going to be extended and developed gradually.

You can read about the upcoming features within the next weeks and months here:

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Team Escape

Maybe the largest new feature will be the Team Escape Mode, which allows you to escape from the police in a team with your friends. The route is scripted and the police will try to do everything to stop you. It doesn't matter, who finishes first, only when all participants finish the escape, it's plenty rep points for everyone.
The mode has a three-strike system, so when you get busted three times, you're out. And since it's a team mode, the whole group is out.
Especially for this mode new Co-Op powerups are introduced, like the Co-Op Emergency Evade which will make all players use it as the same time.

We already recorded two videos, to give you an impression of this mode. Unfortunately only with mobile/photocamera, so the quality is quite low:

» NFS World Team Escape Video (Pre-Release Build)
» NFS World Team Escape Triple Spikestrip Fun

Performance Shop

NFS World receives new tuning possibilities! Apart from the existing optical tuning, we will get a Performance Shop, where you can tune your car in seven different categories: engine, induction, transmission, brakes, suspension, tires and "misc", which will contain special stuff like spoilers, custom exhaust etc.
You can build in upgrades from each category in every car and each part has an influence on speed, acceleration and handling. Also the sound of the car is affected and sounds different depending on the parts you use.

The already bought tuning parts are only available for this one car and cannot be transferred to other cars.

Night Driving

There will be night driving in NFS World! So far it makes a really good impression and gives the game a new unique atmosphere. Night time will last presumably a couple of hours. See the following pictures to get an imression:

New Cars

Need for Speed World doesn't stop at the current development level - there will be new cars, gradually added to the game. At least 30 new cars are coming, although we don't know yet which one. But it looks like there will be also some Tier 4 cars among them.

Tracks / City

In the long run the cities Bayview (from NFS Underground 2) and Tri-city (from NFS Undercover) are considered being added to NFS World, but at the moment the team is concentrating on the Canyons, to implement in the game. It's also possible to fall of the cliffs, which should bring some interesting races in the future...
Then it will take up to 7 minutes to cross the town with a Tier 3 car.


There will be more possibilities to make pictures of your car. Currently there are 15 new photoshoot points planned, including the golfcourse, car-parks and canyons. A nice gimmick will be a huge beach ball appearing at several place, which the gamers can use to kick around.

Speed API

In around two weeks EA will provide a new API, which allows website-owners to access data directly from the game and implement on their websites. This will allow us to create community leaderboards, tournaments and much more. The possibilities seem huge...

Release dates

There are no specific release dates for the features above, but they will be gradually added to the game within the next months. So stay tuned...

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Thanks to Jens from » MAXLAN for providing us with the photos, and Fasckira from » World-Garage for content support, as we had two overlapping presentations.

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