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This year NFS-Planet visited gamescom and followed Electronic Arts' invitation to play the latest upcoming titles. Next to Titanfall and Battlefield 4 of course we paid special attention on Need for Speed Rivals:

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At the gamescom 2013 EA showed two different versions of NFS Rivals: The already known Gameplay-Demo from the E3 (Ferrari f12 vs Koenigsegg Agera) and a new, more extensive version of the game, which the developers showed to trade visitors behind closed doors. Luckily we were able to attend and take a peak at the upcoming Need for Speed Rivals and want to share our experience with the game.

Handling / Driving Experience

The developer team consists partly of veterans of the NFS series, like Craig Sullivan, who already worked on the relaunches of Hot Pursuit and Most Wanted. However, the handling doesn't feel like the Criterion produced games, it reminds me more like "The Run". The fastest way to take a curve is driving the racing line. You still can drift, but you have to keep an eye on your entry speed as well as the angle, which is in contrast to Hot Pursuit, where you went more straight ahead.


Frostbite 3.0 is EAs new "Swiss Army knife", an engine which can be used for a wide range of games. Developed by the swedish studio DICE, the engine covers strategy titles like Command & Conquer, shooters like Battlefield 4 and several other important titles for the upcoming Christmas trade.

For Need for Speed Rivals this means enormously detailed graphics, especially shown at the cars, impressive weather effects in spacious landscapes. The environment was inspired by Hot Pursuit: in the free roam mode "AllDrive" you can discover mountain views, forests, coasts and populated areas in Redview County, although we weren't able to find a real city in this version of the game.

When it comes to the pursuits with the police, you can really see that Rivals is planned as a real next-gen title: in the night, during heavy rainfall, cruising through a dark forest, having the cops on your back following you with sirens and flashing blue lights you get buried under particle- and light effects almost leading to sensory overload..


AllDrive merges the worlds of single- and multiplayer in NFS Rivals. The free roam is like a large lobby for all race events and is populated by AI- and "real" drivers. At this point it wasn't always easy to distinguish between the opponents, at least in this early version of the game.

The career itself is split into racer and cops. You can choose one of three speedlists for each side, which give you tasks like drifting a track, jumping, arresting another racer etc. By completing the speedlist, you increase your ranking and get new unlocks.

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