NFS Shift Downloads

Here you can find several downloads and programs for NFS Shift, which help you playing the game.

Name: FMOD Sample Bank Generator Ex
Size: 1.2 MB
Author: fmod    
Description: A handy tool to pack your own MP3s into a *.fsb-file and listen to your own music in NFS Shift.

You can find instructions here
Download: Download

Name: NFS Shift Tiny HUD Elements v0.92
Size: 173 KB
Author: rdk10    
Description: This mod will resize and move the HUD elements to edges of the screen. You will finally find relief from the oppressively large HUD elements that eat up half the screen real estate for no reason other than to annoy you. You may suddenly find driving with full HUD in NFS Shift much more enjoyable. TinyHUD was inspired by tatarus's Small Hud Elements mod which showed that it was possible to move and resize HUD elements in NFS Shift camera views.

Tiny HUD 1   Tiny HUD 2   Tiny HUD 3

Tiny HUD 4   Tiny HUD 5
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

Name: NFS Shift Unofficial Community Patch v1.05
Size: 1.3 MB
Author: matt2380    
Description: The Unofficial Community Patch aims to only correct bugs in the game while preserving the driving feel of stock Shift, rather than making radical handling changes as with Overhaul or Sharp mod.

It is intended for people who enjoy driving the game out of the box, but were bothered by all the bugs, and as a base for future mod development, taking care of many obscure and foundational bugs in the game to make sure your mod is built against corrected data.

See the full "Community Patch Readme.txt" file in the zip.

***** PLEASE NOTE*****
- this mod is intended for use with a freshly installed game
- if you install it over the top of other mods you may cause problems
- this mod requires NFS Shift with latest official patch (v1.02)
- I recommend you use an unpacked game, but an installer is also included for use with a packed game
- to avoid problems, please (!) take the time to read the "Community Patch Readme.txt" file in the zip properly from start to finish :)

*Change list*
- Workaround for the brake bias being applied incorrectly by game UI. It unfortunately disables the slider but does allow the game to use the default value
- Reduced input lag and add damper/friction to wheel FFB
- New controller profiles to change wheel ffb (also fix bug in DFGT pedals settings)
- Disabled grip reduction on Karrussel (banked corner at Nordschleife)
- Reduced volume of tyre squeal
- Enable reverse driving to double available tracks (for hotlapping and multiplayer with friends)
- Disabled intro movies
- Unlocked pre-order bonus cars
- Reduced speed blur so you can still read dials at high speed
*** New since last version (1.031):
- Added JDougNY's R34 Skyline and Impreza WRX STI brake disc glow fixes
- Corrected "balktorque" typo in drivetrain upgrades to "baulktorque" to fix drivetrain not upgrading properly
- Corrected uneven ride height settings for Audi R8LMS, Aston Martin DB9
- Corrected typo in Honda S2000 rear right spring range
- Corrected uneven Corvette Z06 front right spring setting
- Added "qualifying" fix to make faster AI drivers start at the front of the grid to reduce first corner pileups
- Corrected syntax error in global track LOD file
- Corrected upgrades to force inclusion of stage 4 turbo upgrades in Works conversions
- Changed statistics files for Historic (patch 1.02/DLC1) cars to correctly reflect stage 2 and stage 3 turbo upgrades
- Corrected error where AI DLC1 (patch 1.02/DLC1) cars would not produce engine sounds in unpacked games
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

Name: NFS Shift Real GT Mod v1.0
Size: 1.4 MB
Author: MEFF1091    
Description: If you hate the default handling (silly slipping rear wheels) you must try my mod :)

Changes all the driving feel, makes nfs shift's handling closer to simulation games like gran turismo and forza. Tune your car more carefully to get the perfect setup for the best experience.

Tested and modified the tyre cornering stiffness and dryslide coefficients to get the closest feel to gran turismo.


**(back up your files before doing this)**


(copy all the folders in the "unpacked" to the vehicles\physics) dir.


First back up your original files then copy the "pakfiles" to your gamedir.That is all.


If you want to configure your tyre files (unpacked version) check "vehicles-tyres.ods"
file to see which tyre is used by which car. and then mod the coefficient for your taste.
Download: Download

Name: Grafik-Mod PCGH-Edition v1
Size: 465 KB
Author: BeetleatWar1977    
Description: This mod increases the already high graphic quality of Need for Speed Shift. More details, high-resolution textures and full-range HDR-rendering is possible with this mod. Please note, that you need a high-end system to benefit from these changes.

Changes by the mod: - modified HDR: removed the limitations originating from consoles (initially only the TV dynamic range 16-235 was used)
- LOD - mostly disabled
- sight distance increased
- SSAO works with twice the sample count
- motionblur: modified mode when settings are "high" (higher sample count and changed dispersion)
- re-activated several hidden features in shader programs (envmapping and parralax effect)
- modified the generation of shadows (additional shadows at specific objects)
- SSAO extended - is now used for additional objects (the game doesn't use fullscreen SSAO)
- Increased particle effects count and the connected visibility range.
- Modified filteroptions of shaders

You have to extract the files from this ZIP archive to the unpacked version of NFS Shift. Use the NFS Shift Unpacker to unpack the game.
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

Name: NFS Shift Camera Control v1.4
Size: 140 KB
Author: ToCA EDIT    
Description: This tool allows you to edit cameras in realtime and also adds unofficial TrackIR support.

Supports Need For Speed SHIFT v1.1 Patch ONLY
Tested on Windows XP SP3 and Windows 7.
Requires .NET Framework 2.0 and DirectX August 2009 Updates.
Supports new cameras if you've added them to cameraconfig.xml, just name them in sequence (eg; CockpitCam5, CockpitCam6) up to 10.
Backup your career if possible.

Extract files anywhere you like.
Copy 'd3d9.dll' from this package to your Need For Speed SHIFT directory if you want to use the in-game control viewer.

Run SHIFT Camera Control.exe
Run game then press * to enable control viewer.
Edit values with the mouse. (no hotkeys in this version yet)
Press Save to save current camera setting (saves to presets.dat, does not change game files)
Press Reload to reload camera data from file.
For TrackIR, make sure TrackIR software is loaded before you start Camera Control, then tick the 'Use TrackIR' box.
Press F2 if you want to use camera control in replays, remember to turn this back off or the game may crash upon exiting

Known Bugs:
Some settings require you to cycle the camera to see the effect.
Download: Download

Name: NFS Shift Audio Extractor v0.1
Size: 10 KB
Author: nfstools    
Description: NFS: Shift Audio Extractor is an audio files extractor from .fsb archives.

Note: Exported audio files from nfs_fe_music?.fsb don't work properly.
Download: Download

Name: NFS Shift Simulation SK MOD V2.6
Size: 14 KB
Author: skneo    
Description: This mod makes NFS Shift more sim-like:

* Realistic Grip and physics !
* Improved physics tick rate !
* Correct center of gravity !
* Fixed Stupid AI !
* Removed all blur !
* Removed Bloom ! (thnx to yodastar which released the file for each track)
* Fixed G25 Controller ! (no more steer LAG !!!) and good direct ffb feeling
* Correct kerbstone feeling now ! (not just rumble)
* Correct Forcefeedback from Front Wheels
* Better Feeling of the car
* Correct steering ! although ingame graphics wont show enaf turn
* No Repacking

Important: This mod requires an unpacked version of NFS Shift. Use the NFS Shift Unpacker and start the game with the -loose parameter.
Download: Download

Name: Bonus Cars in Career Mod 1.0
Size: 14 KB
Author: TAKU0730 / acti0n    
Description: This mod enables all bonus cars available in career but also shows your profile unlockable items properly. Some cars has an original price and some based by car rating.

Important: This mod requires an unpacked version of NFS Shift. Use the NFS Shift Unpacker and start the game with the -loose parameter.
Download: Download

Name: Reduced Bling Bling Mod
Size: 1.91 MB
Author: Tobias Kluge    
Description: This MOD reduce adboards, graffities, tents, flags, and some metal constructions beside the track. Helicopter, Planes, Balloons and moving circusparts are completely removed from the racetrack.
All real racetracks in Shift are patched, the fictional tracks lacking only some generic things (planes, some ads, etc).

To use this mod, you have to completely unpack the hole game, this is timeconsuming (about 30 minutes) and should only be done with a full game backup!
I've wrote a small batch file (game_unpack.bat), which does the unpacking job for you and moves the pakfile folder to a backuplocation. Place the files in the 'Reduced_Bling_MOD_with_UnpackerScript+EXE' zip in the root folder of the game where your 'shift.exe' is located. If you installed the game on your systemdrive you may need to run the batch file with administrator rights. After successfully unpacking, use the 'backup_reduced_bling_original_files.bat' to backup all files the mod will overwriter with its installation. Install the mod with the 'install_reduce_bling_modfiles.bat' script.
Last step, create a shortcut to your 'shift.exe' and edit its properties, add the '-loose' parameter to the patch of the executable.
You can always remove the mod by using the 'restore_original_files.bat' script.

Why unpacking the hole game? Some clever guys find the '-loose' parameter, to circumvent some problems with the repacker-tool. It is not possible to repack the *.bff archives of the tracks. The programmer of the repacker, will not further investigate a way to repack all files since you can run and mod the game with in a unpacked status.
Download: Download

Name: No Bloom Mod
Size: 500 KB
Author: YodaStar    
Description: This mod removes bloom but keeps HDR enabled. Bloom is the effect that creates a 'hazy aura'/dreamstyle silhouette around objects. By disabling bloom effect such thing as color contrast gets more defined aswell as contrast between objects and overall image sharpness regarding detail. This makes it look more realistic.

This archive contains the unpacked version and the .bff-files, for those not using the -loose installation.
Download: Download

Name: Instant Car Control
Size: 4 KB
Author: YodaStar    
Description: 'Instant car control' for Shift that gives instant control of car in timeattack etc.

Important: This mod requires an unpacked version of NFS Shift. Use the NFS Shift Unpacker and start the game with the -loose parameter.
Download: Download

Name: No Intro Fix
Size: 2.75 MB
Author: Hardcoreentertaiment    
Description: No Intro Fix for Need for Speed Shift to disable the EA logo animation and the other intros. (German)
Download: Download

Name: BFF Repacker GUI
Size: 29 KB
Author: japamd    
Description: GUI to repack .bff files.
Download: Download

Name: QuickBMS generic files extractor 0.3.4a
Size: 556 KB
Author: Luigi Auriemma    
Description: Tool for unpacking the game files of NFS Shift.
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

Name: NFS Shift Unpacker
Size: 150 KB
Author: acti0n    
Description: Several mods require an unpacked version of NFS Shift. To unpack the game files, you can use this handy batch-script. All you have to do, once it ran through, is creating a shortcut to the shift.exe with the parameter ' -loose'.
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

Name: NFS Shift Damage Mod
Size: 75 KB
Author: YodaStar    
Description: This mod increases the level of damage in NFS Shift. The damage affects the performance much more, tires can go flat or fall off and the deformations on the body are much stronger.
Download: Download

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