NFS Undercover Downloads

Here you can find several downloads and programs for NFS Undercover, which help you playing the game.

Attention: Please note that some of the following tools (especially trainers and programs, which edit the game files) may conflict with PunkBuster. NFS-Planet cannot be made responsible for any problems or damages the use of these programs may cause.

Name: NFS-TexEd
Size: 1.19 MB
Author: nfsu360    
Description: NFS-TexEd is a texture archive viewer/editor for:
NFS Undercover, ProStreet, Carbon, Most Wanted, Underground 2, Underground.

Important: NFS-TexEd required D3DX9_41.dll which is included into DirectX Redistributable March 2009.
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

Name: NFS Undercover Save Editor v1.2 (CoDe RiPPeR)
Size: 219 KB
Author: CoDe RiPPeR    
Description: This program allows you to modify some fields of the database (DB), which
is stored in your save game file. The current version can change:

- money amount
- unlock access to all shops, thus making all cars, parts,
customizations etc. available for buying
- unlock access to all career races and jobs
- mark all types of races completed
- driver skills

There are also some optional features, for advanced users, such as:

- DB export and import
- checksum fixing
Download: Download

Name: NFS Multimedia Converter v1.5.1
Size: 370 KB
Author: CTPAX-X    
Description: With this tool you can export the music of Need for Speed Undercover into MP3- or WAV-files! Unfortunately video-converting is only supported with older NFS games.


Music can be converted into WAV or MP3 format.

List of supported games:
  • Undercover
  • ProStreet
  • Carbon
  • Most Wanted
  • Underground 2
  • Underground
  • Hot Pursuit 2
Converting of interactive music from NFS Most Wanted, Carbon, ProStreet and Undercover is not supported.


Video can be converted only into AVI format.
For correct playing you need to download and install VP6 codec. You can get it from official web site:

List of supported games:
  • Carbon
  • Most Wanted
  • Underground 2
Download: Download

Name: NFS Undercover Save Editor (Arushan)
Size: 147 KB
Description: Undercover Save Editor lets you edit the cars in your saved games, change career properties of cars such as heat, busted #, etc, as well as download and upload blueprints (visual/performance specs of your rides) to

Version 0.9 BETA

WARNING: Save Editor is in BETA, which means it may not be tested completely. Backup your save games before using this tool and use it at your own risk!
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

Name: NFS Undercover HD-Patch
Size: 235 MB
Author: An7hraX    
Description: Patches the textures of Need for Speed Undercover and let the graphics look more detailed.

Here you can see two comparisons of the HD patch. The left one is the original and the right one with the HD Patch:



CAUTION: Punkbuster can kick/ban you for using the d3d9.dll during online matches! NFS-Planet cannot be made responsible for any trouble the usage of this download may cause.
Download: Download

Name: NFS Undercover Eng 2 Ita
Size: 283 KB
Description: Replaces the english texts and videos in NFS Undercover with italian.
Download: Download

Name: NFS Undercover Trainer 2+
Size: 264 KB
Author: h4x0r    
Description: Unlimited Nitro and Speedbreaker
Download: Download

Name: NFS Undercover No Intro
Size: 1 KB
Author: Kikkid0x    
Description: Disables the Intro in NFS Undercover.
Download: Download

Name: NFS Undercover Window Mode
Size: 3 KB
Author: maluc    
Description: Start Need for Speed Undercover in Window Mode.
Download: Download

Name: NFS Undercover Photomode Mod
Size: 3 KB
Description: This mod disables the text and graphics in the photomode screen so that you can take pictures using your own methods (i.e. printscreen, or a program like SnagIt) without having to upload your pictures to
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

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