Since the release of the last part of the NFS titles more than 2 years has passed. And until now Electronic Arts has not published much about a continuation on NFS, maybe because of the onlinegame Motor City Online, which was made by the developers of NFS 4. But with the Press Release in the October Electronic Arts announced the latest NFS title: Need for Speed 6: Hot Pursuit 2 is under construction, but first only for the Playstation 2. Now Electronic Arts also announced NFS HP 2 for PC, Xbox and even Gamecube!

NFS 6 promises to become a great game, mixed up with new things and pleasant modes from the older NFS-games.

Main Infos:
Title: Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 (The heat is on!)
Developer: Black Box Games (Website) [PS2-Version]
EA Seattle [PC-, Xbox- and Gamecube-Version]
Publisher: Electronic Arts (Website)
System: PC, Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube
Release: Already released
Carlist: List of the available cars

In NFS HP2 you can drive 20 different cars, and not as in NFS 5, just Porsche cars. Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini are all represented.
On the more than 12 tracks you can find a variety of open road enviroments consisting of river crossings, waterfalls, beach surf, dusty paths, and brush fires. NFS 6 very lifts out the weather conditions very much, like hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards or downpours, that provides the widest variety of driving challenges.
Also there are animated drivers and cops which bring emotion into the game.
There has also been announced a new mode: The "Ultimate Road Racer"! If you win in this mode, you can unlock more cars, tracks, upgrades or even easter eggs or new game-modes!
Linke in the old NFS - Style you have to escape from the police, which was missing in NFS-Porsche, but the traffic, weather conditions or something like that could be in your way, and this would be the end of your fast racer-carreer.
Until now EA announced some different modes, such as Quick Race, Single Challenge, Hot Pursuit, Championship and the new "Top Cop" Mode for Xbox, Nintendo GameCube and PC versions.
Hot Pursuit and the Championship contain over 30 race challenges, and after you finished it successfully, more new cars, tracks (there are more than 20 of it) and parts will be unlocked.
In the Multiplayer Mode you will be able to play with up to 8 players over LAN/Internet/Direct IP. In the other versions there will be also the loved Splitscreen-Mode.

Main Facts:
  • More than 20 of the most coveted licensed exotics rendered in awesome PS2 detail complete with animating in-game drivers.
  • A variety of modes including Hot Pursuit and Championship mode.
  • Dynamic lighting and real world reflections bring the cars and tracks to life
  • Realistic, detailed environments that push the emotion engine by bringing to life elements from the real world -rain, blowing leaves, sun beams and dust storms.
  • Diverse realistische Wettereffekte - von derben Regenschauern über strahlenden Sonnenschein bis zu heftigen Sandstürmen.
  • Maneuvering through traffic and police at breakneck speeds puts you on the edge of your seat.
  • Piloting virtually unattainable cars neck in neck with other exotics will stir the soul.
  • Dodge traffic at upwards of 200 mph while running at 60fps
  • Open world environment to allow for "edge of your seat" off-road moments on shortcuts
  • Advance your career to "Ultimate Road Racer"
  • Clear reward path with: upgraded cars, new courses, new race modes and more...
  • Multiplayer support
Box Art:
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