Shift 2 Unleashed Downloads

Here you can find several downloads and programs for Shift 2 Unleashed, which help you playing the game.

Name: Shift 2: Ultimate SaveGame
Size: 132 KB
Author: xXXx Oggy xXXx    
Description: - All tracks unlocked
- Only the minimum amount of career mode races done (just in case you want to play through a fresh career mode)
- All GT1 & GT3 cars in your garage. (selecting the different team liveries for each car is done the same way as picking premade liveries for the normal cars)
- Every other car in the game that doesn't have a GT1/GT3 counterpart is in your garage with works upgrades.
- All bonus/special/unlockable cars in your garage
- $99,999,999 in cash
- Both NFS Hot Pursuit "loyalty cars" in your garage (Zonda Cinque & Cop Flavored Reventon)
- Dr Pepper Camaro in your garage

Drop it in your My Documents/SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED/profiles folder. Let it overwrite.

This, I feel, is the ultimate save game for people who want to race and just enjoy seeing everything that SHIFT 2 UNLEASHED has to offer instead of flying through the game to the point where you're grinding through it just to win & level up & unlock stuff instead of racing for the love of racing.
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

Name: Shift 2: Unlock all (Bonus-) Cars
Size: 327 KB
Author: matthiouzalem35    
Description: Unlocks all cars in the car shop, including boss cars, pre-order cars, Hot Pursuit cars and the Autobild- and Dr. Pepper bonus editions.
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Download (Mirror)

Name: Shift 2: 7 camera and original reworked
Size: 3 MB
Author: L OuiSe    
Description: - Seven additional cameras for Need for Speed Shift 2.
- Original views reworked.
- Increasing the feeling of speed.
- Camera movement is reduced.
- Two cockpit view head physics optimize.
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

Name: Shift 2: Reworked Cameras Mod v1
Size: 8.1 MB
Author: carsonpoland    
Description: Features:

- Helmet cam without/with "look to apex" function (selectable)
- 1 new centre onboard cam with visible side mirrors (one cam for left-hand drive cars, second for right-hand drive cars)
- 2 new GranTurismo2 style chasing cam (far and close) instead of one crapy default chasecam
- restored default cockpit cam (slightly moved backward)
- no speed/turning blurring
- no speed camera shaking
- no head movement simulation (less inputlag feeling)
- and few less important things

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Name: Shift 2: No blur and wheel shaking in cockpit & helmet view
Size: 56 KB
Author: Tobias Kluge    
Description: This mod removes the blur and wheel shaking while driving with cockpit or helmet cam.

The archive contains 2 versions of this mod. It is highly recommended to use the installer the 2nd archive is for an unpacked game only.
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Download (Mirror)

Name: Shift 2: Reduced Trackside Bling Bling v2
Size: 220 KB
Author: Tobias Kluge    
Description: This mod removes some of the generic overdone trackside objects (flags, tents a.o.). Right now only all real race tracks (wo night version) are modified.
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

Name: Shift 2: Handling Minimod
Size: 415 KB
Author: Tobias Kluge    
Description: Here is a very minimal tyre mod which gives more reactive handling, without being intrusive. It contains two things:
- a .dll file which helps reducing controller input lag we have when framerate is low. This one should work with any wheel.
- modified tyres

It does not change grip levels, it does not change FFB, just makes the in-game steering react quicker to controller, and the tyres react quicker to steering.
As a result, it kills most of the floating some cars have on my computer, and the tyres are less forgiving as they reach their limit quicker.
AI seems to cope very well with it, and I have good driving sensations with it. Maybe you will feel the same.
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

Name: Shift 2: No intro and outro movies
Size: 1 KB
Author: Tobias Kluge    
Description: This patch removes the intro videos, so you can jump directly to the main menue when starting the game.
Download: Download
Download (Mirror)

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