NFS UC: High-Definition Texture Pack Wednesday, 26.11.2008
NFS UndercoverAn7hraX hat created a High-Definition Texture Pack for Need for Speed Undercover, which improves the textures in the game and shows them sharper and more detailed:

This patch modifies the textures in a way how they actually should have been, sharp and crispy. Primary I changed nearly all ground textures, borders, vegetation and even some traffic signs, buildings & props. The texture sizes are untouched to ensure best performance. Some guys complained about the excessive High-Dynamic-Range effects in the game, I think they look quite neat with some colorcorrection, so I included the EnbSeries hack from Boris Vorontsov with an adapted config. !!! Caution !!! PUNKBUSTER can kick/ban you for using the d3d9.dll during online matches !

Here you can see two comparisons of the HD patch. The left one is the original and the right one with the HD Patch:



You can find the download under the following link:

» NFS UC: High-Definition Texture Pack
» Posting @ NFS-Planet Forum (German)
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Comments (9)

#9: von johansa (09.12.2008 17:39) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
Bad MOD due to bad color calibration

If your going to mess around with colors editing, atleast get your own monitor color calibrated first.

This mod is basically useless and really bad (some tracks renders the player in places that are way too dark to see the road, plus the "sun shining bug" (it shines through tunnel roofs etc).

Can you release a "Non Color Edited Version" instead?

#8: von Shocker (28.11.2008 16:09) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
This patch is NOT from EA! An7hraX made it..

btw: new download server is up and running. please use the server #2 for better performance.


#7: von Johnnnyboy15nl (28.11.2008 13:17) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
It would be cool if EA releas this patch for the Xbox360 and PS3...

#6: von Shocker (28.11.2008 09:36) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
Please note that the Filefront link doesn't contain the Texmod you need in order to use this texture pack. The download at NFS-Planet does.

I'm currently preparing another download server, because the current one reaches its limits..


#5: von KsbjA (27.11.2008 21:15) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
The FF (FileFront) link didn't work for me, and all NFS-Planet slots were taken. Luckily the amount of 'em got increased to 40, so I took the last remaining one and am currently downloading. :-)
This mod looks really promising. Awesome great new textures, and I like how the HDR was reduced (I do like HDR outside computer games - in photography I make some myself, but in games too much of it hogs the performance and looks unrealistic). Great work An7hraX, can't wait for the download to complete.

Staring @ the wall...

#4: von Tranquillizer (27.11.2008 13:20) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
not sure

i didnt like it, neither did my brother. but very very intelligent work. good on ya.

EA, you owe me a game, yes you heard me right. I am talking about CARBON

#3: von Dramen (26.11.2008 16:55) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message

How are people doing this...why not for other NFS games?

If we can mod NFS:U do some useful like add more cars, better damage, ability to drive traffic/police cars. New gamemodes police chase offline would rock.

They look ok although not a MASSIVE difference, update the cars too heh


#2: von Leketiskis (26.11.2008 13:45) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message Website
let's see waht we got here looks promising jsut not sure woun't it increase system requirements, cause my Pc is quite tight for the current ones

#1: von Fedska:Undercover (26.11.2008 12:38) View profile Add to your Friends-List Send Message
oh cool ENB series,i use them every where i can,link/download nice!


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