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This year NFS-Planet visited gamescom and followed Electronic Arts' invitation to play the latest upcoming titles. Next to Titanfall and Battlefield 4 of course we paid special attention on Need for Speed Rivals:

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Regarding customizing and tuning we find refreshing possibilities to tune your car visually and the performance. Although, it doesn't go very deep - you can choose the color of your car and rims and have several precreated vinyls, but the individualization possibilites are limited. You can tune your engine, chassis and armor, which influences the performance, but not the appearance of your car.

During the game you can collect speedpoints with winning races or driving manouvers, which can be spent on different weapon systems. Since there are more weapons than slots for your car, you have to think about your tactic and customize your car: you can equip your cop car with armor and battering ram, making it a close combat machine, or converting it to an interceptor with more NOS.


After a few kilometers through Redview County it becomes clear the Ghost Games created with Need for Speed Rivals a successor of Hot Pursuit 2010: the duel-like pursuits are more intense, the landscape causes Déja-Vus, only the driving physics are more challenging and does not feel as arcade-like.
  • Looks like: Hot Pursuit 2010, Battlefield 4
  • Drives like: The Run
  • Tunes like: ???
  • Plays like: Hot Pursuit 2010

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