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Recently we were able to visit EA Black Box in Canada and played the upcoming Need for Speed The Run! Read in this article Junkie's first impressions of the game:

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The largest difference between The Run and Hot Pursuit is the new story mode: Unfortunately we are not allowed to talk much about the story (and don't want to spoil), but for a Need for Speed title the plot is comparatively fresh and creative. The storytelling with interactive game graphics and occasional scripted elements during the races are very compelling and in combination with the diversified track design it pushes you forward to reach New York as fast as possible.
The different race types are the icing on the cake: mostly you have to overtake a number of enemies before you reach the end of a section, or within a limited time frame. Also you have checkpoint races (known from Most Wanted) and pursuits with the police, but you won't find any circuit races - after all it's a large point-to-point race from San Francisco to New York.
As already known from its predecessors you collect experience points for your driver level with every completed race and successful driving manoeuvres, which gives you bonuses like more nitro.

When you don't like your car anymore, you can stop by at the next gas station. There you always have a small car selection of the (subjective) best car fleet to choose from. You can give your new vehicle a bodykit (similar to those in Most Wanted) and the colour of your choice, but it doesn't have any affect on the performance of the car. Apart from the regular cars you can also find special pre-tuned Need for Speed- and rare Signature-Editions, which you have to unlock first.
Although you have the possibility to switch your car, there is no need to really do so: you can theoretically race the whole game with only two, three cars that were given to you from the game.

While in reality the distance between San Francisco and New York is around 3,000 miles, you get to drive a 300 km excerpt of the route, which is reflected in the game's playing time: we reached our destination on the east coast already after six hours. After the first finishing of the story, we unlock the difficulty level "Extreme" (only for masochists).

Apart from the online-multiplayer, whose appearance supposedly should differ quite much from the previous NFS titles (unfortunately we don't habe any more information about that atm), the game has a new feature, the Challenge Series! The Challenge Series is a collection of 70 events, taking place on the tracks of the story mode - sometimes also in the other direction or a different time of day. The goal is to beat a specific time with a given car, which gets rewarded with medals and unlocked new cars. When you manage to collect all platin medals, you can always hunt achievements or try to beat autolog records.

Summing up, the decision to give EA Black Box some time has proven to be right: with a new engine and a fresh story, mixed up with the usual Need for Speed-ingredients The Run has much to offer. Especially the racing over scenic landscapes with a great view and musical background remains in our memories. It was a fantastic trip to the east coast, but the time flew by and I personally would've preferred a longer story with more tracks and playing time, and maybe would waive the Challenge Series instead.
Nevertheless the game offers much long-term motiviation when trying to beat your best friends' times or playing the new designed multiplayer mode. Especially the fact that Need for Speed The Run hopefully won't be the last title with the Frostbite 2.0-Engine satisfies and makes the NFS future look bright.

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- Junkie

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