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McLaren F1 GSX-R
Author: X-Tender Downloads: 21268
Profile: Yes Ø per day: 2.71
Performance: Yes
Install: No
Added by: Shocker
Date: Monday, 25.11.2002 (01:51)
Size: 1.4 MB
Rating: 9.01 (34)     Rate
Description: There's alot of new NICE things in this new version:

- totaly new design - i'v made the side strips & vents like
in the real McLaren F1!
- TONS of new air vents...
- the doors are opened in a 70 degree angle forword (hacked up the tpg file).
- new interior, including: a REAL McLaren F1 speedometer,
new technometer, big McLaren logo and more.
- new COOL rims, made by me (and another rims in a bmp file for use in
lets say, your cars).
- realistic performance!!! and i can prodly say that the maximum speed is... 420 km/h!!!
- the gear ratios were taken from a chevrolet corvete zr-1 (artistic!).
- black wheels (the part that touches the road).
- black windows.
- turn the car on the roof to find out about the last one...
- Download from here:

- Mirrors
None available.
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McLaren F1 GTR
Author: X-Tender Downloads: 22977
Profile: No Ø per day: 2.75
Performance: No
Install: No
Added by: Shocker
Date: Thursday, 12.07.2001 (12:08)
Size: 1.2 MB
Rating: 8.61 (108)     Rate
Description: This car has some new big air intakes at the front, behind and on the sides. It also has coloured lights and windows. The interior has new textures and the rims also had been adapted. The topspeed is ca. at 380 km/h.
But it has the same shape as the Porsche GT1, because it is still not possible to edit the 3D-model. :(
- Download from here:

- Mirrors
None available.
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