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4 new Addon-Cars + 1 Track Saturday, 13.10.2001
Usually I wanted to upload more than these 4 cars, but I had not enough time. But here are the latest cars, and each one is really great:

- Porsche GT/C 4.0 BTB6 2001
- Porsche 911 Cop Turbo 3.6 (930)
- Porsche 911 GT1 Black Adder
- Porsche D&K + CAS Thug-Live Future


The track Industrial White is quite a nice track, but it just has been painted white everywhere, so that it is not something special...

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Motor City Online Infos Saturday, 13.10.2001
There were some new infos on the onlinegame Motor City Online. The both servers "Madison Park" and "Mercer Isle" are back online and run quite stable. And there is a new Patch v1.01.0097 which should solve the Cheating-Problem.
And the Message Boards at has been updated and there are some new features.
And there is a new Chat-Transscript of "Ask the Producer", where the MCO-developer Fishcreep answeres some qestions about MCO (from the 10/11). The next "Ask the Producer" will be on Tuesday from 3 to 3:30pm (PDT) in the chat on the server Madison Park in the game.
The official MCO-servertime is not any longer the Pacific Time (PDT) but the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)...
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Motor City Online Beta Thursday, 11.10.2001
Fileplanet offers the betaversion of Motor City Online (419 MB) again, which means that some new betatesters can be added. And this also means that EA sends registrationscodes again, for those, who still don't have one. But only for a limited time!


Source: NFS-Racer
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Desktop Hot Rod Thursday, 11.10.2001
On there is nice program availible, which lets a small 1963 Corvette Stingray driving on your Desktop. On the EA-Server this file has got approximately 4MB, but I have comprimized it and uploaded it on our server, so that it now has just 2.9 MB.

MCO Files-Section

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Motor City Online Infos Wednesday, 10.10.2001
There are some new infos about Motor City Online:

1) The next "Ask the Producer" in the MCO-Beta is planned for Donnerstag, dem 10/12/01 von 5PM - 5:30PM PDT.

2) The club: Motor City Auto Club makes a contest. If you already played the Beta of MCO, you can write a preview about it and send it to them. The best previews will be added at and the MCO Auto Club.

MCO Competition

Source: MCO-Forum
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Back again... Wednesday, 10.10.2001
The server has been started up today morning and it seems as if it is full functionable. Also the downloads seem to be faster and even start faster, which was the problem the last few days.

Have fun :)
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NFS-Planet offline for a short time Tuesday, 09.10.2001
In the log of our server there have been found some error-reportings. But because the server is also running very slowly at the moment, it will be taken offline tomorrow morning to make a hardwarecheck.
We apologize for your inconvenience.
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MCO: Ask the Producer Tuesday, 09.10.2001
The team who is making Motor City Online answeres questions about the game. You can ask questions between 3 and 3:30pm to Hydrashock, who will forward interesting questions to Michael Waite (aka Fishcreep).

Here is a small excerpt:
Hydrashock: Next question: When we go live, will we keep our beta accounts or will we start over?
Feechcreep: no... unfortunately we'll need to clear all reg codes, all personas, etc. and start over from a clean slate...
Feechcreep: I know this stinks for those of you who have invested so much time in your characters
Feechcreep: good news is you'll have WAY more shards

The full chat-report of 10/05/2001 can be watched here:
Ask the Producer
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MCO-Servers offline Tuesday, 09.10.2001
Both servers for the Beta of Motor City Online are unavailable from 12 AM until 3 AM (PDT), because EA is making some software-upgrades and it makes cheating impossible for cars and tracks for the future time. (-> GMT: -8)
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2 new Cars & POTW Monday, 08.10.2001
Go has sent us during the holydays 2 new cars, but, I don't know why, they has not been added. So I feel sorry, and now I have uploaded them: The Porsche 911 (996) Carpack 2002 and the Porsche 356 A 1100 GTuning are now available in our Cars-Section.


And we have got a new Pic of the Week from David Schuster. If you also have a nice pic, please send it to us, and maybe it becomes the next POTW. :)
The last Pics of the Week you can find here:

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