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NFS 6: Addons? Thursday, 16.01.2003
Now Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 is available since more than 2 months, and may expect some addons from Electronic Arts, because at the moment the only Update was the Beta Patch which fixes more or less problems with Force Feedback wheels.
Now Electronic Arts Germany announced that there are no addons planned for NFS Hot Pursuit 2. The main reason is the breakup of the development team, and the apportionment of the programmers on other projects of Electronic Arts.

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NFS 5: NFS Porsche on GBA Thursday, 16.01.2003
Actually it is quite strange that Electronic Arts gives their title away for a development on another platform. I'm talking about Need for Speed Porsche Unleashed which is currently developed on the Gameboy Advanced. As our affiliate NFS Streetdogs reports, Destination Software Inc. and UbiSoft created product sites about the game developed on the GBA: Unfortunately both sites do not contain anything relevant, only that the game is being developed. Assumedly Need for Speed Porsche on the Gameboy Advance will be developed by Destination Software and published by UbiSoft. At the moment further information is not available, and even an official release date is undiscoverable. Only Giga Games says it will be released on March, 13th 2003, but you should not rely on this too much.

» NFS PU at Destination Software
» NFS PU at UbiSoft
» NFS PU at Nintendo (offical GBA Site)
» Giga Games Releaselist (german)
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NFS 5: NFS Porsche on GBA Monday, 13.01.2003
Some of you may know that many many months ago, EA signed on Destination Software Inc. to develop Need for Speed: Porsche Unleashed on the Gameboy Advance. I'm not sure about the details of what happened, but basically either DSI had their hands full, or didn't have the technology to do NFS:PU on the GBA. Enter Pocketeers. In the past year or so, Pocketeers had been doing a lot of cool stuff on the GBA, including making a fully functional Quake tech-demo. Recently they were pushing to get the rights to licenses of big-name games, including GTA and NFS, and it seems as though they've struck gold. Pocketeers reports on their website that they've reached an agreement with DSI to produce NFS:PU on the GBA. Aparently they've been only given three and a half months to complete the project so it might be asking too much to get a fully fledged port. If Pocketeers can pull it off though, they'll probably be a company that we'll see more of in the future.

There is more discussion in Pocketeer's Forums about it and if you have any good ideas for the port, or any burning questions about it, you should throw it at them in their forums. You should also check out their website for some screenshots from their racing engine (these shots are NOT from NFS:PU). Although the car you can see on the shots is a Lamborghini, the track seems to be Normandie from NFS PU. According to Pocketeers, the engine that they'll be using for PU will be much better than the one shown in the shots.

» Pocketeers Inc.
» Destination Software Inc.
» GBA Racing Engine Screenshots<br>
» NFSCheats (Source)
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Info: NFS Top Speed Thursday, 09.01.2003
Electronic Arts released a new online game called Need for Speed Top Speed. There you can drive the first time the Porsche Cayenne. But before you can do this you have to race with the Porsche 911 Turbo and the Porsche 959 on the tracks Schwarzwald and Normandie.

» Need for Speed: Top Speed
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NFS 6: New Version of OEdit Thursday, 09.01.2003
Arushan released a new version of his tool OEdit. Unfortunately it is not the complete version, and you still just can move the vertices. The changes in the new version are: textured preview, full view mode and bug fixes.

» NFS 6: Tools
» ND4SPDWorld (Source)
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