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NFSU2: Nintendo-DS Version now official Thursday, 27.01.2005
NFS Underground 2Recently there were just rumours, but now it is official: Electronic Arts today announced that Need for Speed Underground 2 for the Nintendo DS (Nintendo Dual Screen) handheld game system will hit retail stores nationwide this spring. Gamers can dominate the tuner racing underground with new features and gameplay only made possible by the Nintendo DS.

"Nintendo DS is a great platform that helps us offer Need for Speed fans a new way to play games on the go," said Nick Ferguson, assistant producer, EA Canada. "Whether it's customizing your own ride, racing friends via the wireless multiplayer, or using the touch-screen nitrous controls for that extra boost, Need for Speed Underground 2 for the Nintendo DS really puts the power of tuner racing in the palm of your hands."

Utilizing the handheld's touch screen technology, gamers can create their own custom vinyl designs in the "Design Studio" and apply them to the car for a unique tuner racing look. Players can also manage their nitrous usage during a race by using the touch-sensitive panel to control the power of their boost. For racers looking to show off their skills and flaunt their rides, Need for Speed Underground 2 for the Nintendo DS supports four players via the wireless link. Now gamers can race head-to-head with friends anywhere, at anytime.

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NFSU2: World Cyber Games 2005 Thursday, 27.01.2005
NFS Underground 2World Cyber Games announces the official games for WCG 2005 competition of 6 pc games and 2 console games.

Based on the success of the WCG 2004 in San Francisco, the WCG 2005 Grand Final will be held in WCG 2005 Host City, Singapore with about 800 players from 70 countries.

The official list of games includes:

- StarCraft: Brood War
- Warcraft III: Frozen Throne
- Warhammer 40,000 : Dawn of War
- Counter Strike: Source
- FIFA 2005
- Need for Speed : Underground 2
- Halo 2 (Console/Xbox)
- Dead or Alive Ultimate (Console /Xbox)

» World Cyber Games
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NFSMW: NFS Most Wanted now official Tuesday, 25.01.2005
A few days ago we reported about the upcoming Need for Speed part "Need for Speed: Most Wanted". Until now it was still unclear, how much we can believe these announcements, but we experienced from other sources, that NFS: Most Wanted has been officially announced together with some other EA games. The game should be released in the end of 2005.

» NFSMW: Information
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NFSUR: First picture of the Nintendo DS version Sunday, 23.01.2005
NFS DSAs we reported before (here), EA will also release a NFS Underground Rivals version for the Nintendo DS. Now the first screenshot was published in the magazine "Nintendo Power", which shows the game in action. Nintendo DS stands for "Dualscreen", and the race will be displayed on the higher screen. The lower screen shows the map and tuning possibilities.

» Jeux France (Source)
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Hot: Details about NFS Most Wanted! Wednesday, 19.01.2005
As we reported a couple of times, there are many rumours about the new Need for Speed title "Need for Speed: Most Wanted". Now the onlinemagazine SPOnG could get some exclusive details:

Most Wanted will be available for Xbox 2, Xbox, PlayStation 2, GameCube, PC, PSP and "Game Boy Advance or Nintendo DS" in late 2005. A pleasant added value news snippet details a "…simultaneous ship, with the Xbox2 platform", which indicates a late 2005 release for Xbox2 too.

Most Wanted takes the series back to its roots, with police chases making up the body of the gameplay. We expect the game to feature a much greater emphasis on movie style police getaway missions, in levels specifically designed to emphasise this aspect of the game, with gameplay focussing on eluding police pursuit vehicles.

There is also a rap-sheet system, in which a player’s notoriety is upped by performing more dangerous manoeuvres in the view of following police.

Eight game modes are promised:
- Multiple point races
- Toll booth races
- Speed trap photos
- Outrun
- Outrun best route
- Circuit
- Sprint
- Knockout – Cost to state, pursuit milestones and headlines Milestones

Four ‘distinct regions’ will be offered, along with real time weather and an evolving environment. There will be no racing during the night-time, with all the action taking place between sun up and sunset.

Online play will be included with what is described as a ‘similar feature set to NFSU2’ though this time, world-wide play will be included with no conflict between the North American and European versions.

Around 100 motors will be on offer. ‘Asian import (tuners), exotics, American muscle and Euro imports,” as detailed by EA.

So we just can hope that this source is reliable, because this information looks really very promising.

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NFSU2: 3 new Wallpapers Sunday, 16.01.2005
NFS Underground 2Today there are 3 new wallpapers from Need for Speed Underground 2. One of them is made by siMMis (Supersonix), the one you can see on the right side. The other two are made by Uwe "TheJudge" Reuter (Info-Clan).

» NFSU2: Wallpapers
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NFSU2: World Records Friday, 14.01.2005
NFS Underground 2You want to check your records in Need for Speed Underground 2 with other people from the whole world? So check this out:

We have just made the new site (2 months of work..) which is dedicated to collect NFSU2 records from players all over the world. Records are collected by a special software which catches cheaters and doesnt allow lag results. We have done pretty serious work, I think NFS commutiny should enjoy it.

» NFSU2: World Records
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NFSUR: New Artworks Friday, 14.01.2005
NFS Underground RivalsOur french affiliate NFS-FR published 5 new artworks of the upcoming Need for Speed Underground Rivals (for the PSP). The pictures show parts of the storyboard.

» NFSUR: Artworks @
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NFSUR: 2 new Developer Interviews Wednesday, 12.01.2005
NFS Underground RivalsThe onlinemagazine Gamespot published 2 new Developer Interviews (as a video), where the developers Warren Wall and Dave McCarthy talk about the upcoming Need for Speed Underground Rivals (for PSP). Gamespot Complete Members can download the movies, otherwise you can view it by streaming:

» NFSUR: Developer Interviews @ Gamespot
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NFSU2: Soundtracks available Sunday, 09.01.2005
NFS Underground 2Electronic Arts released the Soundtracks of Need for Speed Underground 2 as MP3. Unfortunately these aren't the complete titles but ony 50-60 seconds long samples, as they are used in the game. Download here:

» NFSU2: Soundtracks @
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