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NFSUR: 17 new Screenshots Thursday, 31.03.2005
NFS Underground RivalsElectronic Arts published on the official website of Need for Speed Underground Rivals 17 new screenshots. You can also view them in our screenshots-section.

» NFSUR: Screenshots
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NFSU2: Music Extractor Saturday, 26.03.2005
NFS Underground 2Finally it is here: Now you can extract the music out of Need for Speed Underground 2! This happens with the help of two small files, which can open the sdat.viv and process their contents. It is used by the command-line, so maybe not everybody can use it. But for this case I made a .bat file, you just have to run. :)

» NFSU2: Tools
» Kao.Net (Source)
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Showcase re-opened Friday, 25.03.2005
NFS Underground 2Because of many requests I re-opened the showcase, but this time without prizes. You can upload your cars, show it to your friends and get rated.

Have fun!

» NFSU2: Showcase
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NFSUR: PSP released Wednesday, 23.03.2005
NFS Underground RivalsIn Japan it is already available and im America it will be released in the next hours: the Playstation Portable (PSP) from Sony! With this small handheld also the latest NFS "Need for Speed Underground Rivals" will be released. In Europe both will be available on June, 24th.

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NFSU2: G.A.N.G. Award Wednesday, 16.03.2005
G.A.N.G.The 3rd Annual G.A.N.G. Awards (Game Audio Network Guild) honored the top achievers in game audio at the Game Developers Conference on March 10, 2005 in San Francisco, California. The game Need for Speed Underground 2 won an award in the category "Best Sound Design in a Sports or Driving Game".

» G.A.N.G.
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Showcase Contest Winners Tuesday, 15.03.2005
NFS-Planet Showcase Contest WinnerThe Showcase-Contest has ended and the winners are fixed. The following winners are based on the ratings on March 14th 2005 00:00. Unfortunately I had to block approximately 5000 votes due to illegal up- and. downvoting.
All winners had been notified by e-mail and have time until sunday to complete their addresses.

Mazda RX-7 miniature car:
- EclipsetheDK
- MaGGo

NFSU2 cap:
- djtesla
- Dosse

NFSU2 calendar 2005:
- linkinparkj
- Sub73r0
- ^Sparco^
- wohli
- Chaosbringer
- Hans-Peter-Hirsch
- Mr.Iceman1
- Kundemaster
- Civic
- H/B_Man

PS: If the ratings of the winners seem to be pretty low by now, it is because you can still vote. The winners are based on the ratings on last sunday. If the up- and downvoting will have such alarming proportions in the future, I will disable the guestvoting at an possible re-opening of the showcase.

» NFSU2: Showcase Contest
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NFSU2: Patch 1.2 released! Tuesday, 08.03.2005
NFS Underground 2Earlier than expected, EA released the new patch for Need for Speed Underground today.

The following changes have been made:

* Increase performance on NVIDIA 6800 series cards running on high resolution.
* Game crashing under certain conditions in Online Lobby for game running on Windows 98 and Windows ME.
* An internet connection is no longer required to host LAN games.
* A change in the UI relating to people convicted of cheating. People convicted of chronic cheating will no longer be flagged, as there was a bug early on that would convict people of cheating even when they did not cheat.

You can download the patch from here, but take care which version you need:

» NFSU2: Patches
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Info: Showcase Contest has ended Monday, 07.03.2005
After three weeks the Showcase Contest has ended. Over 1000 cars have been uploaded. The showcase will be online one more week until Sunday, March 13th, so that you can go on voting and also the last entries can catch enough votes to participate. Then the following prizes will be distributed among the 14 users of the best-rated cars:

2x Mazda RX-7 miniature car
2x NFS Underground 2 cap
10x NFS Underground 2 calendar 2005

So go on voting, which cars you think deserve these prizes! If there is a demand, we can re-open the showcase after the week is over.

» NFSU2: Showcase Contest
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NFSU2: Showcase Contest - Thieves Thursday, 03.03.2005
The Showcase Contest is coming to an end. Just until Sunday you can upload your cars. The rating will run one more week to create fair circumstances.

Unfortunately we also discovered some negative things, so-called "thefts". I think it should be self-evident, that you should only upload your own cars. Nevertheless I got some complaints, that users use "foreign" cars. The involved users have been locked and their cars blocked.
If someone has been blocked and is innocent, please send me a mail. Also if you suspect someone to use cars from others. The contest should stay fair.

» NFSU2: Showcase Contest
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