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Info: Vacation Friday, 28.07.2006
UrlaubIt's summer, it's hot and it's time for holidays. I'm spending the next three weeks in Italy, so please don't wonder when the news come less frequent and you won't get response to your mails until I'm back.

But don't worry, Locutus and Junkie (from the boards) will try to keep up with the news and anything regarding Need for Speed Carbon. Otherwise I'd suggest you take a look in our boards. :)

Well then, cya in 3 weeks. :)

» NFS-Planet Discussion Boards
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NFS C: New Fan-Arts and Wallpaper Thursday, 27.07.2006
NFS CWe have a new Box-Art of Need for Speed Carbon for you, made by Tim - this time a little bit different. Additionally DarkViper sent us a Box-Art of the game too, and a great wallpaper available in resolutions 1600x1200 and lower.

Download here:

» NFS C: Fan-Arts
» NFS C: Wallpaper
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NFS C: New Preview and Video Wednesday, 26.07.2006
NFS CarbonThe german magazine GamePRO published an article and a video of Need for Speed Carbon. EA invited the european press last week to the Porsche-Center in Leipzig, Germany for an exclusive presentation of NFS Carbon.

In the preview Steve Anthony talks about the game and tells us that EA Blackbox is working on the controller for the Wii-Version. The innovative controller offers many possibilities, and either it will be used as a steering wheel or you can accelerate or brake by tilting the remote controller. And he says that the soundtrack will be a mix of electronic and hip hop.

The preview article might be useless if you don't speak german (you can use a translator though) but the video is quite interesting since it shows some more scenes of the game and the new Autosculpt-system.

Just take a look. :)

» NFS Carbon Event Article @ GamePRO (German)
» NFS Carbon Video @ GamePRO
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NFS C: New Boxarts and Wallpaper Monday, 24.07.2006
NFS CarbonWe have some new Need for Speed Carbon-Boxarts by Tim and a new wallpaper made by Robert.

You can download it under the following links: :)

» NFS C: Fanarts
» NFS C: Wallpaper
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NFSMW: Control Panel 2.0 Sunday, 23.07.2006
NFSMWAlready the old MW Control Panel for Need for Speed Most Wanted was quite popular with more than 30.000 downloads. Now FormatC sent us a new version (2.0) of his tool which contains some bugfixes and new features.
The MW Control Panel is a program which allows you to control many settings in NFS Most Wanted like graphic settings, language switching, extensive profile-editing functions, the Black Edition Patch and the Trainer 11+.

The new features in the version 2.0 are as followed:
  • Backup-Manager (Create, Manage, Read)
  • Optional creation of auto-backups
  • integrated hex-editor
  • unlock upgrades

You can download the MW Control Panel as always in our download-section of NFS Most Wanted:

» NFSMW: Dateien
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NFS C: Screenshot Update Sunday, 23.07.2006
NFS CarbonOur screenshots-section of Need for Speed Carbon has been filled, mainly with pictures from the news the last days, but maybe you'll find some you might didn't see before.

» NFS C: Screenshots
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NFSMW: Ferrari Mod d3d9.dll Friday, 21.07.2006
NFSMW FerrariThis week Arushan published his Ferrari Mod for Need for Speed Most Wanted, but unfortunately this mod doesn't work on every PC. But there is a d3d9.dll, which might can help you.

Download here:

(Thanks to mccom for the info.)

» NFSMW: Files
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NFS C: New Interview Friday, 21.07.2006
NFS CarbonTeamXbox published a Team X Video Interview (Xbox 360) of Need for Speed Carbon.
You can download it under the following link:

(Thanks to Renifer for the info.)

» NFS C: Team X Video Interview (Xbox 360)
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NFS C: Videos, Interview, Scans and Screenshots Thursday, 20.07.2006
NFS CarbonThis time you get everything in one package: First of all, the onlinemagazine IGN published two interviews regarding Need for Speed Carbon; one of them is a Developer Commentary and the second one is named The Speed Queen, where Emanuelle Vaugier, the covergirl of the game, answers some questions.
Additionally published an interview with Chris Brown from EA, who talks about the upcoming game.

And Worthplaying as well as the polish fansite NFSUltimate published some screenshtos, although you may already know some of them.
NFSUltimate also offers scans of the magazine NeoPlus.

» NFS C: Videos @ IGN
» NFS C: Interview mit Chris Brown @
» NFS C: Screenshots @ Worthplaying
» NFS C: Screenshots @ NFSUltimate
» NFS C: NeuPlus Scans @ NFSUltimate
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NFSMW: Ferrari Mod released! Wednesday, 19.07.2006
NFSMW FerrariFinally Arushan finished his work an published on our affiliate NFSCars the Ferrari Mod for Need for Speed Most Wanted. It's world's first community created custom car modification for Need for Speed Most Wanted - a Ferrari 360 Spider.

Download here:

» Download NFSMW Ferrari 360 Spider @ NFSCars
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