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Need for Speed Pro Street Thursday, 31.05.2007
NFS 11Now it's official, the new Need for Speed will be called Need for Speed Pro Street!


REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - May 31, 2007 - Electronic Arts Inc. (NASDAQ:ERTS) announced today that the blockbuster Need for Speed™ franchise is introducing a new version that drives the series in a new direction. Need for Speed™ ProStreet is a ground-breaking Need for Speed experience where you're thrust to compete head to head against the best street racers in a multitude of racing showdowns. The game is being developed by EA Black Box in Vancouver, B.C., and is slated to ship this fall.

"Need for Speed ProStreet accelerates street racing culture by providing the ultimate stage for the pursuit of street racing supremacy," said Executive Producer, Larry LaPierre. "This is a game about building the ultimate performance-tuned battle machine, taking it to multi-disciplinary showdowns all over the world and pitting your skills and reputation against the very best street racers."

Need for Speed ProStreet boasts impeccable precision and impressively detailed photo-realistic graphics, effectively transporting you to the center of the action. It pushes the "Autosculpt™" technology to a new level, allowing you to directly impact your car's performance for the first time as well as personalize its appearance. Need for Speed ProStreet is a true taste of raw adrenaline and racing with consequences. Every dent, every scratch and every crumpled body panel is a battle scar, proof of your commitment and competitive mettle. With an aggressive and skilled AI system, you become immersed in an unmatched believable race experience. Add in a revolutionary online mode that will redefine the meaning of competitive social play, and Need for Speed ProStreet is the ultimate formula for an emotionally charged street racing showdown.

Need for Speed ProStreet will be available for Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system, PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system, and Wii? as well as the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, Nintendo DS™, PSP® (PlayStation® Portable) handheld entertainment system, PC and mobile. More information can be found at

The official website has been updated with five new screenshots and a trailer. Stay tuned for more, we had the possibility to try the game and a detailed hands-on will come soon.

Check out the new website, and you might want to join our discussion at the boards.

Update: As mentioned earlier, I took an exclusive look on the game, and the article about that will go live an few hours...please be patient. :)

» Official website of Need for Speed
» NFS-Planet Discussion Boards
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NFS 11: Pro Street? Friday, 25.05.2007
NFS 11Apparently the rumours about the name Need for Speed Pro Street some months ago weren't a lie after all...the print magazine PLAY published an article about the upcoming Need for Speed in its current isses and the game has the name Need for Speed Pro Street.

As it seems this wasn't so much pre-decided with the headquarters of Electronic Arts, because even the website used the name 'NFS Pro Street' for about two days, but now it's taken offline.


The article in the magazine PLAY shows for the first time a different car than the RX7, which was already shown in the Teaser: there will be a AUDI RS4 in the game!

Additionally they mention the minimum system requirements, but we will see if we can rely on that, because 250 MB RAM for such a game seems doesn't seem to be enough:

CPU: 1.6 GHz
RAM: 256 MB
Graphics Card: 256 MB

For really tangible information we have to wait until May 31st...

» NFS 11: Movies
» NFS 11: Wallpaper
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NFS 11: First Wallpaper Thursday, 24.05.2007
NFS 11 WallpaperWhile we all have to wait until May 31st, to get more information from EA about the upcoming Need for Speed 11, the community member celi from MSM made something nice for you: the first Need for Speed 11 Wallpaper!

You can download it in our wallpaper-section:

» NFS 11: Wallpaper
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NFS 11: First Teaser released! Monday, 21.05.2007
NFS 11Electronic Arts published a first teaser of the upcoming Need for Speed 11!
It shows a Mazda RX7, which already took some damage and the video contains a note with the date 2007-05-31, where the new Need for Speed might be presented.

Update: The video is now also available in high quality (High-Definition - 720p).

Download is available in our movies-section.

You're welcome to discuss the new teaser in our discussion boards.

» NFS 11: Movies
» Teaser Discussion @ NFS-Planet Board

» Official Website of Need for Speed
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EA Masters Season 2 Finals Saturday, 19.05.2007
EA MastersFrom May 4th - 6th the overall Finals of the EA Masters Season 2 for Germany and Switzerland took place on the 'Bördelan' in Germany. 70 finalists could carry out their games on a 500 m² area and on a special coverage-stage all games were broadcasted live.

In Need for Speed Carbon H2K.Steffan could beat crovex from Alternate Attax with 3:2.

1. H2K.Steffan
2. crovex

The Need for Speed Most Wanted tournament ended with the following ranks:

1. K3id
2. SoH-morph
3. SoH-NEO

You can find impressions from the finals at the Live Videoblog of the 'Bördelan', as well as in the picture galleries about the EA Masters Finals:

» EA Masters (German)
» Videoblog @ EA LANTEAM
» Picture Galleries @ EA LANTEAM
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Info: Easter Egg Search Winners Thursday, 10.05.2007
OstereiersucheThis year we organized again an easter egg search on NFS-Planet. Several easter eggs were hid on the website, the participants had to find. To participate at the raffle, you had to find at least 5 eggs.

These were the prizes:
  • 15x Need for Speed Carbon Calendar 2007
  • 1x Burnout Legends (PSP)
  • 1x Black & White 2 (PC-DVD)
  • 2x Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle Earth I (PC-DVD)
  • 2x Need for Speed Most Wanted [EA CLASSICS] (PC-DVD)

BasecapWe are sorry it took us so long to announce the winners, so we added 3 Need for Speed Carbon Basecaps and 3 more NFS Carbon Calendars to the prize pool!

The winners of this years easter egg search are:

Need for Speed Carbon Calendar 2007
- trluk2k
- DriftKing
- NJ31
- X-R4Y
- dk-christijan
- Dufftrie
- Supervegeta
- rave0012
- mush
- SoNnY bOy
- GangstaDesigns
- MisterD
- miliflo

Burnout Legends (PSP)

Black & White 2 (PC-DVD)
- VW-Killer

Lord of the Rings - Battle for Middle Earth I (PC-DVD)
- Racer56789
- Skyline-r34

Need for Speed Most Wanted [EA CLASSICS] (PC-DVD)
- onlydp
- street-racer

Additionally: NFS Carbon Basecap:
- hagren
- andu13

Additionally: Need for Speed Carbon Calendar 2007
- King_James
- peffe

Congratulations to all winners! The winners will be notified by E-Mail too within the next days.

Good luck next year! :)

Many thanks to the sponsor of the prizes:

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Info: English Discussion Board is back online Wednesday, 09.05.2007
After a downtime over the weekend our english discussion board is finally back online. With the database-backup from last Saturday, where the downtime began.
I moved it to a new server, which is located in a data center in Germany.

You can reach it under the following address:

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Info: Discussion Board is down Sunday, 06.05.2007
Unfortunately our english discussion board has been hacked and we had to take it offline. We are working on it to bring it back online, but it will take a while. I have to import a database backup from yesterday, so any recent posts and registrations may be lost. :(

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Update: The backup is imported, but there seems to be a problem with the database and the search index. We are working on this issue, please be patient.

Update 2: Unfortunately I didn't have time to import the backup yesterday, so I decided to make the best out of it. I will move the english board from my old hoster to a new server, which is located in a data center in Germany. I hope the board will be back online this evening.

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NFS C: Carbon at the World Cyber Games 2007 Thursday, 03.05.2007
World Cyber GamesWhile in Europe it is quite silent about the qualification for the World Cyber Games 2007 in Europe, the USA already started it's USA Championships, where the players compete each other in Need for Speed Carbon. The winners will form the US-Team and go to Seattle, where the WCG will be held this year.

Don’t Get Left Behind!

The World Cyber Games (, the world’s largest computer and video game festival, has selected Need for Speed: Carbon as one of its Official Games for 2007. Registration for the WCG is currently open to all players and online qualifiers begin shortly.

The road to the WCG Grand Final, video gaming’s premier global tournament, begins now.

Register now!

To get more information about the USA Championships, follow this link:

» NFS Carbon @ WGC USA
» Official website of World Cyber Games
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