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NFS PS: New Screenshots Friday, 22.06.2007
NFS Pro StreetThe onlinemagazine Games Radar published 12 new screenshots of Need for Speed Pro Street - all of them in a pretty good resolution which reflect the graphics of the game. Among these screens you can also see an Audi RS4.

NFS Pro StreetEspecially the picture to your right is interesting, because it shows the smoke which realistically curling around the wheel as it spins. This graphical feature really exists, as we saw it at the Community Day, where our First Look was created.

Here for example you can see a picture of an Audi RS4:

Audi RS4

You can find all screenshots in our screenshots-section:

» NFS PS: Screenshots
» NFS PS: First Look

» Games Radar (Source)
» (Source)
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Intel wants to bust Cheaters with hardware Friday, 22.06.2007
IntelThe chipset-developer Intel wants to implement a cheating-prevention system in their chipset, which is able to detect cheaters in multiplayer games. The usual solutions are parallel running software or software that is integrated in the game (like Punkbuster). Intel goes in a different direction and presents at the Research@Intel Day a hardware based solution against cheaters. The system is built in at the North Bridge of the chipset, which monitors the input impulses from mouse, keyboard or other devices and compares them to the actions in the game. If the input commands differ from the game happenings, it is very likely that the player cheated.

Intel mentioned wall hacks and aim bots as examples, which are mostly known from shooters, but the system might be adaptable for similar cheating-tools from the racing genre, like for example Unlimited-NOS.

It can't be said how reliable such a system will be, because the project is still in development. There won't be such chipsets in the near future, but we keep an eye on it's further progression.

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NFS PS: Grab the new wallpapers Tuesday, 19.06.2007
NFS ProStreet WallpaperWe have new wallpapers of Need for Speed ProStreet, so that your desktop-background won't get boring ever again: The entries are made by Hakeryk, Simon, Edge and celi!

I hope you like them. :)

» NFS PS: Wallpaper
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EA re-organizes company structure Tuesday, 19.06.2007
EAElectronic Arts is restructuring itself and splits into four labels: EA Sports, EA Games, EA Casual Entertainment, and The Sims. Each Label will operate with dedicated studio and publishing teams focused on consumer-driven priorities. The new structure is designed to streamline decision-making, improve global focus, and speed new ideas to the market.

"This transition will be implemented over the course of the coming months," sagte EA Chief Executive Officer John Riccitiello. "EA is privileged to have a deep bench of proven talent and our new structure encourages people to bring great ideas into the market more quickly. There will be more games and services for core consumers and new gamers and better focus on operational efficiency."

The Need for Speed - series belongs to the label EA Games.

» Electronic Arts
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NFS PS: Q&A Session finished Saturday, 16.06.2007
NFS Pro Streethe Q&A Session on our partnersite NFSUnlimited is finished and the questions have been sent to the development team of Need for Speed Pro Street. Many questions were collected, but unfortunately not all questions could be used, because they were not about the allowed topics (damage, physics and smoke).

Additionally there were a number of questions about features that have already been revealead, so instead of bugging the developers with this, they're answered by Bojan:

Q: Will the handling of the vehicles feel like NFS Underground, NFS Carbon, or like a simulation game (Forza, Gran Turismo)?
A: Handling is very different to previous NFS games and is definetly more like a simulation (GT or Forza). Driving without assists will be pretty challenging even to a pro in those two games.

Q: Already knowing that they can be repaired with ducttape and what not, how can we fully repair them back to their prestine performance/looks?
A: Yes, it will be possible to repair the car completely, but it will cost more money that using duct tape. It is also said that damage will be a factor, but totalling your car in a race will not cost too much.

Q: Can a car flip over?
A: Of course and I've actually seen it happen!

Q: Hey will NCAA football 08 let you equip your player with towels to hang on there belts? thank you
A: I think you missed the game, the questions are about Need for Speed Pro Street.

Q: Where are the Evos 3 5 7 8, MR, FQ400? And they should really use more japanese cars like the GT Starlet/Glanza, Sylvia sr20vet, GTS Sunny/Pulsar VVl, 20V Levin/Corolla Caldina GTT, Lada........
A: Unfortunatly car list questions are not available this session and I didn't know Lada is a japanese car.

Q: Would there be Car interiors in the game?
A: No, car interiors are not available.

You can find the list of questions that have been sent to EA at NFSUnlimited.

» Q&A Session - June @ NFSUnlimited
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Info: starts in Italy Thursday, 14.06.2007
ConsolesThe Consoles Sports League ( is the biggest European console league and it is well known for the NFS Carbon Wilkinson Cup in Germany. Now the league portal starts a new Italian section, where Italian console players can participate in the leagues Pro Evolution Soccer 6, Gears of War, Dead or Alive 4, Project Gotham Racing 3 and Tony Hawk´s Project 8. There are more leagues and tourmanents planned - we will see if they offer a Need for Speed league too. counts about for 9.000 console players and offers Xbox360 game leagues for console gamers. started last year in Germany and expanded 7 months ago to France. With Italy they are now present in three European countries.

» Italia
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NFS PS: Ask the developers Thursday, 14.06.2007
NFS Pro StreetOur affiliate NFSUnlimited gives you the possibility to ask your questions directly to the developers of Need for Speed ProStreet. There are still 2 days left to send a mail with your questions to Only restriction: your questions should pertain to the topics 'damage', 'physics' and 'smoke':

If you'd like to find out about the details of damage, physics or smoke in Need for Speed ProStreet, you can ask the developers directly. There are still 2 days left for you to email your questions to
We will pick the best questions and send them directly to EA for answering. There are no limits on the number of questions you can submit, but please keep it to the allowed topics: damage, physics and smoke.

» NFSUnlimited
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NFS C: Patch 1.4 for Vista-Compatibility Tuesday, 12.06.2007
NFS CarbonDue to the weekend it took EA some time to give more information about the NFS Carbon Patch v1.4, which was released last week. Mainly the patch is for Vista-Compatibility: it repairs two bugs, which made the game crash under Windows Vista. Additionally EA suggests to install the patch, if you want to play in onlinemode.

» NFS C: Patches
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NFS Carbon comes for Mac! Tuesday, 12.06.2007
Electronic Arts announced that Need for Speed Carbon will come for MAC OS X, based on the Cider Engine from TransGaming. Apart from NFS Carbon also Harry Potter the Order of the Phoenix, Madden NFL 08, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 08, Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars and Battlefield 2142 will be ported to the MAC.

TransGaming is a Canadian-based leader in software-portability. Their Cider-Engine has the big advantage, that video games don't have to be rewritten for the Mac - the engine acts as an interpreter between the game's original code and the Intel Mac.

"Traditionally Mac users had to wait to play the latest blockbuster games," says TransGaming CEO Vikas Gupta. "We're thrilled that TransGaming's Cider engine will dramatically decrease the time it will take to bring EA's hit portfolio of games to a thirsty Mac market."

"Leveraging TransGaming's Cider technology to bring our hit franchises to Mac users is an exciting first step in delivering the video game experience that Mac users deserve," said Scott Cronce, EA vice president. "With the launch of these titles, it truly is the best time to be a Mac gamer."

» TransGaming
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NFS PS: Official Releasedate Sunday, 10.06.2007
NFS Pro StreetThe official Need for Speed website contains now a note which shows the current releasedate of Need for Speed ProStreet: October 31st, 2007!

We will see if this releasedate can be retained. Additionally we have to expect the game to be released one week later in Europe than in America, so this would be the first week of November 2007.

Thanks to Rocky89 for the info.

» NFS PS: Preview
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