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NFS PS: Nvidia Forceware 174.74 Beta Friday, 28.03.2008
NVIDIANvidia released a new beta version of its driver package ForceWare, which covers almost any graphic card models. The interesting thing is, that they solved an issue with Need for Speed ProStreet under Windows Vista (32-bit and 64-bit):

[SLI], GeForce 7900 GT: Need For Speed Prostreet–there is horizontal flickering throughout the game at 1280x1024x60Hz with 8xAA and SLI mode enabled.

Before you try the new drivers, please note that this is a beta version and still can contain bugs.

» Nvidia Driver Download
» Nvidia Forceware 174.74 Beta Release Notes (Vista)

» Order Need for Speed ProStreet at
» Order Need for Speed ProStreet at
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NFS-Planet Easter Egg Search 2008 Saturday, 22.03.2008
Happy EasterBy this time it's already tradition: Our annual easter egg search at NFS-Planet! The easter bunny hid 10 easter eggs, just like the one you see to your right.
If you can find at least 5 eggs, you can win one of many prizes, like Need for Speed T-Shirts, Sweaters, Floorstickers and many more!

Whereever you find an easter egg, just click on it and it will be marked as "found". Of course you'll need a NFS-Planet account and you have to be logged in. Once you could find at least 5 eggs, you automatically participate in the raffle where you have the chance to win one of the following prizes:
  • 3x NFS ProStreet T-Shirt
  • 2x NFS ProStreet Floorsticker & ProStreet Box
  • 3x NFS ProStreet Floorsticker
  • 8x NFS Carbon T-Shirt
  • 2x NFS Underground 2 Sweater
  • 10x EA Key Chain
Additionally, if you can find all 10 eggs, you have the chance to win this prize:
  • 2x NFS ProStreet Jacket
The easter egg search is only available from March 22nd to March 26th 2008, each day 0-24h CET. The winners will be announced a few days later.

Not registered yet? Get here a free member account!

Each person can only participate once. Registration of multiple accounts and unallowed manipulations are not permitted. A valid "found" of an egg is only the explicit click on an egg, which opens a popup and registrates the found.
The winners agree that their names may be published on the NFS-Planet website.

Update: The Easteregg Search 2008 is over and the winners will be announced within the next few days.

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Easter is on its way! Thursday, 20.03.2008
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NFS PS: Extender Pack for Xbox360 is coming Thursday, 20.03.2008
NFS Pro StreetThe long awaited Extender Pack for the Xbox360-version of Need for Speed ProStreet is expected to go live tomorrow (March 21st) on 10am PST.
Additionally there will be two new car bundles, which will be available at the Xbox Live Marketplace:

All of the extra purchase-able cars will be available through the in-game garage only, HOWEVER, I wanted to give you all the heads up that if you can wait until around 2am Friday Morning, there WILL BE TWO CAR BUNDLES AVAILABLE on XBL Marketplace! similar to what is available on the Playstation Store.

The only cars that WILL NOT be apart of the bundles are the Bugatti Veyron and McLaren.
Here are the cars included in each pack. Each pack will cost 480 MS points = $6 USD:

#1: Dodge Challenger Concept, Lancia Delta Integrale Evo, Porsche 911 GT3 RS, Lamborghini Gallardo Superleggera, Porsche Carrera GT, Aston Martin DBR9. Note: this download requires the free Energizer Lithium Extender Pack in order to function properly.

#2: Honda S2000, Porsche 911 GT3, Audi R8, Aston Martin DB9, Mercedes-Benz SL65 AMG, Koeniggsigg CCX. Note: this download requires the free Energizer Lithium Extender Pack in order to function properly.

» Order Need for Speed ProStreet at
» Order Need for Speed ProStreet at
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NFS PS: Official Games of the World Cyber Games 2008 Wednesday, 19.03.2008
World Cyber GamesThe World Cyber Games 2008 take place in November 2008 in Cologne, Germany. Recently the commitee of the World Cyber Games (WCG) announced the official games for the global tournament: It's the biggest lineup of PC and Xbox360 games with debuts like Halo 3 and Guitar Hero III, and old favorites like Starcraft: Brood War and WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne. Another highlight is the first mobile game, which will be played in this tournament: Ashpalt 3: Street Rules.

Need for Speed ProStreet is being played in the category PC Games - the game mode is 1 vs 1.

You can find the complete list of the official games of the World Cyber Games 2008 here:

» WCG Official 2008 Global Tournament Games
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EA extends agreement with Massive Inc. Wednesday, 19.03.2008
Electronic ArtsElectronic Arts extends its collaboration with Massive Inc., a network for in-game advertising. With the new agreement Massive Inc. will offer dynamic in-game advertising for EA video games for the next two years. EA expands the opportunities available to advertisers by extending the participation of current titles in the Massive network as well as incorporating
additional games over the course of the deal. This includes the next two iterations of Madden NFL Football, NBA LIVE Basketball, NASCAR Racing and NHL Hockey, for PC and Xbox360.

Massive Inc. did already the advertising in the titles NFS Carbon and NFS ProStreet for PC and Xbox 360, which will be continued in the next games of the franchise. Additionally Massive is incorporating dynamic advertising in Burnout Paradise.

» Electronic Arts
» Massive Inc.
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NFS PS: Rogue Speed Cobalt Challenge Saturday, 15.03.2008
Rogue SpeedThe » Rogue Speed Cobalt Challenge for Need for Speed ProStreet recently went online - the perfect Race Day for the weekend!
There are only Chevrolet Cobalt cars allowed. Show them, what you've got!

The Cobalt Challenge ends at March 17th, 8:00 AM (PST). Click » hier to join the Race Day.

» Race Day Leaderboards
» Rogue Speed
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NFS PS: Sliver wins ProStreet Tournament @ SEC08 Saturday, 15.03.2008
Samsung Euro ChampionshipLast week the Samsung Euro Championship was held at the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany. Three long days the best players from Europe have competed in several tournaments for the highly acclaimed title ofEuropean Champion!

In the Need for Speed ProStreet tournament DE Niklas "sliver" Timmermann (from Team ALTERNATE aTTaX) could win the gold medal.

PL Krzyztof "Chris" Sojka reached the second place and PT Rogerio "VGSpeedPro" Barosso was third.

You can find the complete rankings on the following website:

» The winners of the SEC 08
» SEC 2008 Coverage
» World Cyber Games Europe
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Rumour: NFS 12 Announcement soon? Sunday, 09.03.2008
With NFS Underground the game developed to a series, which is being released every year. Last year EA published Need for Speed ProStreet and for this year we may can expect an announcement of the next NFS game soon.

As » reports, they could squeeze some information out of NFS Producer John Doyle:

When asked about the new Need for Speed game, Doyle told me that EA would be making a formal announcement in the next 3-4 months. Even though he didn’t quite come out and say it, he was hinting at the fact that they may go back to the whole Most Wanted-ish sandbox style of gameplay (finally!)

Also expect a brand new game mechanic since Doyle claims that every NFS game out there brings something new to the table. Undergound had the whole tuner scene happening, Most Wanted was just plain awesome, Carbon had Autoscultping and Canyon Duels, while Pro Street was... uhh, crap?

We will see, what the new NFS will bring and if EA will be able to learn from the mistakes in ProStreet.

» (Source)
» (Source)
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NFS PS: SEC 2008 at the CeBIT in Hannover Sunday, 02.03.2008
Samsung Euro ChampionshipThe World Cyber Games (WCG) is hosting the Samsung Euro Championship 2008 at the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany! More than 200 players from 30 nations fight for the title of the SEC-Champion and a prize money of $100,000!

The SEC08 also features Need for Speed ProStreet, where we can expect some hard challenges between the best racers of Europe. Krzysztof 'TFCchris' Sojka, the winner from the SEC07 is starting for Poland. Steffan 'Steffan' Amende, the 2nd prize winner at the SEC07 and WCG 2007 is representing his country Netherlands and Alan 'Alan' Enileev (3rd at the WCG 2007) is starting for Russia. Niklas 'Sliver' Timmermann is starting for Germany and WCG-Europe made an interview with the WCG Champion 2004 and two times European Champion in Need for Speed.

What are your goals in regard to the upcoming WCG Season, considering the Grand Final being in Germany?

Obviously, I plan on winning the WCG, just like I plan every year ( grins ). This year there are two major differences of course, compared to the years passed. One of those is of course the WCG being in Germany, which really motivates me to give it my best in front of my home audience, similar to the SEC. The other thing being that starting May I have a huge break until my time at University starts, which really enables me to train harder than ever before. As long as everything is in order with the official WCG rules this year, i.e. no setups for individual cars, I have high hopes for finishing within the top 3 or even winning.

You can find the interview with Sliver here:

» Interview with Sliver
» SEC 2008 Coverage
» World Cyber Games Europe
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