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NFS Shift: BMW M3 GT2 Trailer Saturday, 30.05.2009
NFS ShiftA new trailer of Need for Speed Shift has arrived, showing the BMW M3 GT2, which will also grace the front cover of the game.

You can find the exclusive trailer either at Gametrailers or

» BMW M3 GT2 Trailer @ Gametrailers
» BMW M3 GT2 Trailer @
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NFS Shift: Cars and Tracks announced! BMW M3 GT2 on Cover! Friday, 29.05.2009
NFS ShiftElectronic Arts today announced the eagerly awaited cars and tracks in Need for Speed Shift! You'll be able to race with over 65 cars from the last 35 years - among them the BMW M3 GT2, which will grace the cover!


Under the following link you can find the complete carlist.

Additionally the tracks of Need for Speed Shift have been announced as well. You can drive on 18 race tracks from all over the world - containing real tracks like the Nordschleife as well as fictional tracks like Glendale. You can find the complete list under the following link.

» NFS Shift: Cars
» NFS Shift: Tracks
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NFS Shift: E3 Trailer Friday, 29.05.2009
NFS ShiftFrom June 2nd to 4th the E3 Expo takes place in Las Vegas. For this occasion EA published on the official NFS website an E3 Trailer of Need for Speed Shift, showing more gameplay of the game and new cars.

At the E3 the game Need for Speed Shift as well as Need for Speed Nitro are presented, so you can expect to find more media and coverage of both games within the next weeks, so check back here frequently. :)

» NFS Shift E3 Trailer @
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NFS UC: Challenge Series for Xbox360 available Friday, 29.05.2009
NFS UndercoverThe recently published » Challenge Series for Need for Speed Undercover is now also available for Xbox360! You can download it for free at the marketplace.

Additionally you can get the Boss Car Bundle for 400 MS points.

» NFS UC: Challenge Series at Marketplace (Xbox360)
» NFS UC: Challenge Series Download (PC)

» NFSUnlimited (Source)
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NFS Nitro: Our First Look at the game Thursday, 21.05.2009
NFS NitroWe had the opportunity to meet Producer Joe Booth and his team in Munich, Germany and get some impressions of the Nintendo Wii and DS Version of Need for Speed Nitro.


NFS Nitro is the more arcade-like NFS this year and concentrates on action-packed racings and the unique controls on the Wii and DS. Junkie took a closer look at the game and tested both preliminary versions - you can find his impressions in his First Look article:

» NFS Nitro: First Look
» NFS Nitro: Trailer
» NFS Nitro: Screenshots
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NFS Nitro: Trailer and first infos Wednesday, 20.05.2009
NFS NitroNeed for Speed Nitro is in contrast to NFS Shift and NFS World Online the more arcade-like and action-packed NFS title this year and is going to be released on Nintendo Wii and DS.

Now the first trailer of the game was released, which you can find under the following links. Additionally the first hands-on articles are coming, as well as an video interview with EA's Joe Booth at Gamespot.

Stay tuned for our own first look article of NFS Nitro, as we could get a first impression of the game when we met Joe Booth in Munich.

» NFS Nitro Trailer
» NFS Nitro (DS) Hands-On @ Gamespot
» NFS Nitro (Wii) Hands-On @ Joystiq
» NFS Nitro Screenshots
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NFS UC: Challenge Series Bugfix Tuesday, 19.05.2009
NFS UndercoverRecently the Challenge Series for Need for Speed Undercover was released. Unfortunately the addon had some problems installing when you had the previous Patch v1.0.1.17 installed.

EA update the setup file of the challenge series, which allows you to install the update on the v1.0.1.17 patched game. The version number didn't change (v1.0.1.18), but you can differenciate the updated file on its different file size.

If you had problems installing the Challenge Series in the first place, try to download the following file:

Anyhow, this update doesn't resolve yet the in the boards discussed vinyl problems, which are probably caused by this Addon.

» NFS UC: Challenge Series Download
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NFS UC: WRecord Project Monday, 18.05.2009
wrecord.comThe WRecord Project celebrates its revival with Need for Speed Undercover! The system is simple: you download the WR client, a small tool which runs in the background while playing. You drive a race in NFS Undercover and then can send the result to the servers of and get listed in their rankings.

The idea behind that is creating a ranking without cheaters, because with this tool you can ban hacks like Unlimited-NOS. The system was already in use with NFS Underground 2, when the rankings were loaded with cheaters.

USSR Team is glad to announce reopening of WRecord project - a cheat-free hotlapping application for NFS. This time records are collected from NFS: Undercover in 3 modes - HotLap (fastest lap in Circuit), Circuit (7 laps) and Sprint. Each mode is split into 4 independent standings according to a car tier, so there are 12 standing in total to climb.

After a few weeks of testing 2.0 version was released. It contains some major updates the biggest of which is extracting detailed telemetry data from the game for the first time in NFS history! Telemetry is attached to the record and sent to WR site where it can be downloaded by others and compared with their own data. Telemetry can be used as a standalone application without connecting to WR site as well.

You can find more information here:

» WRClient Download
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NFS Shift: Aston Martin DBR9 Saturday, 16.05.2009
NFS ShiftA new car has been announced to be playable in Need for Speed Shift: the Aston Martin DBR9!

As you'd expect from Aston Martin Racing, the DBR9 has a fantastic racing heritage having won the GT1 class at Le Mans 24hours in 2007 just two years after the car was launched into the racing world.

NFS Shift #1   NFS Shift #2   NFS Shift #3

You can find more information about Aston Martin here:

» Aston Martin DBR9 @
» NFS Shift: Screenshots
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Criterion Games developing next NFS for 2010? Friday, 15.05.2009
While this year's NFS games are already in development a new rumour popped up: According to Primotechnology John Riccitiello announced in an internal presentation that Criterion Games, the developers of the successful Burnout series is working on a new Need for Speed title for 2010.

After the » restructuring of EA Black Box Criterion Games was already in discussion, but this thought was dropped once the new NFS games (Need for Speed Shift, Nitro and World Online) were announced.

It's not known yet, how much we can trust this rumour, but already the last time it showed, that Criterion Games would be a favored developer of a new NFS. But this raises the question, what will happen to Burnout...

Once we have more information about that topic, you'll get to know here.

» Criterion Developing Need for Speed Title for Release in 2010 @ Primotech (Source)
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