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NFS Shift: New Screenshots Tuesday, 07.07.2009
NFS ShiftWe have new screenshots of the upcoming Need for Speed Shift for you! 15 new pictures are waiting in high-resolution formats for you to watch them:


You can find the screenshots here:

» NFS Shift: Screenshots
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Rumour: Back to the roots with Criterion Games' new NFS? Monday, 06.07.2009
As previously » reported is Criterion Games (the developers of the Burnout series) working on a new Need for Speed title. At the moment there isn't much information about this project, but what Alex Ward, Creative Director at Criterion Games writes in his » Twitter Channel sounds quite interesting:

"Red lining it all the way and making it pay" - a return to the original 3DO version of The Need for Speed.

Back to the roots, back to the original The Need for Speed on the 3DO? Sounds interesting...

There is no name or releasedate known yet - first we get to play Need for Speed Shift, Nitro and World Online in fall 2009.

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NFS Shift: Interview with Ian Bell Friday, 03.07.2009
NFS ShiftIan Bell from the Slightly Mad Studios answers some questions about the upcoming Need for Speed Shift on Although he is quite enthusiastic about the game, this interview contains some interesting information, how the developers handle the physics in the game and how they are trying to connect realism with action.

There are four levels to the driving model, and all driving models give you the choice of using visual damage only or 'full' (performance) damage. Again, the engine supports any level of realistic visual to physical damage but we will be tuning the levels to ensure a fun experience. Bumpers will fly off, hoods will be popped open, doors will be bashed in, and if you've got full damage on, your suspension will bend, your steering will pull or get sloppy, and your engine will be destroyed, barely limping around to the end of the race. We made the decision to keep the focus on action without critically severe punishment, since this is a racing game, not a crashing game. There will be consequences to your actions with full damage on, and it will likely destroy your race, but you will always be able to at least limp across the finish line to collect your profile points.

Sounds like an interesting decision, that you're not able to completely wreck your car, but this could be the bridge between sim and action fans. Hardcore simulation gamers will have a "Pro" mode, which feels more natural and will also raise the bar for handling.

Additionally the physics engine sounds quite impressing, as the game is able to reflect the tiniest details like tire deformation based on g-forces, tire pressures and rubber thickness. As Ian Bell says: "[...] only the most diehard sim fans will notice, but we know it's there."

Better you read the complete interview yourself here:

» NFS Shift: Interview with Ian Bell
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