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NFS Shift: Mort's Custom Corner Sunday, 24.01.2010
NFS ShiftIn case you've missed the tutorial series, we want to point to Mort's Custom Corner on on, which might be interesting escpecially for those posting their cars in our » Showcase.
William Mort is a vinyl-designer and explains in his articles the pitfalls of vinyl-design and gives very useful tipps for designing your own car in Need for Speed Shift.

Mort's Custom Corner

You can read his tutorials on here:

» Mort's Custom Corner - Part One
» Mort's Custom Corner - Making Friends with Symmetry
» Mort's Custom Corner - Evolving your Design Skills
» Mort's Custom Corner - Going from Good to Great Design
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NFS Shift: $30K Tournament on GGL Global Gaming Thursday, 21.01.2010
NFS ShiftWe wanted to give you a quick reminder of the huge NFS Shift tournament going on at GGL Global Gaming, where, you can win $30,000 toward the car of your choice from! Also, the top 4 finalists will receive a trip to Vancouver to compete in the final round of the competition!

GGL Tournament

All you have to do, is race a top time at one of the listed events. The tournament is open to residents of US and Canada and available an Xbox360 and Playstation 3.

Visit the following links to register and get more information:

» NFS Shift Tournament @
» Tournament Page on Facebook
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NFS Shift: First modded car - the Alpine A410 Monday, 18.01.2010
NFS ShiftSETHAlpine put a lot of effort in creating the first modded car for Need for Speed Shift: the Concept WEHRUNG Alpine A410!

Alpine A410To install the car, you have to extract the files from this ZIP archive to the unpacked version of NFS Shift. Use the NFS Shift Unpacker, to unpack the game. The Alpine A410 replaces the Chevrolet Cobalt. Please read the included readme.txt for further information.

You can download the car here:

» NFS Shift: Cars
» NFS Shift: Tools
» NoGripRacing
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Rumour: Need for Speed: Out of the Law - UPDATE: Fake Monday, 11.01.2010
Update: The information in this news was confirmed to be fake: please scroll down for more information.

As already reported, Criterion Games is working on a new Need for Speed title. There wasn't much information about this game, until now: the russian website published possible screenshots of this NFS, which seem to reveil the title of the game: Need for Speed: Out of the Law:

Out of the Law

It's not sure, whether we can believe this information or not, but according to the russian website the game will make its turn to street racing. Only this time you won't drive super-expensive exotics, but sports cars like the Nissan Skyline R32, or Mazda MX-5. Another interesting detail: for the first time in the history of the NFS series this game will presumably contain motorcycles! Maybe also SUVs. Additionally you will be able to choose your personal number plate on each machine.

Out of the Law

The game will be set in the fictional city Sun-Bay, which will have San Francisco as its prototype. The size of the city should be a bit larger than the one in Need for Speed Undercover.
The police will have an extended vehicle arsenal, presumably patrol motorcycles.

So far, these is quite interesting information, although you have to be very careful with what to believe. It wouldn't be the first time, that people spread false information. Particularly the second screenshot with the BMW seems to be a fake, since it looks like existing pictures from previous NFS titles. As soon as we know more, we'll let you know.

UPDATE: As Criterion Games announced, the pictures and information about this new NFS is definitely a fake and not true. Unfortunately this was expected...

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NFS U2: BMW M3 v1.2 Thursday, 07.01.2010
NFS Underground 2Additional to the » NFS U2 ModTools the modder nfsu360 recently released the BMW M3 v1.2 for the old but still interesting Need for Speed Underground 2:


The BMW M3 replaces the Mazda Miata MX-5. The installation is a bit tricky and requires the NFS-TexEd in its latest version. If you want to try it out, you can download the car here:

» NFS U2: Cars
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NFS U2: ModTools v1.0 released Sunday, 03.01.2010
NFS Underground 2nfsu360 released a tool package for Need for Speed Underground 2, containing three useful tools which allow you to apply numerous modifications to the game:

With NFS:U2 Geometry Compiler you can create fully functional mods for NFS Underground 2. You can make all customizations for the cars: vinyls, decals, neons, engine styles, trunk layouts, trunk components, hoods styles, bumpers, side skirts, body kits etc. Also animation for trunk, doors, hoods - working. But it is possible to make a car without these features. Conversion without customizing parts is much easier.

NFS:U2/MW Texture Compiler is a tool for creating NFS: Underground 2 & NFS: Most Wanted textures.bin files. Compiler support .dds files.
DDS file must be compressed as DXT 1 or DXT3. Long names are supported.

NFS-DataEd for NFS: U2 - with this tool you can fix wheel positions for your addons cars and also you can assign 'Manufacturer logo' to your car. You can import exported files using NFS-CfgInstaller.

You can provide NFS-CfgInstaller with your own mod package to allow install configuration data.

This could give the modding community around NFS Underground 2 a new push, as the BMW M3 shows, nfsu360 could successfully convert to NFSU2. But more about that later...

You can download the NFSU2 ModTools v1.0 here:

» NFS U2: Tools

» nfstools @ Google Project
» nfstools Blog
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NFS Shift: Alpine A410 makes progress Sunday, 03.01.2010
NFS ShiftSETH Alpine made it his business to import the ALPINE A410 in Need for Speed Shift! So far he makes quite some progress, as the latest pictures show:

Alpine A410   Alpine A410   Alpine A410

Alpine A410   Alpine A410

The Alpine A410 will replace the Chevrolet Cobalt. We will have to expect some limitations, but nevertheless this should be a quite interesting mod. The car is going to be released next week.

» NoGrip
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