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NFS World: Beta Release Notes Sunday, 27.06.2010
NFS World OnlineEA announced for tomorrow's Closed Beta of Need for Speed World the release notes, where you can read what you can expect in the upcoming beta:

Release Notes

-New Region: Players can now explore the new Camden region in addition to taking part in the new race events located here.
-New Races: A variety of new race events, both circuit and sprint, have been made available throughout the world.
-Driver Level Increase: The max Driver Level has been raised to level 50, with new unlocks and Driver Skills now available.
-Performance Packages: Players can now customize their vehicle with a variety of Performance Packages that contain performance upgrades, as well as body kits, spoilers etc.
-New Cars: New cars have been added including the Audi R8 and Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06
-New Car Rentals: New rental cars have been made available. These vehicles now come pre-installed with Performance Packages and body kits
-Private Match: Players can now invite up to 7 of their friends into private multiplayer races
-Meeting Place: The stadium in Rosewood now functions as a Meeting Place. This is a non-race events that grants access to a photo mode camera for taking photos to show off your own car, or to host your own car show
-Time of Day: A new Time of Day system has been added. Watch as the world cycles from dawn to dusk as you play
-Event Improvements: Previously unlocked events will now remain playable regardless of Driver Level. Events closer to a Player’s Driver Level will be highlighted, but older events will remain available for racing
-Help System: An improved help system has been added that displays tips and tutorials throughout the game. In addition, the Game Guide (previously available from the website) has been made accessible from within the game
-Group Chat: Players can now invite friends to participate in private group chat. To do this, bring-up the context menu by right-clicking on a player name or car and select “Invite to Group”
-World Map/Mini Map Improvements: Both the World Map and Minimap have been remodeled. In addition, the World Map now displays event activity levels allowing Players to find matches even easier
-SpeedBoost Catalog Improvements: The SpeedBoost catalog has been expanded with even more items available for purchase
-Tier Restricted Races: Some events have now been limited to a specific Tier of vehicles

Known Issues

-As this is Beta Software, it is recommended to uninstall previous versions of the game before installing the latest game launcher
-Players can continue to spend Boost on Rep Progression Amplifiers after reaching level 50 but this will have no effect
-Quitting out of a single player race currently counts as a DNF in the Player’s statistics
-Rarely, the Standings screen will report inaccurate/no times, or a ‘Retrieving Profile’ message
-Blocking a Player does not prevent that Player from being added to your Friends List
-Occasionally, spamming certain keys while entering/exiting the Safehouse will cause the game to crash
-The Nissan 350Z will occasionally lose its headlight texture when smashing into an object
-If a Player attempts to purchase a Powerup with insufficient SpeedBoost from the post-race/pursuit screen, the game will hang
-There is a known issue preventing some supported controllers from functioning on 32-bit Operation Systems

» Official NFS World Webseite
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NFS World: Carlist for the next Beta Friday, 25.06.2010
NFS World OnlineEA announced a preliminary carlist for Need for Speed World! These cars will be available on monday, when the next beta launches, including the Audi R8 and Chevrolet Corvette C6 Z06:


1969 Dodge Charger R/T
Nissan Silvia S15
Volkswagen Scirocco
Mitsubishi Eclipse GT
Nissan 240SX
Toyota Corolla AE86
1971 Dodge Challenger


BMW Z4 M Coupe
Lotus Elise
Nissan 350Z
Mazda RX-7
Audi S5
Porsche Cayman S
2008 Dodge Charger R/T
Volkswagen Golf R32
Lexus IS-F
Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX
Nissan 370Z
Subaru WRX STi


BMW M3 GTR (E46)
Nissan GT-R (R35)
Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Lamborghini Gallardo LP560
Audi R8

Every car has performance packages tailored to its specific needs available for purchase as well.

These cars will be available in our NFS World Showcase as well.

» Official NFS World Website
» NFS World Showcase
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NFS Hot Pursuit on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon Thursday, 24.06.2010
NFS Hot PursuitLast night, producer Jesse Abney joined Jimmy Fallon on his NBC show Late Night and presented the upcoming racer Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. The very short clip from the show contains just little news, but at least it's entertaining - to some extent ;)

» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
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NFS World: Next Beta starting June 28th Thursday, 24.06.2010
NFS World OnlineEA announced the next Need for Speed World Closed Beta, starting on Monday, June 28 until Wednesday, June 30. This beta introduces the next client release:

Along with a host of new tweaks and updates, the new client release will include some much-requested features such as performance customization packs for each car, Private Matches, 50 levels of progression, new vehicles, a Meeting Place for car shows and a whole new world region (Camden).

The Need for Speed World client will also be available in German for the first time. It all gets underway in only five days, and it’s sure to be our best beta yet!

Visit the official Need for Speed World website for further information:

» Official NFS World Website
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NFS Shift & NFS Undercover for only $0.99 on iPhone/iPod Wednesday, 23.06.2010
NFS ShiftEA reduces the prices for Need for Speed Shift and Need for Speed Undercover on iPhone and iPad, but only for a limit time! For 48 hours both games are available for $0.99 at the iTunes store!

NFS Shift iPhone

Click on the following links to open the iTunes Store. Grab your copies today, the sale ends soon!

» NFS Shift @ iTunes Store
» NFS Undercover @ iTunes Store
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NFS Shift: Unofficial Ferrari Racing Pack and Exotic Racing Series for PC Wednesday, 23.06.2010
NFS ShiftSome months ago the DLCs » Ferrari Racing Pack and » Exotic Racing Series added new cars to Need for Speed Shift! Unfortunately both packs were only available for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 - PC-users were left out.

Curious users at NoGripRacing finally managed to bring those DLCs to the PC, but it requires quite some detail work.

Ferrari Racing Pack

You can find detailed instructions and downloads here:

» NFS Shift DLC Conversion @ NoGripRacing

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NFS Hot Pursuit receives more E3 Awards and Nominations Sunday, 20.06.2010
NFS Hot PursuitAs it seems the Best Of E3 Award from IGN was only the beginning. Need for Speed Hot Pursuit has as left quite an impression at the E3 and could stand out of the masses:

1UP honoured NFS Hot Pursuit with the "Best Racing Game" Award, where NFS could beat Kinect Forza, Gran Turismo 5, Test Drive Unlimited 2 and MotorStorm Apocalypse.
Interesting quote: The other racing games at E3 never had a chance.

» 1UP's Best Games of E3 2010

GameproGamepro highlights the best games at the E3 and Need for Speed Hot Pursuit is among them:

» E3 2010: The Best of E3 @ Gamepro

GamingExcellence will give out its E3 Awards next week, but NFS Hot Pursuit is 3 times among the nominees in the categories "Best Graphics - Technical", "Best Racing / Driving Game" and "Best Multi-Platform Console Game".

» Best of E3 2010: The Nominees @ GamingExcellence

GamesradarGamesradar gives out "Reason to Live"-Awards for noteworthy games from the E3. NFS Hot Pursuit received one.

» GamesRadar's E3 2010 awards

And as we already reported: IGN made NFS Hot Pursuit to the "Best Racing Game"! Initially the game was also nominated in Best Xbox360 Game and Best PS3 Game, but it didn't have much chances against Portal 2.

» E3 2010: Best of E3 Awards @ IGN

On the whole these awards for NFS Hot Pursuit are very pleasant, but you should be careful with the praises in advance, until we could see more from the game. :)

» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
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NFS Hot Pursuit at Gamespot's E3 2010 Stage Show Sunday, 20.06.2010
NFS Hot PursuitCreative Director Craig Sullivan from Criterion Games was guest at Gamespot's E3 2010 Stage Show, where he talked about the upcoming Need for Speed Hot Pursuit and shared some new details.

So NFS Hot Pursuit will have an open world, where cops can chase the racers. Additionally you'll get their hands on high-end cars pretty early - but unfortunately there won't be any tuning and customization, because the focus lies on pursuits and escaping, rather than showing off your car.

So it seems the game is heading directly into the arcade-direction...but see for yourself - Craig Sullivan is also showing the game in two example races:

» E3 2010 Stage Demo: Need for Speed Hot Pursuit

» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
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NFS Hot Pursuit wins Best Of E3 Award Friday, 18.06.2010
NFS Hot PursuitThe previously presented Need for Speed Hot Pursuit seemed to have left quite an impression at the E3. The onlinemagazine IGN rated all games and honoured the best of them with the IGN Best Of E3 Awards:

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit won the award for the Best Racing Game against games like Gran Turismo 5 and MotorStorm: Apocalypse!

This looks quite promising...

» IGN Best Of E3 Awards

» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
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NFS HP: 3D-Support? Friday, 18.06.2010
NFS Hot PursuitSony presented at the E3 several games which will be playable in 3D on the Playstation 3 with a 3D-capable screen. Among them is Gran Turismo 5, which is slated for release in November 2010.

As it seems a new tweet from Criterion Games announces 3D-support for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit for PS3 and PC:

3D support on PlayStation 3 and PC

There are no details know yet - also not if the new Playstation-controller "Move" might be supported, as in Gran Turismo 5.

We'll let you know, as soon as we know more.

» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
» Preorder Need for Speed Hot Pursuit at!
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