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NFS The Run: Italian Edition Pack (PS3) released Tuesday, 31.01.2012
The RunThe Italian Edition Pack for Need for Speed The Run is released!

After the leaking of the » first infos, as well as » trailer and cars of the pack, it's now official:
The Italian Pack is available on Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 and contains 7 Italian vehicles and 10 exclusive Challenge Series Events in Italy Unleashed and Italy vs. the World.

- 1993 Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione
- 2012 Maserati GranTurismo Stradale
- 1995 Lamborghini Diablo SV
- 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Superleggera
- 2010 Alfa Romeo 8C Competition
- 2005 Maserati MC12
- 2009 Pagani Zonda R

The Italian Edition Pack is already available in the North American PSN store - European Users will have to wait until Wednesday, but then it should be available for 6.99 €.

You can get a taste of the pack in the following trailer:

» Order Need for Speed The Run at!
» Order Need for Speed The Run at!
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NFS The Run: PC-Patch with special Bonus released! Tuesday, 31.01.2012
The RunPC users had to be patient but finally it is here: the new PC-Patch for Need for Speed The Run!

The patch contains - among other fixes - the following changes:

  • 30 FPS cap is disabled when v-sync is set to OFF in advanced display settings
  • Tweaked reset behavior for a number of tracks in The Run where resets seemed too close to the main race route
  • When players go off track, they will be reset back onto the track instead of at the last checkpoint. Crashes will still result in a reset to the last checkpoint.
    - Added Quick Match option from multiplayer menu
  • Players now have the option to mute VOIP of other players in multiplayer sessions
  • Reduced unrealistic behaviors when multiplayer opponents drive off-road or collide with world objects
  • Autolog Friends now displays whether a friend is online, joinable or offline in player badge

See the full list of changes » here.

As a special bonus PC gamers also get all the Signature Edition Booster Pack cars for free! These cars are included:

- Puppet Chevy El Camino SS
- Fatlace Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R
- Venom Nissan 370Z
- Scoundrel Subaru Impreza WRX STi
- Victory BMW M3 Sport Evolution
- Nicolas Mazda RX-7
- Mega Nissan GT-R (R35)
- Falken Porsche 911 GT3
- Conroy Ford GT

You can download the PC patch for NFS The Run at Origin:

» NFS The Run Patch
» Order Need for Speed The Run at!
» Order Need for Speed The Run at!
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NFS World: McLaren MP4-12C Tuesday, 31.01.2012
NFS World OnlineNFS World received another update featuring the McLaren MP4-12C! A Tier 3 rocket, just waiting for you in the game.


McLaren re-wrote the rules of sports car design through Formula 1 inspired engineering, revolutionary chassis architecture and absolute focus on efficiency.

The MP4-12C twin turbo V8 was developed specifically for this car and develops just under 600 screaming horsepower.

With breathtaking performance and race inspired design, this Tier 3 rocket is ready to take on the best.

» Official NFS World Website
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NFS World: Porsche Carrera RSR 3.0 & Lotus Evora Cop Tuesday, 31.01.2012
NFS World OnlineThe Porsche Carrera RSR 3.0 makes an appearance in Need for Speed World - a classic car from the world GT scene from 1973 to 1975, laying the foundation for becoming a dominant force on the racing scene.

Porsche 911 Carrera RSR     Lotus Evora Cop

The second new car is a Lotus Evora Cop, inspired by the Brazilian federal highway patrol units.

Both cars are available at the car dealer in NFS World.

» Official NFS World website
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NFS World: Pagani Zonda F is back Friday, 27.01.2012
NFS World OnlineAfter the recently added Lamborghini Countach now Need for Speed World gets a new jewel back in the game: the Pagani Zonda F!

Pagani Zonda F

Unveiled at the 2005 Geneva Auto Show, The Zonda F is one of the fastest supercars ever made. Built using Pagani's extensive experience in carbon fibre construction, the Zonda is a leader in regards to fit and finish.

Fine craftsmanship has gone into making this racing car light, luxurious and most importantly, fast. Once you hit the throttle and the engine comes alive, you’ll literally feel like a jet that is about to take off, with the unique high-pitch engine screaming all the way.

With 650 bhp starting on tap, you will have no issues challenging the best Tier 3! The amazing power inside the Zonda F is generated from the potent Mercedes–Benz V 12 engine, making it easy for this amazing sports car to achieve top speeds in excess of 214 mph / 345 kph. Combine that with some performance parts and you are well on your way to the front of the pack.

The Zonda F is back by popular demand, so don’t miss out! Head over to the Car Dealer today and add this beauty to your collection!

» Official Website of NFS World
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NFS The Run: Italian Pack Trailer & Cars Thursday, 26.01.2012
The RunA new trailer for the (possibly) upcoming Italian Pack for Need for Speed The Run (read » here) was published by EA Russia, revealing the containing cars:

- Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
- Pagani Zonda R
- Maserati MC12
- Lamborghini Diablo SV
- Lamborghini Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera
- Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale
- Lancia Delta HF Integrale Evoluzione

The Italian Pack should be available on 31.01.2012.

(Danke an Boxcarracer für die Info.)

» Order Need for Speed The Run at!
» Order Need for Speed The Run at!
» NFS The Run (PC-DVD) bei Amazon bestellen!
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NFS The Run: New DLC "Italian Pack"? Wednesday, 25.01.2012
The RunA new DLC for Need for Speed The Run? Recently updated Trophies for the Playstation 3 are pointing to an upcoming "Italian Pack":

1) Roman Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the "Italian Challenges" Challenge Series

2) Global Gold
Earn a gold medal or better for each event in the "Italy vs. The World" Challenge Series

3) Italian Guide
Complete 5 solo objectives in the "Italian Motor Racing" Playlist

4) Italian Scout
Complete 10 solo objectives in the "Italian Motor Racing" Playlist

5) Italian Tracker
Complete 15 solo objectives in the "Italian Motor Racing" Playlist

6) Italian Hunter
Complete 20 solo objectives in the "Italian Motor Racing" Playlist

As it seems the ucpoming DLC will bring Italian flair into the game and will feature at least two new challenge series: "Italian Challenges" and "Italy vs. The World". If the Italian Pack may also introduces new cars it not known yet, but we will keep you posted.

» Order Need for Speed The Run at!
» Order Need for Speed The Run at!
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NFS World: Lexus LFA & Nissan 200SX "Hashiriya 14" Edition Wednesday, 18.01.2012
NFS World OnlineThis week's update of Need for Speed World introduces two new cars: The Lexus LFA and the Nissan 200SX "Hashiriya 14" Edition!

Lexus LFA

Lexus LFA Description:
"The LFA is the crowning jewel in Lexus’ brand. This naturally aspirated V10 rocket has undergone many technological advances. Lexus pushed the development boundaries by using one of only two circular looms in existence, to painstakingly weave the dual tube carbon fiber components that go into making the LFA. It’s these types of technical marvels that make the LFA the king of the Lexus lineup.

The V10 makes over 550hp and revs to more than 9000rpm. This type of performance makes for a very exciting and unique “Formula 1” style exhaust note. The high strung, race-inspired engine revs so quickly, that a standard analog tachometer could not keep pace!"

Lexus LFA

Nissan 200SX "Hashiriya 14" Edition Description:
"With the Drift and Time Attack movement in full force around the globe, finding a clean 200SX to customize and then build your dream car, is getting more and more difficult.

The Hashiriya 14 features a 217 HP turbocharged SR20DET engine that belts out some respectable power, which then can easily be upgraded to stratospheric levels. Featuring “sticker bombed” rear quarter covers and additional “wall kisses” from prior runs, this custom 200SX is ready for any street race. The sponsor’s stripe down the center speaks to the drivers’ skill level, while the race number 14, is a tribute to the chassis. Staying true to the culture, the work vs. wheels are a staple within the drift scene.

For the true car customizers, there's simply a lot to gain when adding this tuner to your collection. Whether you desire an aggressive stance, a flush-fitted look or going for the raw stripped out racer appeal, this Nissan 200SX is awaiting your creativity."

» Official NFS World Website
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New Trailer showing Project C.A.R.S. Monday, 16.01.2012
Slightly Mad Studios' ambitious project C.A.R.S. is making progress! The developers of NFS Shift and Shift 2 Unleashed started with C.A.R.S. ("Community Assisted Race Sim") in a new era of crowd-funding and give the player the possibility to take part in the development of the game and provide him with current development builds.

Project C.A.R.S.

A new unofficial trailer shows off some racing action - all cars and tracks seen in the video trailer below are already included in the current development builds:

So far it looks quite promising and we will see how the innovative project will develop. If you want to get involved in the development of CARS, you can find more information on the official website:

» Project C.A.R.S.
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EA: 25 Million Players - free 750 SpeedBoost for NFS World! Friday, 13.01.2012
Electronic ArtsEA's Play4Free titles are continually growing, covering already a community of 25 millionen players! The two flagship titles Need for Speed World and Battlefield Heroes have quite a success story, each reaching 10 million registered players earlier this month.
In addition, Battlefield Play4Free, Dragon Age Legends, Battleforge and Lord of Ultima bring the total community across the 25 million mark, with a combined 5 million players.

To celebrate this milestone, NFS World gamers can grab 750 SpeedBoost for free with the following code:


Redeem the code on

The SpeedBoost code seems to be disabled at the moment, although it should be valid until January 17. Hopefully it's only a matter of time until EA re-activates it.

Update 2:
EA is aware of the problem and they are working on re-activating the code for those who haven't yet redeemed it.

Update 3:
The code has been re-activated and is valid until January 17th, 12:00 AM GMT.

Update 4:
Due to the problems (see above) EA extended the code until January 21st!

» EA's Play4Free
» Official website of NFS World
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