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NFS No Limits: Free2Play / Pay for Fuel Tuesday, 27.01.2015
Need for Speed: No Limits, a racing game for Android and iOS is since a few days already available at the test markets Taiwan and Netherlands, where people can reveal more details of the game.
As announced the game is based on a Free2Play model, where you can buy boosts, tuning parts etc. for real money, to get an advantage in the game. Apparently this also affects the fuel - when you don't have any, your car has to stay in the garage:

We'll have to wait and see what finetuning EA can do in the next weeks and when the game is being released on the larger markets.

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NFS No Limits: 53 Minutes Gameplay Saturday, 24.01.2015
TouchGameplay published a 53 minute video, which shows gameplay sequences of the upcoming Need for Speed No Limits for Android / iOS:

Need for Speed No Limits will be released in 2015 on Android and iOS.

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NFS No Limits: New Details Friday, 09.01.2015
Need for Speed No Limits is a pure mobile game for iOS and Android and will be released in 2015. On the » official Facebook-page EA posted a » FAQ, explaing a couple of questions.

NFS No Limit will be a Free2Play game, which means you can play it for free, but you can purchase upgrades in the app if you want to.
At the launch the game seems a bit limited, as there is neither a multiplayer-mode, nor an open-world where you can drive around freely. But the developers are aware of the wishes of the players and the game will get more and more features over time.
To play you have to be online and connected to the EA servers. This is to ensure having ongoing full access to the game features and content.

Need for Speed No Limits

There will be a large variety of modification possibilities with "millions of possible combinations" of car parts, including engines, gearboxes, suspension, spoilers, roof scoops, bonnets, tinted windows and more.

NFS No Limits requires at least iOS 6.1 and iPhone 4S or better. There are not details about iPads yet.
Android requires at least API level 15, which means you'll need Android 4.0.3 or better. Regarding hardware it should be at least a 1.2 GHz processor and 1GB RAM.

» NFS No Limits FAQ (Source)
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NFS No Limits: Gameplay Teaser Wednesday, 07.01.2015
Need for Speed: No Limits is a racing game for iOS and Android, which is currently being developed by Firemonkeys, also known for their game "Real Racing 3".

Now a gameplay teaser was published, which shows first scenes of what to expect from the game:

A release date is not known yet, only the year 2015.

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