- NFS Hot Pursuit 2 does not support IPX Protocol, only TCP/IP.

-If you wish to play on the Internet we suggest you connect to the Internet before starting the game. This will minimize interruption from pop-up windows or connection delays.

- High Latency on the Internet will cause the positioning of other players' cars to become inaccurate or can cause connection loss.
If joining a public Internet server, choose a server with a low ping time to minimize these problems.

- If you experience strange behavior in the game play, especially as an observer, try disconnecting and reconnecting to the server.

- The GameSpy Arcade client is an optional means of joining public Internet games, the same ability to browse and join Servers is available in the game.

- In multiplayer, a NFS HP 2 icon will appear in the lower left corner of the screen when in racing mode. This icon is an indication of your internet latency. If the icon is green, you are less likely to encounter many lag or latency problems. If the icon is red, you either are currently experiencing or might expect to encounter more pronounced latency issues.

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