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Date: Friday, 05.12.2003 23:06
Written by:  Electronic Arts
Short Description: Why is it that my controller doesn't work/ isn't recognized?

Steps to resolve controller issues:
1. Make sure the joystick is connected properly.
2. Be sure only one joystick port is active on your system (could be an issue if there is a new sound card or game port card).
3. Check for the correct controller designation in the Game Controller applet in the Control Panel; also make sure there aren't redundant listings.
4. If it is an analog controller with trim wheels, make sure they are adjusted properly (this can be tested in the Game Controller applet).
5. If it is an analog controller, make sure it has been calibrated in the Windows' Game Controller applet in the Control Panel.
6. Disable joystick interrupt polling: click on the Advanced tab in the Game Controller applet, and uncheck the box at the bottom of screen.
7. Disable controller profiler operating in the background (right-click on the icon for the game device program on the task bar).
8. It's often helpful or even necessary to get the latest game controller software from the manufacturer of the controller (e.g.,
9. Sometimes it's necessary to update a sound card driver for best results, if the controller plugs into it (with a 15-pin connection).

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