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Car: Mazda RX7
TJs: Motor, ECU, Turbo
Shifting: Automatic
Tractioncontrol: On
Input device: Thrustmaster Gamepad(2Analogsticks)

How to drive (only with traction control):

You drive with full speed into the canal and hold to the left. Before the two columns you stop accelerating a bit, so that you can pass as close as possible the right column. After that you hold to the right, and before the hill you brake to ca. 290-295km/h. After the hill, drive with full speed. Shortly before the car lifts off the knoll, steer slight to the left, so that the car is in the driving direction when it lands.
Now you better should drive on the side. At the right wall there is before the entry to the junkyard a small bulch. Shortly before this bulch steer hard to the left. Steer softly over the gravel and cut the following two curves.
No pass closely the first tree. After the first avenue comes the second, where you hold to the left and cut the last curves.

You have to drive with full speed the whole track, only brake once and one time you have to stop accelerating.

- Download Movie (9 MB)

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