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NFS Pro Street takes the Gold-Review

At the beginning of November was a Community Day at Electronic Arts Black Box in Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately I (Shocker) couldn't make it this time, but gladly Sinister was so kind to let us publish his Review here at NFS-Planet. In this article you can read his impressions and experiences with Need for Speed ProStreet:

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Game Modes

Each game mode has its own ups and downs. The first discussed will be the grip races, onto speed challenge, then drift, and finally, of course, drag.

The Grip races are simply circuit races, they are quite fun and the races are not too long, even the 3 lap races went by pretty quick. The AI do get in your way, but it is easy to get around them and shunt them out of your way, pushing them or sideswiping them when entering the turns, using them to help brake and corner that slight bit you need. Even using them for this function, can cause damage to you as much as it does to them, so be careful when you use AI cars in your maneuvers. Sector Shootouts, are essentially grip races where you need to be the fastest between each race section, you will have usually two or three laps try and win the shootout, which is not exactly an easy feat.

SpeedChallenge is divided into two seperate types of challenges. First we have the Top Time Challenge, which is just a Spring from point A to B where the quickest time wins, and second, the Top Speed Challenge, which is where you want to be the fastest through each checkpoint, as what the demo had shown. This is really a fun mode as some of the corners are wide enough that you can keep your top speed up while racing through to the next checkpoint. Drive off the road and you may have a costly mistake, at 200+MPH hitting a bump in the shoulder flipping your car into the air, totalling it completely, a costing you either a car or a repair marker. A few of our community leaders were frustrated, as you could hear the rumble of the 360 controller on the table signifying their nasty crashes. Some courses can be up to twenty miles long but the ones we drove were only close to five to ten.

Drift. Oh how they have fixed the Drift mode this year. I am happy EA actually took the time to spend the time and effort to do some proper research and educate their programmers on how drifting really works. They have taken all the research data from real Drift events from around the world and coded it properly into the PSDrift. Points aren't exactly entirely realistic, there are no bonus zones, multipliers, but instead of scoring out of 100, they chose to go with an accumulating scoring counter. You wont get 1million point drifts this year, but a good one could be 5-10k. 3-4k is a good drift, anything over 5k is great. Having a proper line entering the drift is key for a decent score though, if you start too shallow, you'll drive out of the scoring zone, if you start too high, you'll probably end up riding a wall.

Drag Racing this year, is still by far my most favorite game mode in PS. They have completely redone it done the previous NFS Series, and it shows. You race three heats, in which the top time within those three heats is the winner of that event, meaning if you had a really great first run, but bombed the last two, you could still win. This year there will be either a flag girl to watch or else a real working LightTree, both which you can use to get the best reaction time. Your reaction is Crutial if you want really low times. React too early, and you will false start, disqualifying you from that heat. The wheelies, have been adjusted and are a bit more realistic than what were shown in the previous videos. If you are really good you could have a 6th gear wheelie racing down the track, but lack of steering does kind of suck with that, especially on the Nevada Desert 1/2 mile. Using the NOS is critical as well, you want to time them through your taller gears to get your RPMs up so you can hit the next shift sooner. I usually hit mine in 3rd shifted up through 4th, and 5th, finally in 6th right before the NOS kicked out again. It seemed like quite a good setup, especially how I had tuned my GT500.
With a 7.99second quartermile and an 11.99second halfmile my GT500 completely dominated all of the other Community Leaders and Developers.

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- Sinister

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