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At the beginning of November was a Community Day at Electronic Arts Black Box in Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately I (Shocker) couldn't make it this time, but gladly Sinister was so kind to let us publish his Review here at NFS-Planet. In this article you can read his impressions and experiences with Need for Speed ProStreet:

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Tuning has advanced quite a ways this year. there is still a choice of prepackaged upgrades, for those of you who don't want to get your hands dirty, and Custom upgrades, which requires picking from a selection of specific brand name parts. The parts you will upgrade will include the engine, air induction, suspension, transmission, nos, and tires. from which after, you can go into the tuning section, and tune your car even deeper right down to the ride height, suspension stiffness, and of course your gear ratios. After you have finished tuning your car, you can put it on the dyno, which will give you specific details, relevant to what racemode your car is made for. My GT500 had 691HP and a top speed of 243MPH, which I probably could have tuned up to 245 if I had more time.


Customization is another re-signed feature this year, not only can you take your stock parts and autosculpt them, but you can also paint stock parts, and seperated body parts can be painted differently, so you can paint your entire body, or just the front and rear bumpers, skideskirts, hood, roof, doors, and trunk all seperately. This could make for some wild designs, unfortunately, however you cannot paint carbon fibre. Then you can get into body kits, each body kit has a different look to it, bringing up your areodynamics level, but also adds weight, you may autosculpt the bodykit, and fine tune it to get the proper drag and downforce combination, but just sliding the marker all the way to the right wont help, you have to be careful, oversculpting it will actually reincrease your drag or lower your downforce. This goes with the Spoilers, roofscoops, and other parts as well. Selecting the right combination of parts is an intricate part of building your monster. Other parts you will be able to add are Rollcages and Racing seats, which I have yet to see a function for, but I never did try them out, as the time restraints we had for the day kept me on a strict schedule of racing. Of course, I cannot forget to mention the selection of Rims, you can have either 4 of the same rims, or two pairs, which can also be painted, either front, rear, or both, giving your car that entire unique design.

Visual Graphics

The Visual Graphics, your Vinyls, have been redone this year a little as well. You have a little more freestyling to use, placing vinyls not only on the body, but the windows, and bumpers too. Unfortunately, you cannot cover head or taillights, but who would want to anyways? When selecting a vinyl, it comes up on your car as black, so the best option is to have your car painted last (if you use black), so that you can see where you're placing your vinyl, and how it'll look. This year you have up to 25 layers you can put on each seperate body part, so essentially, you will still be able to make some very unique looking cars.

Now after you have made your sexy beast of a car, you want to show her off. The photomode is the best way to do this, not only in a photoroom, but on the track as well. The photomode has been changed, and you will be able to zoom out further this year, making sure you can find the right angle to take your best shots at. On the track, pausing the game, and entering photomode, will allow you to swing the camera around 360degrees, zoom in and out, and essentially find that perfect shot to show off in the EA PhotoGallery online. If it was functional at the time, My Mustang GT500 with the Nos Flowing, doing a wheelie, would have been a prized image in the gallery so far.

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- Sinister

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