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At the beginning of November was a Community Day at Electronic Arts Black Box in Vancouver, Canada. Unfortunately I (Shocker) couldn't make it this time, but gladly Sinister was so kind to let us publish his Review here at NFS-Planet. In this article you can read his impressions and experiences with Need for Speed ProStreet:

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Blueprints this year is a new feature that EA has implimented. Once you have created your Monster Car, with the ultimate settings you think will just completely dominate at the racedays, you can share your blueprint with your friends. What this means is that they will have the EXACT same car as you right down to performance as well as the exterior customization. When your friends race your car and win, they will show up on the leaderboards, along with you beside, keeping your name as the original creator of the car. Showing who overall is the best performance tuner online. These blueprints once shared, cannot be edited at all by anyone except the original creator, and thus whatever you have done to customize your car, down to its parts, settings, and windtunnel resistance cannot be adjusted. The players who have your car will only see an overview of what the car can do, keeping the creator's tuning a secret will make him more valuable to search out and befriend if you're looking for someone to tune up your stable of cars.


Pro Street has exceeded its expectation in the graphical department this year, highly detailed volumetric smoke which rolls on the tires, the track atmosphere, the details they put into each component of each track, the raceday hubs where you can watch AI characters taking photos of cars, wandering around, or just listening to the 'DJ' at each event, all to give that feel to being at a real raceday.


The Physics engine has just a near realistic feel to it, as well its nice to still have that arcady sense of speed when you're driving your car at 240+Miles an hour, still keeping to the original name Need For Speed. The sliding of the cars, the cornering, and even feeling a bump in the road which could launch you into the trees, makes ProStreet a challenge. As well, having the same physics throughout the game, is welcome, compared to that admitted mistake we call Carbon.


Damage, yes the damage has been reduced from the original teaser trailer, but EA has still put alot of effort into it, with realistic scratchmaps, and dent textures which keep the reflections of the car realistic to what the cars damage is. It may be a little toned down, so wheels dont fall off, however the challenging aspect of the race, and the expensive costs to repairing a completely totalled supercar, will make you glad you dont have the extra that it could've cost you, if the damage was more endowed. Maybe next year they'll put the final crack into the damage. You will have the opportunity to either repair your car before its next race, or leave it be, but racing with a half wrecked car makes it that much more difficult to finish the race if you're a smash and crash style player, and also, its cheaper to fix a car in level 1 damage than it is to fix when its totalled.

Points System

There really isn't much to explain on how the points are setup this year, but you gain points for not only placing first, but how little or no damage your car may have, or even by beating a target time by so much. Each race will have a different target to beat increasing your chances for a few more much needed bucks to add to your continually dwindling bank account.


After winning a raceday, you will have a choice of 6 reward cards to choose from, unknown what they are, you randomly select one and it could be anything from a cash value prize, or a repair token, a total repair token, even unlocks to performance parts specific to a certain car. Then you have the choice to leave the race day, or continue to race the rest of the events in that raceday and Dominate it, which then would give you a second option of a reward card, selected out of the five left that you have not yet chosen. Interestingly enough, John our producer didnt realize that there was a FREE CAR reward as well, he was as surprised about it as I was, however I didnt think to use the card to see what vehicle I could choose from, however, I'm certain that it would only pertain to the ones that are currently unlocked. My suggestion, hang onto that card for awhile until you unlock something you couldnt yet afford, and has the Horsepower you'll require later on in the game, like a Lamborghini or the Zonda F.

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- Sinister

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